Episode 13: Brett Interviews Norman Alpeche About His VERY Successful Group Training Business

In this episode Brett Interviews Norman Alpeche from Norms Maximum Fitness and Fiit Chick Transformations Penrith.

Norm has over 60 members in his Group Training and Pt Business. And has only been running his Fiit Chick Location for 4 months.

Norm shares:

  • What his biggest ah ha moment was that literally changed his business over night.
  • His #1 method on how to fill up his client list.
  • We also discuss what it takes to reach the 6 figure income as a Personal Trainer

and loads more…

See what Norman has to say about his Fiit Chick Location

40 New clients in 5 weeks

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WARNING: the strategies you are about to learn, WILL change YOUR Business and YOUR life.




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Brett Interviews Marketing Expert Richard Marc

Transcript of EPISODE 12:

Intro: [Music playing in the background] Hello and welcome to the Fiit Professional Podcast. The number one podcast for fitness professionals looking to build their fitness business. If you are after more clients, more income and more free time, then you have come to the right place. Visit podcast.fiitprofessional.com.au today.

Brett: Hello and welcome to another Fiit Professional podcast. Today we have another special guest joining us. This special guest, I will introduce you to him in a moment. But first of all I wanted to do a quick check in just to see if you have been listening to the past episode. Last week we had Richard Marc on from COM Marketing. Where he revealed some really cool and some interesting methods on how you can get clients with literally no money down. So go back, check out that episode.

And just a bit of a teaser, I guess in the coming future, in the coming weeks… I would say future sounds like a long time away but in the coming weeks we are going to have some really cool special guests on the calls. We got a couple of my American friends that I have been hounding for weeks since we actually started this podcast and they have agreed to jump on so they are going to be revealing some really cool information especially when it comes to web based, online type of regeneration. So we will be having that in the coming episodes but today we have got a special guest.

And this person’s name is Norman, Norm Alpeche. Norm owns Norms Maximum Fitness and he’s also a Licensee and owns the Fiit Chick Transformation Penrith Location. Norm is reaching about, what is it, 60 clients on his books at the moment and he is a kick-ass dude. So I came across Norm, it would have been probably or maybe 3 months now. Dropped us, Norm submitted some interest in regards to a Fiit Chick Location. We checked him out, seeing if he was all good , did a background check; he didn’t know that though; Did a background check .

Norm picked all the boxes and I guess the reason why I have got Norm on the pod today is for a few reasons: one is, this guy is someone that I really see and I would describe as an action packer. Now if you have listened to past episodes you will know that I am really big on action taking because at the end of the day, action taking is what leads you to results. And this guy just takes onboard anything and we are not saying ‘anything’. I mean anything in a logical way. He just implements and the results of his particular business at the moment is staying true to the fact that he just pulls the trigger and that’s what it’s all about in the Fitness Industry and in any business.

But, look, am going to pass this over to Norm now and just welcome Norm to the call. “Mate, Thanks for taking the time out today and to jump on the line and share some really cool things with our listeners.”

Norm: “No worries mate.”

Brett: “Sure.” So Norm, let’s get a brief introduction about yourself their and am sure there’s ethical things that I missed out. But I am going to hand over to you just quickly and you just give us, the listeners a brief background on how long you have been a trainer, why did you get into the industry and just a bit of a brief background there mate.

Norm: Well I have been a trainer for about three, three and a half years now. Got into the industry because I like fitness. There’s not really ‘weight loss story’ or ‘weight gain story’ for me it’s just I like doing what I do. So I turned it into some sort of income. But, what else is background? I have done all sorts of jobs and all of them were pretty shit so… but after, yeah, I did something. I really enjoy. I don’t drag myself like up out of bed and even though I do sometimes after some late nights I still enjoy it. There is nothing that I dislike about the job. So that’s; yeah; apart from that, I am me. Yeah…

Brett: “Cool mate.” So no drama there. “Great abs there by the way, you are doing really well.” So

Norm: “I’ve noticed mate.”

Brett: Just talking to Norm before the call and doing a bit of a brief rundown on what we’ll chat about and just to everyone listening out there, this is another thing that when I started out being an action takerI asked Norm if he wanted to jump on an episode and he said yes straight away and part of the call he said he was feeling nervous, but this what it’s all about, jumping in and having a go.

So Norm, I guess I have got a few questions here for you that I am interested in but let’s start with,“What’s one of your biggest lessons that you have learnt in the industry so far?” So you have been a trainer for 3 years, now give us a bit of a background on a big lesson that you have learnt along the way.

Norm: Well, when I first started I just pretty much thought I’d get in there, train people, earn lots of money, have fun. But that’s what a lot of personal trainers do these days. But I never really thought about where I wanted to be during the time which is, probably, the last only about a year. I started focusing on where I wanted to be in let’s say 12 months, 2 years and 5 years and even the regal  of retirement part of time that… So, now by doing that I have sort of moved forward in towards my business. Started working on my business rather than in ita lot more.So pretty much I got out of the crappy loophole where a lot of personal trainers end up being if they don’t sort of think forward.  “Does that make sense?”

Brett: “Yeah, like 100%.” And I totally agree with you because I guess I can put my hand up in Sunday group and go, “Well, man I do as well.” I think everyone goes through that phase sometime and the big thing that I have picked up out of that is that it took you about 2 years before you even started setting goals which is a really big insight to anyone out there listening now. If you’re listening and you are going, “Oh yeah, I actually don’t know where I want to be in 12 months or 2 years or 5 years,” then you really need to sit down and actually access where you are at because the whole thing is, “Are you going to be training clients until your 60?”

You need to…

Norm: “Hell no!”

Brett: “Yeah, that’s right!” And what can happen is you probably said to your mate or your palor something and go, “Geez hasn’t this year gone fast?”and in the moment you again then go, “Geez hasn’t the last 10 years gone fast?” If you’ve got no directionyou’ve got nowhere to head towards. So in regards to that you’ve got some goals moving forward. What sort of things are you looking to do in the industry?

Norm: Well, everyone sort of, I think a lot of personal trainers like myself, the first landmark was the whole 6 figure income. By me setting goals and sort of pushing myself forward to where I want to be that 6 figure income isn’t actually that hard to do. So now, obviously, I want to be able to sort of go on holiday even. Do what I need to do without my income stopping. So that’s where I sort of want to be. And eventually teach others how I got to where I am. So why not share the knowledge that I have learnt and they can then do good as well. As you’ve done. I know you feel good with what you do. And it’s, for a personal trainer I think it’s fun to help others so I guess it is fun to help others in other ways as well.

Brett: Yeah, totally agree again and look you’re right. I do. I do love what I do. Obviously, I am sitting here taking time out of my days, and so are you of course, but to try and instill anything that someone could be listening, they could be walking on a treadmill right now, they could be doing some pushups or you could just be sitting on the couch. Actually funny, the person will know who they are when they hear this, but I was told someone dozed off to sleep the other day with me in their ear and the first thing they woke up and thought about was something that was talked about on the podcast so that’s pretty interesting.

Norm: They reckon about your mind absorbs the last thing you hear and the first thing you hear in a day, when you wake up and you sleep

Brett: So that could be the trick but people say that they don’t have time to listen. Just put them on while you’re sleeping and that’s all done. I don’t even know where I was actually heading with that but…I think where it started was I love what am doing. You love what you’re doing and that’s what makes it easy and if you ask people, “Why do you currently love what you’re doing?”

And for me, for an example and I’ll ask you the same question, but for me it’s like I love what am doing because I’ve got a focus, I’ve got a clear goal of what we want to do. So our first goal here at Fiit International for one part of it our company is, we want to have 100 Fiit Chick Locations aroundAustralia within the first 12 months and that’s a goal we’ve got and we work to on a daily basis. We’ve got targets that we have to, each day that we know in order to achieve that goal. And it’s just really exciting being able to, like you said, to be able to help other people.

And for me I know an analogy that I have heard, I can’t even remember the person who said it. Luckily I remember the analogy though. It was, “Learn to teach.” learn it in a way that you’re going to teach it to someone. So that’s a really valuable thing that how I am able to obtain a lot of information is because anytime I see it or I am watching someone on the stage or am listening to an audio or I am seeing a video or something. I am actually watching it with the intention that I need to teach this to someone.

Whether I teach it to someone or not, it’s the fact that if am going into it with that mind set of learning it to teach, you’re going to retain so much more information. So that’s another little tip there on how you can actually retain information.

But Norm I guess the question that I have for you is, “What do you think, let’s say, two key things that every personal trainer must have in their business in order for it to be successful?”

Norm: “Two things.”  You need to have direction. Without direction you are in a loophole like I said before. And drive, you need to be a doer not just a sayer. If you don’t do anything you going to… nothing’s going to happen really. You’re going to be stuck and just thinking about all these crazy ideas and not doing anything.

Brett: So give us an example of where you get the ‘do’ versus the ‘say’, if that makes sense.

Norm: “Ok. Let’s see.” One of my greatest things ok, I hate… I did flier deliveries in the local shops. That was really out of my comfort zone because it was walking in to random shops, random people by doing it so the amount of leads and the amount of sign-ups I got within that one day was just ridiculous. I am just a normal guy walking into some random shop saying, “Hey, do you want to get fit?” pretty much and if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t have gotten X amount of clients from it. So, that’s one about doing, so yeah.

Brett: Yeah and that’s just, again another lesson to everyone out there, I mean I don’t know too many people to be honest that are actually comfortable with doing that. It’s more of a…, this will probably be a shock for some people. Personally I don’t really feel that comfortable about doing that either like when I had to back in the day of going into the shops and delivering the fliers and asking if they’d like to form a joint venture relationship with us it was actually quite confronting for me as well but like you said, you just got to pull the trigger and you just got to do it.

Because you can sit there and you can complain about not having clients or there is not enough clients around so I am just going to go back and get a full time job. Or you can actually get out thereand make yourself feel uncomfortable and then go and make it happen. So, let’s talk about getting clients in, let’s talk about a method that would be able to help our listeners out there. A method on how you’ve been able to generate so many people into your Fiit Chick Location and also your personal training business.

Norm: Well, one of the methods other than the flier drop I went to the places where sport or fitness or health was the big thing. For instance say like Boost juice, full of sugar and what-not is still sort of a health orientated place also like Lauder James who has a lot of girls there. The best one will be beauticians dock, ahhh… the beautician faces and hairdressers. Once girls get things done they love to talk so if one person’s doing training then they’ll talk about it because they are getting their little sexy body or whatever and then so forth and so on. They’ll tell their sisters, brothers, uncles, grandmothers and then before you know it everyone’s on there.

And that’s what I’ve found really rewarding for me actually. Like I saidwalking into that business was a bit height and walking into a girl beautician place being a guy was awkward enough and then walking in there and saying, “Hey, do you guys want to get fit?” But that was probably one of the best things I’ve done and competitions really but the main thing is fliers for me actually.

Brett: Yeap! And give us a couple of key things that are on your fliers that obviously would have attracted their attention. Just a couple of other points on there.

Norm: Well I sort of veered away from the fact that, about the whole “we are going to be doing crunches, pushups, boxing,” that kind of stuff because they don’t want to hear that. They want to hear what they can get as in the results. Obviously they want to hear bikini body or beach body or stuff like that and toned and like words that’s really going to appeal to them more. Because they don’t want to hear boxing, “What’s boxing to them? What’s pushups to them?” They hate that kind of crap. But they love the body. So I found that that’s one of the key things.

Guarantees! Guarantees are like, “You know what, if this guy’s guaranteed they must work.” At the end of the day it’s up to them if they… you can’t control what they do outside the training session but you can try do the best you can. But to put in a guarantee does help.

Brett: “Cool.” So, couple of key points from that I just want to touch on and this is, I see this so often. Whether you have been a trainer for years or you are just new to the industry and you don’t really understand marketing so much, it really comes back to a couple of things that Norm pointed out. There is what you would call benefits versus features. So a feature of personal training or a boot camp training there’s cardio it is high intensity interval training. People don’t want to know about high intense interval training, they want to know that it burns 9 times more fat; ok. That’s a proven fact so you want to be putting the benefit of burning 9 times more fat than boring cardio.

Boxing training. People don’t want to know about boxing training. They want to know what does boxing training deliver. It’s increased energy, its lean toned muscles, that type of stuff and you really touched on that and I can’t express enough. In fact there are so many people I see and we still get fliers in our mail box quite regularly and I look at them and I just cringe because they are doing the same old, seeing someone else’s flier in the mail box and I am going to go do my own. And that’s why I hear so much from people that fliers don’t work, fliers don’t do this. It’s that whole thing of, “it’s not going to work if it’s shit; ok.” If you designed right then it’s going to be crap.

And so an example, like we put some our Fiit Chick fliers, we got them out around; and I talked about it in our last episode; we got them around some like businesses just like you were talking about. We went to the juice shop. We went to some girls’ clothes shop as well, hairdressers and all those ones you mentioned and we went giving the opportunity to come along for free and obviously in return I would be able to get their clients and customers.

We just had people just come through from that already and you just need to look at that, are you willing to get a little bit uncomfortable for putting a bit of time and investment; a little bit of money to get some fliers printed up for the overall return of getting a client. I guess in regard to that it’s never, this is another point actually in regards to fliers I’ll just touch on before we move forward is, don’t just rely on the one drop of a flier as well. It’s really important they get that continuous circle people are being confronted with. So for example imagine like you were just doing Facebook ads or google ads right, and that person only saw your ad once. They only seen it once so when they put on the screen and seen it once and that was the only time that they ever see it.

Then they do a flier, of course there’s some differences in there but the Facebook ad is repetitive. You click on there, they go and see another friend’s page, they scroll down, “Oh, that ad is here again.” Similar thing with fliers, you want to have different kinds of contact. Don’t just rely on one flier drop  and what I would say is if you put up a set of fliers and you don’t get any result back I would be looking at changing something on the flier because you should be able to get at least one or two people reaching out to you from it. So Norm, “Do you have anything else to say on fliers? That you would like to share?”

Norm: Obviously depending on which market you are going for, the picture you use. If you are going say for the older ladies you don’t want to put the bikini body, you want to put long living, like healthy living stuff like that. If you are going for the bikini body then you want more toned girls and the body they want. And for men if you want to get older men you want to say healthy living, longer living and if you aim for the younger group then you got to put some sort of boxing image or something like that. Something really grabbing, to help them reach the body they want. That kind of image.

Some people put in big logos on them. Like, at the end of the day the logos look good to us. Not to the people that are interested in doing what they want to do.

Brett: I couldn’t agree with you more there and I guess, especially if you are starting out and you are not building a massive brand or you don’t have a big brand that people would know about most definitely don’t have the logo over power your advertising cause it’s a real mistake that you are missing out on some awesome points there mate. So question for you is, I am always interested in regards to seeing what personal trainers think about the industry and so forth. “Where do you feel the industry is heading?” Let’s say, “Wave the magic wand 2 years’ time, what do you think is going to be different if anything in the industry?”

Norm: Well, I don’t know because there’s people trying to get pumped out left, right and center and it could go online. Like I have seen a lot of online training growth. Which is such a thing as all around the world what-not or people don’t have much time so that and group training. Group training is growing massively especially in my area. First thing the client picks up, the leverage of time so if you get out there and do it know and you shine above the rest, you’d be better than the rest so therefore you will get majority of the business.I can only see two ways there. The one on one’s are still there but not as big as it used to be. I don’t think.

Brett: You are definitely going to be supplying a different market. There will always be the one on ones but at the end of the day if you are someone who wants to actually build a business versus just being a one on one personal trainer then you need to look at those other avenues that you are definitely talking about and I couldn’t agree more with the with the fact that group training is growing. It’s an amazing way to leverage your time instead of getting one person in front of you can have 20 people in front of you at the same time all paying fees but of course the time exchange for the effort put in is far greater and you can leverage yourself massively on that area.

So, let’s talk about group training for a moment. What sort of tips out there do you have for someone looking to start, I guess like yourself; you were looking to start a group training business etc.“What sort of tips do you have for anyone out there?”

Norm: Well to be honest I’ve always tried to keep it up. It’s been up and down like I couldn’t get the leverage behind it. You know, what I mean? But, “I am going to talk you up here a little bit Brett.”

Brett: “I’ll call you later.”

Norm: Ofcourse, that’s nice. Well, first of all I joined Fiit Chick and the other stuff I learnt from it was beneficiary and I mean even from your podcast and stuff like. But joining your Fiit Chick the amount of reach out you have is just phenomenal. And it was a good kick start for me for where I wanted to go towards my business. I’ll give that and it was really good so if anyone wants to save money, save time and time is a big thing, straight up speak to you.

Honestly like the reach out you’ve got is massive compared to me, 4 million times the amount or if you’re trying to grow something small, advertise the shit out of it. Put that money and all that advertising and all that time. And that’s all I can say. You can choose one or the other.

Brett: “Thanks a lot for that. I do appreciate a lot.”

Norm: “No worries mate.”

Brett: It wasn’t actually a question to try and get you to say that but am glad you did.


Brett: Let’s say someone is listening to this and like they don’t want to take up a location with Fiit Chicks but they still want to run some group training. What do you think that a couple of key things that you feel you need to have in order to have a group training business, like yourself that’s running successfully?

Norm: Niche market. Once you do that you can target a lot better because obviously a lot of girls don’t like training with guys because they find them intimidating and there’s just  a lot of guys going, “Oh my God, check her ass out.” Chicks don’t like that. And sometimes guys go, “I don’t want to seem so soft,” so they want to do their own thing. That was probably one of the best things I have done.

“What else?” That’s my main thing to be honest. Like I told myself from the start. I did the whole shop and approach and tried marketing to everyone which it didn’t sort of grow.I saw once I sort of did the Fiit Chicks with all the girls I thought, “Holy shit this actually really works.”

Brett: It’s amazing when you have that light bulb, it goes off doesn’t it and it’s like, “Wow, your right.”And it’s like the niche market thing does work and it works because it’s proven to work time and time again and any marketer that you go to that’s good will tell you the first thing you need to do is curve out a niche market. Because I guess where we started as well many years ago, we were doing male and female boot camps and personally for me like I didn’t see that big bang that I wanted to have happened in that area so that was when we went to niche market and go, “Oh! This thing does work.”

But the great thing about that is it doesn’t mean you can only train females or you can only train males. So you just have many different categories of it. And like you said at the start it is all in the way you communicate with these people. So, again the word toned and lean and slim you are going to know that appeals to females. Where you say ripped, bulging and jacked.

Norm: “Jacked.”“Jacked bird.”

But, having a niche market let’s go into the running of the actual business here and obviously having to deal with more people but obviously you not having to work as, and I will say the word carefully, but having to work as much. Actually that is also hard. What you’re actually doing is in the time you’re not with clients you are actually working on the business, right?

Norm: Exactly right.

Brett: So let’s give us, listeners one of the key things that you feel keeps your girls coming back to train with you. Other than the extremely good looks.

Norm: Well that’s the thing you know. I like to..

Brett: “You’ll have to tell your wife.”

Norm: “She is listening to this I think. No!”

Brett: “She will listen to the recording.”“Just a shout out.”

Norm: Let’s see, well there’s two different types of ways to train people. You can be the whole grueling and yelling and smashing and what-not, and a lot of girls would feel that’s intimidating. You can motivate a lot in a different level which will push them to their maximum limit. That’s what I do. I do the whole you can step out above your roleand sort of text them and obviously the whole be their friend and not just their trainer. “How else would you be?” and I keep it fun. I am not boring and I like to mack around during the session and doing jokes as well. Obviously they do their training what-not but I make them laugh and stuff like that.

They love that kind of stuff. It makes them feel like they are not training even though they are getting a really good work out and they are all pumped up at the end. If you can veer them away from the pain and what-not but they are still getting a good training session then you are doing a good job I reckon. And hold games. Games are one of the biggest things. It keeps them on the high when they leave and that’s the last thing they remember. Getting smashed from a game. And then they will talk about that and so they keep coming.

Brett: And as all that seeps in I want to take once again, I couldn’t agree more with you in regards to, I guess looking at delivering a wild session. But a big tip that I know a lot of trainers don’t do is like you said the whole thing with, become their friend/ trainer. You don’t have to be pally and go hang out with them obviously all the time but have those extra things that if you were being trained by someone what things would you really like to have happened.

For example if you received a text midweek from your trainer and it says, “Hey, how’s it going? How are you feeling? If there’s anything I could do, just shout-out,” type of thing. That’s going to put a lot of good will into your clients’ bank account. And when I say bank account, I am talking about an emotional bank account there and it seems like that day when you’re like, “Aaw, look I just feel…” Sorry, a client might be sitting there going, “Aha, we have had enough of training.” That extra text or that extra thing could be the thing that keeps them on and keeps them continually coming back to train with you. All great things there.

I guess I may have covered this already but I want to put it to you in a different angle. What was your light bulb ‘Aha’ type of moment to go, “The fitness industry is an industry where I know I can now get settled in and do business that I want to which will then obviously give you and your wife and your family the lifestyle that you really want? So, what was your “Aha, yeah! This is the one?”

Norm: To be honest like I said before, the niche market part. The Fiit Chicks thing right, I saw that, “wait a minute when did I see that?” Right before I got married and then I sent you an email while I was on my honeymoon actually so that was my ‘Aha’ moment.

Brett: “Yeah, that’s right.”

Norm: Literally I was on my honeymoon and I thought, “I want to go back to this.” So, there is dedication to fitness right there mate, in my honeymoon.

Brett: I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Norm: But honestly that was my ‘Aha’ moment because I thought I need to fast forward, fast track my success and I need to do it now. And back then I was like, “let’s do it” and I am at where I am at now. And it fast tracked where I am today.

Brett: “Excellent!” So I guess, a couple more questions just to finish off and then I will let you back to your busy lifestyle there. Give us, I guess one lesson you have learned in regards to…, I know we’ve talked about your biggest lesson, but something you could have done differently, “Would you have and if so what was that one thing be?”

Norm: “It implies to my career?” To be honest I would have started off doing group training because I started working out of the gym and you enjoy the job.You don’t train one on one. I was like, I will go mad… ouuhhh hooo!!!. The other thing is I said I never looked forward so I wish at the start of it, 3 years I am at where I am at now. But then again, everything happens for a reason. I learn from my past. I learnt how to come back and make relations and stuff like that. And had to speak to people and how to market myself and how to sell myself. But if I could redo it over again I would really focus on group training when I first started.

Brett: Cool. And it’s quite funny and it’s because I would be feeling somewhere as well in that regard. I started off with doing one on one training, for about 40 hours a week and I was just burning the candle at both ends. I was just exhausted and thought, “Jesus, this is not why I moved to the Gold Coast for.” I wanted to have more of a lifestyle. But what I actually found was that it actually wasn’t the lifestyle that I originally thought I wanted because I actually probably work more now. I work more hours now than I would doing personal training but the difference about it is that it’s not a chore to me.

Norm: That’s right. Yeah.

Brett: The more I work doing the things that I love it actually gets me more energized by the end of the day. So when I go home at the end of the day, I won’t be stuffed, I would be like “Fuck, I just want to keep going. I am just pumped.” I know you get more active and you do, you leverage yourself by doing a group training and a bi-product of being able to leverage yourself is one you train more people, you help more people and two obviously you make more money and that’s why you are in business.

Norm: “That’s right.”
Brett: Yeah or else you’re just be running free boot camps all the time. So let’s just finish off there and go, “Where can we expect to see Norm in 12 months? What’s your action plan moving forward? Like what are the key things that you want to happen in the next 12 months to you? Just put it out to the universe”

Norm: “What’s up Universe! Alright” I just recently moved to a new location…

Brett “Ok. Sorry about that. I think you just deafened 3000 listeners.”

Norm: “Sorry guys.” I just recently moved to new suburb in my area. It’s a growing place so my aim is to be the go-to-guy of fitness and boot camps and personal training in this area. Also, I want to be able to step out of my business a lot more so I will be able to just be behind, be manager and do the marketing side of things a lot more rather than be the trainer. But in 12 months’ time I want to be…

Brett: “What would your business look like? What would it feel like?”

Norm: Well, it would feel like, I reckon I would be working a lot less on the tools i.e. personal training myself and be on the business side of things. That’s where I want to be in 12 months. I want to be able to have my own locations within Maximum Fitness or whatever and just pretty much manage people rather than train people.

Brett: And what do you think the number one thing that you need to do in order for that to have happened?

Norm: Action! A lot of it. Just keep going. But literally for me to be able to do that I need to advertise to get clients. I can’t hire 10 trainers and not have any clients for them. So mine is to build that up and that’s what I am trying to do building my area. It’s a pretty big suburb. They have got their own gym happening and if I can hit it hard now and I am pretty confident that I might even take over the area.

Brett: Excellent. Well look man, I love it and I will definitely obviously be keeping a close eye on what’s happening to yourself and moving forward and seeing where that all takes you. No doubt, I have got no doubt that you’ll make that happen of course. So I guess mate I’m probably just looking at the time here. I know we both have to jump off but is there any final words or any bit of motivation that you would give to anyone listening out there?

Norm: “Don’t think about it, just do it! Don’t fuck around.” If you’re trying to make things perfect before you try putting it out there, it’s just not going to get done. If you go out and you do what you do with what you’ve got, you’ll be a lot more better off than you waiting around to make it perfect. But that’s my best thing.

Brett: Excellent. Love it. So just to sum up then, it’s don’t fuck around. Get you shit out there.

Norm: Laughs…..

Brett: So we’ll finish on that. I love it. I’ll put it up on a billboard I think… But once again Norm, mate look appreciate you taking your time out and we will be talking very soon anyhow but to everyone else out there listening, I hope you’ve taken some good insights out of todays’ pod and once again if you are new to this podcast and you haven’t heard any other episode, head over to podcast.fiitprofessional.com.au. So that’s fiitprofessional with two ‘i’s’ so f.i.i.t. It’s a bit of a mouthful. It wasn’t a misspelling either. So head over to podcast.fiitprofessional.com.au and you get a rich stuff of the series and every time there is a new episode we will give it, send it out to you.

This is Brett Campbell signing off. Norm, thank you again buddy and I’ll talk to you very soon.

Norm: Thank you.

Brett: Bye.

Norm: Bye.



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