Ep 033: High End Online Coaching with AJ Mihrzad

In this episode Brett talks to AJ Mihrzad.

AJ is the author of the best selling book; “The Mind Body Solution”, Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss where he proves that the key to a better body that’s in shape, energized and youthful is a healthy brain.
AJ is also a Fitness professional and has a Masters in Psychology. He has also been featured in Men’s fitness and on Bodybuilding.com and is a keynote speaker at various events.
Along with changing the lives of the general public. He’s dedicated to helping Fit Pros create an ethical and profitable Online Income with his 10X Online Fitness Coaching Program.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The #1 client getting strategy that AJ uses
  • How AJ structure high end 5k online coaching programs
  • AJ’s #1 resource to learn direct response marketing
  • and so much more…

Find out more about AJ here and what he offers here.



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