Episode 1 – The Intro & 5 Key Components EVERY FiiT Pro Needs For A Successful Fitness Business

In this episode Brett reveals exactly how this FREE recourse for Fitness professional will work.

He also discusses his 5 Key Components to running a Successful fitness business.

Component #4 would be hard to beat.

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5 Keys To A Successful Fitness Business

Transcript of EPISODE 1:

From the desk of Brett CampbellWhat you are about to read is the transcript that goes along with the 1st ever episode of the Fiit Professional Podcast.

You can listen here – http://bit.ly/12aublz

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Professional Business and Development Podcast.

Let me introduce myself – My name is Brett Campbell and I am the creator of Fiit International PTY as well as My Fitness Website PTY.

These are two companies that are in the Fitness Industry and they are really designed to not only help the general public achieve their health and fitness goals, but they also cater to the Fitness Professionals.

So that’s you right now, the person who is actually listening to this Podcast. Firstly I have a few things that I must openly admit to before we get started;This Podcast is completely free, I am not planning or ever planning to sell this to anyone because I believe at this stage in my career I really want to be able to give back to the Fitness Industry.

Now I will go into that in a bit more detail in a moment. I want to tell you my story – just to get you a little bit excited about what you’re going to be listening to over the coming weeks and months.

We are going to be covering topics that are going to literally propel your business from where it currently is, to where it actually could be.

Here is an example – we are going to be talking about different strategies on how you can market your business and how you can generate more clients.

This is because at the end of the day Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals have concerns and frustrations when they are running their own Fitness Business.I know because I have experienced this and have been in that position myself.

I know exactly what the frustrations and concerns are when it comes to running your own Fitness Business. Whether you have been in the industry for a little over a few weeks, or you have been in the industry for years.

I DO know and understand that getting clients is one of the hardest possible challenges, and if you don’t have a system behind it, then it makes it all the more difficult.

So, I am going to be revealing to you how we have been able to generate over 100 thousand Facebook fans. Even better than that, over 180 thousand Email contacts in the last 14 months.

I want to point out that I say this because it is something I have been heavily involved with and working extremely vigilant on for the last 14 months.

I am extremely excited to be able to share with you the strategies I use, and can share with you right now. Here I am putting my hand up, I am not one of those Personal Trainer mentors or gurus.

I do not believe in feeding you a little bit of information and then leave you hanging and wondering what your next step is going to be. I will not do that. I am literally going to be telling you the exact steps on how we do it in our current companies.

Now that’s really exciting news and something I want to share with you. There is going to be nothing held back, We are going to be talking about how you can have websites that run on auto-pilot, which enables you to generate clients.

We are going to talk to you about how you can take the sales out of selling. So for a lot of Trainers that don’t like selling to people, we are going to show you strategies and systems that you can utilise into your current Fitness Business.

This will take the fear of any selling out and we will also teach you strategies on how to overcome the most common objections. Such as; ‘I don’t have the money’ or ‘I don’t have the time to train’.

We are going to give you solutions that you will be able to implement effective immediately. That’s going to be my goal. In each podcast and in each session that you listen to, there’s going to be some strategy that I want you to be able to take away.

Now I don’t just want you to take them away, I want you to put them to good use literally!

I am going to reveal strategies that have enabled us to build a seven figure a year fitness company.

Again I don’t say that to impress you, I say it to impress upon you, the fact that what I am going to be delivering over the up coming weeks and months, is real life strategies that you can implement immediately.Now the problem is a lot of people will be listening to this podcast, and you may be running on a treadmill, you may be sitting on a chair in your office and thinking that’s a great idea Brett – I will get to that soon.

But the thing is, most people don’t. I will throw out a percentage and I would be safe to say that 90% of people do not implement what they hear or learn.

That’s why there are so many seminars and courses out there for people. This is so they can return back to year after year, because they haven’t implemented what they first learned.

I want to make a deal with you; if I go out of my way to provide you with all these tools and techniques to run a successful Fitness Business, then I want you to do something for me in return.

I want you to be able to make a comment under each of these podcasts and let me know that you’ve implemented it and actually given it a go. Then I want to know what your results were, because that’s what really excites me. OK, so that’s the deal I want you to make with me.

If I am going to provide you with all this great quality information then I hope in return that you will actually go and implement it, now I think that is a pretty fair deal.

On top of that, we are going to be talking about effective time management techniques. Having the technique of being able to utilise time management enables me to run not one, but two different companies.

So as you can imagine if I had not developed skills in time management it would of produced a bit of a downfall. I can share this knowledge with a lot of people and with the strategies and tools that I have been utilising over the last 4 years in my company.

I want to share those with you because it’s simply amazing when you can actually be successful in setting yourself a schedule and set yourself a routine that will enable you to get 3, 4 or 5 times the amount of productivity of work completed than you normally would.

I want to teach you how to build relationships with other businesses because that can be imperative for the success of your business.

I want to teach you how to set up seminars yourself and become the go to expert in your area.I want to teach you how to leverage social media, (social media is a massive platform) which you already know, and I want to teach you how to leverage that properly.

Unfortunately there are many people out there that are “so called experts” in social media.

To be perfectly honest this does my head in – If someone suggests that they have expertise within that particular field, wouldn’t that mean that they have had ample experience in that field to be an expert? My definition of an expert is someone who has actually had experience with Social Media and is still currently doing this successfully.

Not someone who has read a blog post on how to do it, that’s not what an expert is in my opinion.

Especially if we are talking terms of Facebook, you need to be engulfed in Facebook pretty much as a full time participant in order to be up with every change that they are doing.

That’s something that I want to be able to show you, so you do not have to read a thousand different blogs out there on what peoples thoughts are about a particular subject.

So just to touch on points; you know we have over 100 thousand Facebook fans, you know what that does for us? That allows us to be able to correlate real time statics on what actually does work and what doesn’t work.

The other day I broke it down that we have got 8 different Facebook posts that we have put up there, and it was actually quite staggering to go through the amount of shares, likes and comments etc. links or no links and find out what actually does work and what is getting our message out there further.

This is actually pretty surprising and it really did surprise me. It just goes to show you all the tests and measures we will teach you, and how to test and measure certain aspects of your business.

We will also teach you how to create information products, so if that’s something you’re interested in learning about, we can cover that as well.

We have several different products which we have on offer now, and that people are already after or using. There are people also who are not in our local area, that are interested in our products.

So, I want to show you and introduce you to the world of online marketing and how you can get your message out there to more than just your public awareness.

I can to teach you how to generate return on investment within your marketing.

A lot of people don’t know what return on investment really means. Obviously to the people that do its about being able to generate a higher return for the money you have invested.

So if you put in one dollar and you get two dollars back, well that’s a great 100% return on investment right there. I also can to teach you how to become super efficient, and basically I want to take you through the journey on how to run a successful fitness business.

So over the coming weeks and months, I am going to be not only providing awesome content to you, I am going to be interviewing some of the leading professionals.

Whether it will be an actual Fitness Professional in relation to technical training. We don’t want to neglect that side of the business because that’s also really important.

We are going to be teaching you some really great technical components and we will also be going to interview nutritional experts.

So be prepared for tangents, yes I am going to be going off on tangents. That’s because I’m sitting here right now, looking out of the second story office window, which over looks the lake.

Now that to me is absolutely amazing! I am able to sit here right now and I’m offering you a free service.

Can you tell in my voice I am extremely excited to get this out to you? Hence the reason I am probably talking a little bit fast. However, I am sure you are smart and are able to keep up with me.

Interviewing experts – there it is! So we are going to be interviewing other Fitness Business experts, people who have had success in this area.

First I am going to interview a really good friend of mine who actually runs a Fitness Franchise with over 300 franchisees within his actual company.

We are going to learn secrets on how he has been able to generate thousands and thousands of leads via the Internet. This will include teaching you those methods and strategies. So it is not just from myself, but from other experts as well.

Because it is one of my beliefs that it’s great to be able to share knowledge and learn other bits and pieces from within a range of professional areas.

So look today what I am going to be doing is set the foundation for the up – coming episodes, and take you through what I believe are the 5 key components to a successful Fitness Business.

I could literally make a list of probably 200 or maybe 300 different things that I believe are a key component to having a successful business, but what I’ve done I’ve written down 5 of the key components that come to mind quickly.

I am really big on whenever I do things like this; I do not over think it.

That’s also another strategy that we will cover. What can happen is when you over think things, it can lead to sitting literally for two hours and come up with many ideas. Which is how I am going to structure this pod cast.

When there are 5 top key components that I can give you right now.

This will stop you from getting confused and overwhelmed and will help you keep positive in moving forward and then press record on this pod cast.

So here I am, I have just jumped in I have written down 5 key elements. I am sure that these 5 key components, that I am about to reveal shortly, you will agree with me that they are all an extremely important aspect.

So first thing we are going to talk about is, creating a community. That’s because for me creating a community has been a catalyst of our success.

I am also going to talk to you about another key component that you need and that is to be able to produce results.

So whatever the product or service you choose, and perhaps your a one on one personal trainer and maybe considering running a ‘boot camp’ business. You could also be possibly providing semi – private training sessions.

We are going to talk about different modalities like that.

Obviously at the end of the day you need to make sure your products and or services are producing results.

Another key component, which I believe is definitely up there, is providing multiple services.

Now you would look at this as your product suit. I are going to talk about that a little bit more in detail shortly. That right there is a key component on how you can start steering away from trading time for money.

At the end of the day if you have to turn up for the transaction or appointment time like you turn up for your one on one training session, you won’t get paid while you’re there.

We want to look at avenues on how you can bypass that. Then another key component is being genuine. Not only being a genuine person, but also a genuine business owner.

I see it far too often with people out there who are not genuine business owners and this really upsets me.

Finally we’ve got to have a purpose, now this is critical and this would be in the top 5 of any listing you have.

You need to have a purpose. What is the purpose of actually doing what you’re doing?

I have always been going to do a bonus. This bonus step jumped out to me as well and this key component is “getting professional help”. We will talk about that in a moment.

Build A Raving Community

Let’s go back to key component number one; creating a community. Now there are a few things that you really need to touch upon hear. When you’re creating communities this needs to be a safe, supportive and beneficial environment for your target market.

It needs to be based on educational marketing. Now I say this because everyone wants to be involved in something.

An example of this is – I have just started playing Wednesday night pub poker again. We used to play a fair bit back in the day, so it’s relatively none competitive meaning that it’s not risking a whole lot of money. It’s a great, safe and supportive environment for me and it allows me to get out.

So at the end of the day, the main purpose behind it is the comradery you get when you meet new people. It allows you to be a part of something and it’s the same crowd that plays every Wednesday.

Once again that’s what I am talking about with community. In the fitness industry, we need to look at it and base it on captured marketing.

If you’re familiar with what we do, then you will know that we have a company called ‘Fiit International’.

Fiit International is basically our flagship program we call Fiit Chick Transformation. Our Facebook fan page is called ‘Fiit Chicks’ http://facebook.com/fiitchicks and the catalysts.

This has been built based upon educational marketing. This is so we can create community based people who want to become a part of it.

We provide support to them and we educate them. Now there is a difference between marketing and educational marketing.

Education based marketing is being able to provide people with a solution to their problems.

That’s what I am doing right here, this is called educational marketing. So hear you are listening to this, while I am providing you and going to be providing you an amazing amount of business tips and strategies that you can simply take and utilise straight into your business.

Like I said to you, I’m not going to be selling this or anything. However, what may happen, being totally honest and transparent is, down the track you may have listened to one, two, three or even ten hundred episodes. It is then you may realise that you have been educated so much from this that you will want to know what’s next.

Then you may take out some offer or anything that we may provide to you, and if you don’t that’s fine as well. If you did, then that is what I’m talking about, educational based marketing.

So everything I teach you and everything I do, you will really need to pay attention. Because if you were to educate your prospects on how to eat healthy, and guide them on what to eat, plus include some great exercises they need to do. Then the key part there is they all start coming to you and you will be the go to person, who will be the trusted professional for their query.

Now we all know those types of people, whether you acknowledge it or not. You will have people who you go to for a specific question.

If you have a mate who is a mechanic, and your car is playing up, then your going to go to him. You see him as the go to expert when it comes to car repairs.

This is the same thing with fitness. This is where you want to be the number one person when it comes to fitness for your prospects. So in order to be the number one person, you need to create a safe community and provide them with ongoing educational based marketing.

Produce Results

Secondly you need to produce results, this just goes without saying. Or your business will not be around for long if you’re not producing results for people.

The key thing there is whether you’re looking at running a boot camp business, and for some reason or another none of your clients are producing results – Then you would need to look at your particular programming on what you are delivering.

Now obviously you will need to take into account that not everyone is going to get results, which is unfortunate.

You could have the best program out there, and someone can purchase it and they won’t get successful results.

An example is one of our workout systems. Now I know that our workout systems yield results as long as it is being followed correctly.

We’ve have proof of this – because we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of girls go through and do the program and provided us with testimonials to let us know about their results.

Of course there is a small minority, actually 2% of people who purchase our work out products say that it doesn’t work. Or who have tried it. They generally will send an Email after a few weeks saying, “I have tried your system” and it has only been 9 days, she says, “I am not seeing the results I want”.

I mean there’s always going to be some people that are not going to achieve the results, however, you need to make sure that the product or service your offering is actually going to produce results.

Now you’re not going to sell a 10 minute PT session are you? At the end of the day you really are not going to get any results from that, so again part of common sense comes into play.

I’ve just had a drink of water – you see you could not do that on a paid pod cast. Ok back to it!

Provide Multiple Services – Your Product Suite

Providing multiple services. Now this is what you would call your products suite.

If you look at Fiit International as a company, we provide Fiit Transformations, which are our locations and our training program.

We have Fiit Retreats. Yes, we run Fitness Retreats overseas in Bali and we are looking at other destinations around the world.

We provide Fiit Supplements to our customers who can purchase our own supplements from our Fiit brand.

We also provide Fiit Online Products. So as you can clearly see we provide a whole series of online products and services that we have currently on offer.Fiit Professionals, well that’s our flagship program for our

Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers who want to run their very own Fiit Chick location.

Fiit Online Clothing is also one of our products and also Fiit Clothing which we are producing our own Fiit brand of clothing, work out clothing etc.

We also have Fiit Equipment; this is where we offer Fiit Equipment, whether it is to a Personal Trainer or the general public. So you can clearly see we’ve created a small board of our own products.

We also have our own Applications, there is online software and the reason being is because when you’ve got multiple products services out there people again will be very happy and enjoy the convenience of purchasing and using them all.

If we look at Apple; now, when I changed over to Apple I bought an Apple Mac book that was my first Apple purchase. The next thing I purchased was the iPhone, as I found these products of good quality and banding.

After that I went to the iPad then another iPad, then another iMac and even bought another Mac book pro. So looking at that scenario:

When someone is happy with a particular company and their products and services, they will repeatedly use those products and that company.

So as an example; if Apple were to develop a new iTV, I would ultimately purchase that Apple iTV. The reason why is because I know that every product that they have previously produced has been of exceptional quality.

The same thing also applies with your fitness business.

You know if you where introducing one on one Personal Training; and then all of a sudden you introduce Yoga; then perhaps you introduce nutritional classes; and then say you introduce some merchandise; and maybe even introduce some coaching etc.;

The reason being is, once people like your service and they know that you have a great product and have been successful at producing results, just like our last key component. Then they will be happy to spend their money with you and will keep coming back, and that is just how it works.

If you look at yourself and look what you do, and where you go and where you shop and so forth, it shows that by providing multiple services is a huge component.Now in the coming podcast we are going to be delving deep into particular product suits and how they can compliment your particular business, so we will create an exact product suit that you can utilise.

Be Genuine

Going onto the next key component is being genuine you need to look at this, so that it’s not all about the dollars.

Don’t let the dollars blind you of your real purpose. As Personal Trainers we can command a lot of money.

Let’s be totally honest, when I was actively doing one to one personal training, the last client I was training, I was charging $220.00 per session at that time.

There is a whole system behind that, I didn’t just one day wake up and I’m going to charge that $220.00 – The key thing there is that you can charge a large amount of money for a service, especially for someone who may have only completed a 12-week course, or even 12 months.

For Instance, look at lawyers, they can charge large amounts of money, however, the key thing is not to let that blind side you.

On the flip side of that, you still need to be totally open and honest and have a great relationship with money, because at the end of the day we are all in this industry for the life style.

We want to help people of course, but we really want to make sure that we can provide for our family, the lifestyle that we want to provide for them. In order to do that, I am going to say it, “you actually need money”.

Ok yes you need money to actually do that stuff, and the key component here is you can be in this industry, you can be genuine, and you can still earn a lot of money to do the things that you want.

Its not all about the money – but it can certainly help

Now there’s going to be people listening to this, and going, ‘well I just want to help people’, don’t get me wrong that’s exactly why I am in the industry.


If we go onto the next key component it’s having a purpose. Why are you really doing this? That just goes with the whole thing of being genuine.

We’ve created what we call Fiit Foundation; now this is a charity that we and of course myself is extremely passionate about. I have this burning desire to be able to help sick children. I am not quite sure where that’s stemmed from. I just know that I really want to be helping sick children.

I also want to be helping females, hence the reason why myself has created a female only (at this present time) community. Because we want to help women get back to that, and provide a safe atmosphere.

I have personally had friends that have gone through breast cancer. So we want to help the Breast Cancer Foundation, which is why we are doing what we are doing.

Write down on a piece of paper what is your purpose, why are you actually doing this?

My purpose is to be able to (as I mentioned), dedicate my time and energy to the Fiit Foundation, that’s it.

In order for that to happen I need to make sure that the company is continually growing. That means we need the money and cash flows to be coming through, which also helps to support not only our employees, our charities and so forth, that we are running and that’s where I see myself.

I want to spend all my time working on the Foundation and giving back to people who are less fortunate, because that there really gets me excited.

So I don’t want to hammer the point home about money, and earning money etc., but we really need to be open to that and just be totally honest with ourselves, and to anyone that says they don’t want to earn that sort of money. I would say right there to you that it is bullshit, you do want to earn money, but that’s a by-product of what you really want to be doing.

So if I wanted to help 10 thousand sick kids, we are going to need a lot of money to do that and the money unfortunately its not going to come from the money tree. That my mum always said was out the back yard many years ago. I am still looking for it and have always hoped to find it.

So have a purpose and understand why you really want to do it.

Another reason is I want to help females.

To be honest I grew up in a broken family. I guess you would call it a split family. My parents split up, so it was the girls and I; my Mother, 2 sisters and I at the time. After that I then took it upon myself to be the man of the house even though I was 6 years old.

I took it upon myself then, and I am still taking it upon myself now to be and play that position in our family.

That’s something that really, really gets me going and gives me the energy to sit here and talk to you and deliver all these messages.

So you can also go out there and deliver your purpose to the world?

The final key component the bonus one, I was talking about the catalysts again of success. This is not only mine but any of the key people that I surround myself amongst. In order to be successful in any industry, you need to get professional guided help.

Now it’s that simple; if you’re sick where do you go? You would go to the doctors. If you want to be a good football player, you go to a good football coach.

If you want to learn to be an ironman you go and learn from an ironman, or someone who had trained many successful ironmen.

If you want to lose weight you would see a personal trainer. If you want to be successful in business and be able to live a life style that you want and a purpose that you really have, then you need to get professional help it’s as simple as that.

I see it far to often in my background of coaching one to one personal trainers and I have been doing that for the last 3 years.

I see that as a key component so many people don’t want to get professional help because it might cost too much or it’s too much of an investment. But you really need to ask yourself; can you not afford to not get it?

In the last 4 years alone I have spent over 180 thousand dollars on my education. I know to a lot of people that is just unfathomable. And you probably couldn’t totally comprehend that sort of outlay but I see it as a personal investment. Now that’s the exact amount and I am not going to sugar coat anything, it’s not easy.It is not easy to go out there and build up a big business, but I’ll tell you what, its extremely possible if you just give it a shot.

So I am looking at this right now, I have delivered those 5 key components and I really want to sit here and just keep talking.

I want to talk about it more and provide you with more strategies. I also want to leave you with this – because I think there are a couple of really good points that you can take from this.

So lets recap the 5 key components

You need to create a community; find out where you want to train and serve, whom do you want to serve?

You want to produce results; so you want to create a system behind that which is going to produce results. To produce your results you may need more than one service or product.

That’s where we go onto our next one of providing multiple services; what are the services you want to provide?

Be genuine so remember that’s a simple one be genuine, and have a purpose. And of course get help.

Now listening to this podcast right now, I would classify this as you getting professional help. The great thing about it is, your not paying for it.

So what I really recommend you do; is take what I am about to deliver in these following episodes, put them into your business and really see the possibilities that you have out there.

So I am going to leave you with this and if you want to find out more you know you can visit us at our Facebook fan page Fiit Chicks; or you can visit us at one of our websites http://fiitinternational.com.au you can check out our products and services that we offer; and hey, you may get some ideas from that and it might spark some thing you know.

Look I’m more than happy and open for you to check that out and look at it so keep an eye out in your Email in box for coming episodes, because they are going to be coming very soon and I am going to be delivering them fairly frequently.

Again if you can put up with the unedited shoot from the hip type of style that I am producing here, then look, I would love to have you along on this journey it’s going to be an amazing journey.

Not only just for you but for both of us, because I am a big believer in not only teaching the methods, you need to practice what you preach.

So by teaching this to you it’s going to bring out a whole lot of things for me that is going to be really exciting as well.

So until then have a fantastic day I really look forward to hearing from you and I will talk to you soon.


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