Why FiiT?

The Unbeatable, Low Cost, Client Generating Fiitness Program That Will Leave You With Never Having To Worry About having Enough Clients Again

If you are looking to eliminate all those long hours and extremely hard work that goes into creating a fitness business, then look no further, the Fiit Chick Transformation system is Definitely for you.


Hi Fellow Fitness Professional or Soon To Be

My Name is Brett Campbell

I am the brain child behind FiiT ™ and all its Licensed fitness programs.

Before we start, I want to be totally honest and upfront with you.

Have you ever met someone who has tried to offer or sell something to you and they have 1, never used it themselves, or 2, don’t even believe in the product?

Doesn’t that shit you off?

Well it does me, clearly right, or else I wouldn’t be talking about it.

Well my friend, the reason I am bringing this up is because, I want you to know that I am an in the trenches fitness professional, but more importantly I am so passionate about this system that I believe every Fitness Professional should be apart of it.

WHY should everyone have this you ask?

Well maybe not everyone, only the people who fall into this category:

Someone who wants to follow a proven system, with proven results.

  • The person who wants to eliminate those painful hours hunched over your computer trying to create documents that you end up never using anyway ( I have definitely been there)
  • The person who is constantly worried about where their next client will come from
  • The person who hates sales and just wants to get down to business and train people, that’s why we got into the industry isn’t it?
  • The person who doesn’t want to spend $30, 000+ in set up costs, like a lot of other fitness programs out there.
  • The person who want to be involved with one of the fastest growing Fiitness brands in Australia (over 150,000 member in only 12 months)

Now if any of the above sounds like your cup of tea, then listen up because you are about to be amazed by this amazing business opportunity, BUT I warn you, I promise you this is like no other, that I promise.

The Best Marketing Systems In The World

Ok big claim I know, but hold with me there.

In the past 12 months Fiit  has built an extremely large following of over 150, 000 people. Personally I do not know, along with my high level fitness industry leaders colleagues, we have never seen anyone do this, WHY? Well that’s simple really, because they do not have the secrets that I possess when it comes to generating leads.

This is all good and well Brett, but how does that help me?

Again, simple answer, my leads are your leads, YES that’s right, it is in our best interest to help you succeed with your FiiT Chick transformation location, in order for us to achieve our Mission of helping 1 million females by 2020, then we need to team up with other Awesome fitness professionals to make this happen.

That’s where you come in.

You will receive a done for you Lead Generating website, designed to funnel leads into your location, that’s right, you don’t have to do anything except give them a call when the email comes through.

No other fitness license program in Australia offers that to their members.

Just think how much it would cost if you had to set something up like that? Wait on I can tell you. You would be looking at anywhere between 3-5 thousand dollars, and that’s just for the building costs, you actually have to know the exact steps needed in order for this to happen.

Unfortunately that is where most trainers go wrong, they think a website is the answer, then they get someone to build it on the cheap to cut costs, but the big problem is this.

A web designer is only a web designer, they are not marketers, it is the marketing that will generate those inquires, not the pretty little slide show that most designer use on your websites.

Fit Chick locations

1- We have created a fully customised website for each location that is proven to convert visitors intoqualified leads.

And because the site gets visitors to enroll on a paid trial membership – you know only extremely qualified leads are coming through your doors.

Most fitness centers offer free trials. This produces leads that waste your time, without ever intending to buy from you.

However, a lead that pays for a trial is very serious about fitness and weight loss, and willing to pay for it.

2- Social Media Leveragefacebook likes

With over 65+ thousand facebook fans and growing rapidly , you will also gain exposure to all of the awesome Fiit Chicks, we manage the Fan Pages, groups and all things social media, and of course our informative blog, right here at the HQ.

You will be able to interact with the Fiit Chick community and be apart of this awesome family.

3- Fully automated Email Marketing Systememail marketing

If there is one lesson in business I would give everyone is this, Relationship marketing. People are not stupid,  well not most people, anyhow, if someone for some reason is not ready to start training with you for whatever reason, there is no amount of sales techniques, magic tricks you can pull that will change their minds.

Unless you then tell them that Ryan gosling is the trainer.

That is where relationship marketing comes in, it is the job of the professional to educate and motivate someone, yes that mean we actually help people for FREE, why woud you do that you ask?

Well if you have ever heard of give first to receive? Well that’s why, who knows 2 months, 6 months, even 2 years down the track, that particular person may say, its time, im doing it, sign me up to my Fiit Chick transformation.

I say this my friend, because it works, we have had people come to us 2 years later and say, “hey I have been getting your awesome emails and I think it is time for me to do something” its amazing.

And on the flip side, if they never decide to come in, that’s ok as well, as long as they are being educated in some way we are happy.

Of course you are not expected to do this, we take care of the lot, that’s right, no blog post writing for you, that’s if you don’t want to, you could definitely contribute to our fiit chick blog if you like, however, as I know most trainers like I do, you would be happy to have that side of things taken care of.

No More Sales

Whenever i speak to a room full of personal trainers I ask them this question.

Who likes sales?


About 15-20% of people put their hands up.

Imagine having a system that made the process never feel like you were selling, even better, Imagine knowing whether or not someonewas going to join the Transformation before you even met them. COOL, I know, that’s just another reason to jump on board the Fiit Chick transformation train

I have taken the last 5 years of my own personal training experience and the years of coaching and mentoring other fitness professionals, and hand crafter the #1 Conversion (not sales) system there is.

To top it of, this system will also take away all of the common frustrations such as:

  • Clients canceling and not showing up
  • Clients not paying on time (never again)
  • The awkward conversation about money

Simply said, you will never have to worry about a poor close rate or losing money again.