Here are some examples on how you could market FiiT classes in your location:

1-    Facebook – regular posting, running Facebook adds to your location page

Use face book posts such as this:

Attention all Females, build a Sexy, Curvy Physique, regain your confidence, and meet new friends.
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(insert your link here)
(add an attention grabbing image here)


Become a FiiT Chick Today, Lose Weight, Tone Up & start feeling GREAT.
Visit (your url) Today, & take advantage of our current web special.
(add an attention grabbing image here)


NEW FiiT Chick Transformation Location – OPENING 25th March – START YOUR very own 12 Week Transformation.
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Watch the VIDEO and see what other FiiT Chicks have to say…. click the link above now.


Are YOU from BURLEIGH, VARSITY LAKES & Surrounding areas?Become a FiiT Chick Today, Lose Weight, Tone Up & start feeling GREAT. Visit (your url) Today, & take advantage of our current web special. (add an attention grabbing image here)

Watch this video for some quick facebook add TIPS

Watch this video on how to AUTO POST – TIME SAVER


USE POSTCRON.COM to schedule your posts.


The key is to add an attention grabbing image, that will get people commenting and sharing.

When it comes to creating a post that you will create an add off, do not use images that have over 20% text on them, facebook will not allow your adds.

Here are a couple of our better converting images:

right click and save file as

healthy is happyfiitchickcollage

Visit our main fan page for more examples. Feel free to take the images on our page and use them.

2-    Referral competitions – give away awesome prizes to the people who bring in the most referral sign ups.

Remember that FiiT has the bring a friend BONUS, this mean that if anyone brings a friend with them and they sign up together, then they will receive $10 off there course fees, each weekly.

This is a great way to ramp up your numbers.

Another referral method is to run a competition every couple of months.  Run the competition for 3-4 weeks only.

Follow these steps:

Announce to your members that you are running a referral competition and the person who brings along the most people who sign up, will win a new iPad.  IMPORTANT, you only need 1-2 people to sign up to break even.

Other prizes could be cash, holiday, dinners eg.  It would even pay to ask your members what they would like.

Every couple of days at training bring this up at training & remind them of the competition.

Also post in your VIP facebook page.

At the end of the first week, have an update on who is in the lead.  This will create  a buzz between people.  You will generally get 1 or 2 people who really want to go for it and win.

In the last week, remind them about it at all training sessions.  You could also add another $100 cash bonus, which can spark some late comers.  This decision will be based on the referrals you have been able to get, i.e.: dont offer the cash bonus if there have been no referrals.

3-    Google adds

This is a paid activity, but can have amazing, fast results.

Follow these steps to set up your very own google ad campaign.

4-    Create you tube videos

Get yourself  into a routine of creating videos. This will help get your name out there even further.

If you have a blog already thats great!  I would encourage you to post at least 2 things, either an article, video, recipe or something that will help teach your members.

Of course this is optional, keep in mind we still send great content out to all FiiT members, here from the HQ.

If you would like to start your own blog and become a bigger Authority, email and we will look after you through this process.

5-    Running a stall at your local fair, school fate, expo’s eg

This is a great way to get out and become recognised in your community.

You can set up a stall by offering free body testing, or even some correct exercise demos and the opportunity to try your FiiT Location.

Run a competition to win a FREE 12 week FiiT Chick Transformation, get the prospects to fill out a form, gather their:


Once the day is over and you have collected all the prospects details, draw a winner.

Ring this person and let them know they have WON, offer them the opportunity to bring a friend along with them to enjoy the experience.

Notify all the runner up prospects VIA phone to let them know that they are unfortunately not winners, but you would like to offer them the opportunity to come along and try a class for FREE.

This follow up system works amazingly, dont skip corners.  I know calling 30-50-even 100 people may seem extremely time consuming but HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

If you ring them and they do not answer, send a scripted sms similar to this:

Hi…. Its (your name) here, from  ….. It was great meeting you today/yesterday… I am just giving you a courtesy message to let you know that, unfortunately you did not win the 12 week transformation. I would however like to extend the opportunity for you to come and expericence how awesome our FiiT Chick classes are.  I would like to offer you a FREE pass for yourself and a friend for next week.  We do have limited spots, so if you could please reply ASAP that would be much appreciated.                                                                                           I look forward to meeting you again.  Regards …..

6-    Education webinars with the sell into your 12 week transformation

7-    Run 90 minute seminars and then sell them into the 12 week transformation program

6 & 7 can be the exact same product, the difference however, is that the seminar is in a face to face environment vs a webinar which is purely virtual.

Both methods have their benefits.

If you are interested in running a presentation – email and we can assist your with further tools to make it as easy as possible for you.

8-    Flyer drops around your local area

A few years ago, flyers & posters were the main ways of advertising your business.

DOWNLOAD a done for you FLYER HERE Fiit Chick Double Sided A5bleed  – This is a generic Fiit Chick flyer. <== Right click on the link and save file as – send this file to – they are the most cost effective we can find.

Fiit International Double Sided A5 Fiit Chick Brochure With Bleed-10 – – This is an example FLYER only, it is made for our BURLEIGH location and will need to be amended to suit.

PRE Christmas flyer Send this 12 weeks and 8 weeks prior to Christmas

DOWNLOAD a done for you Pull Up Banner HERE <== Simply send this to to get made.

9- Email Marketing

Even tho we consistently send great information to all FiiT members, we would encourage you to keep in contact with your members, and past members as well.

Throughout the year FiiT will run national transformation challenges, this will create a good whirl wind of new clients to your location. It is very important you also email the promotional material we send, to your database as well.   That way they do not miss out on all your opportunities you provide.

View our current email scripts here 

 10- Using Gumtree for FREE

In this video Brett shows you how to set up a gumtree account in less than 5 minutes.