Episode 11: How To Run A Successful Group Training Business (live presentation)

NOTE: THIS episode in LONGER THAN USUAL – Which means you get MORE Kick Ass Info. burleigh girls

In this episode you will hear the exact audio recording that Brett presented to a SOLD OUT (it was free) bunch of 100 Personal Trainers.

  • You will discover the 12 key areas you NEED to have a successful business
  • What a successful group training business model should look like and what your next steps are
  • How to generate an abundance of leads into your location
  • Generate continual passive income streams
  • His #1 FREE Strategy to pick up 5-10 new clients in the next day
  • The #1 thing every fitness business owner must have if you want your business to be around in the next 12 months


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WARNING: the strategies you are about to learn, WILL change YOUR Business and YOUR life.




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How To Run A Successful Group Training Business (live presentation)

Transcript of EPISODE 11:

Hello and welcome to the FiiT Professional podcast, the number one podcast for fitness professionals looking to build their fitness business. If you’re after more clients, more income and more free time, then you’ve come to the right place. Visit www.podcast.fiitprofessional.com.au today.

Hello FiiT Professional. Welcome to another episode of the Fiit Professional podcast. In today’s episode we have something a little bit different than usual. What you are going to be hearing, is you are going to be hearing a live recording of a webinar I just ran. We had a hundred personal trainers on the line. It was a sold out event. Sold out for free of course, just like this podcast. And you are going to hear me talk about how to run a successful group business. Now we go into so many different things, so many different avenues of business etc. We reveal a heap of great information and the feedback we got from it was absolutely amazing. The trainers loved it. We had a lot of interaction. We were interacting with each other and answering questions, and it was just an all-round kickass, badass presentation.

I want to give you the opportunity now, if you are unable to see it, we are not giving away the live presentation, but you get the next best thing which is the audio recording. So you can listen to it and enjoy. So I am going to now hand over to the host of the webinar, the wonderful Brett Campbell a.k.a. Brett and I am going to, actually in the first part of the episode just listen to how much of a goose I make myself and you will be able to get a bit of a giggle out of it so enjoy! Right, there you go, so thank you everyone. I was looking in the wrong area, so thank you very much Lee for that. We are all good to go, so everyone can hear me, that’s great. And just to give me a heads up in regards to the sound quality, is it good quality, is it echoing, what’s the feedback there. Because we want to make sure that you can stand it. Sounds fine, thank you Amanda. Sounds fine. Okay. So like I said, in a couple of minutes we are going to get started.

I am someone who likes to be on time all the time so for the hundred people that are registered today, we have a sold out event, sold out for free and look, I am really looking forward to sharing the information that I have today with you all, and I know that a lot of you will get a lot of stuff out of this. So, here we go, people are starting to come on board now. Isn’t it interesting, when you look at time management, and so forth, you know there’s the people who are always, you know, five minutes early, doesn’t matter what’s happening. The people who are always just on time, and then the people who are always just a couple of minutes late. And then of course, you get the people who just don’t show up at all! That can be the issue sometimes of having a product or service that is absolutely free, because, you know when you’ve got something, a message to deliver to people sometimes it harder to actually sell a free product than an actual product that people purchase of you.

So, look everyone who is on here today is going to get more than their value that they paid to get on here I can guarantee you that. Just a couple of things as well, today’s webinar, before I press, before I start recording this. Can everyone see my screen as well? I just want to know that everyone can see my screen. Alright, thank you Raymond you’re nice and active, I love it. Okay, and Sarah and Amanda and Nick and everyone else, excellent and Michelle. Today as you notice I want to make this a very active, a very active webinar where the more you ask, the information I am going to be able to provide and I guess almost steer this presentation in a certain direction. So I am just going to begin a recording here.

Alright, welcome everybody to the first Fiit Professional webinar that we’ll be presenting here today and if you see the screen right there, and you would have already read it and it says ‘How to set up and run a kickass group training business’. Now, just you know, again when I say show of hands here, what I’m going to get you to do it just to put a comment in the comment box. So who here wants to know how to run a kickass group training business? Yip, so there is a heap of yes’s coming through there that’s fantastic because you are definitely on the right webinar. If you weren’t, you know, if you said not to that then you definitely, it’s like waking into University. I remember when I went to University, I will tell you a little more about that but I walked into a lecture and I went to sit down and it wasn’t until five minutes, when I realised I was in the wrong room. It was a subject I had not signed up for that’s for sure. So give me just a couple of seconds here. Alright, there we go so we’ve got a fair few amount of people on here today. Like I said there was only a hundred spots open today and that was because the service that we’ve used basically only allows a hundred people. So for this particular membership we’ve got. So congratulations for being one of those one hundred. We’ve got about 60% of you on here, so that’s not a bad turn out actually. You know, I was predicting that about 50% of people wouldn’t turn up, so this is going to be very interactive and very cool if I do say so myself. So, let’s get started. So in today’s session what we’re going to cover is:

Number one. We are going to look at what a successful group training business model should look like and what your next step should be. Now I’m not here to tell you to go and do this, go and do that. All I can do is sit here and offer you I guess you’d say advice on what has worked for myself and many, many of my coaching clients of the past. Now of course, oh, we just had a bit of a technical nightmare there. So when I say when a successful group training business model. Now, success can mean many different things to different people. That is something we need to really, really make note of as well. So always keep an eye out and when I refer to certain things through this presentation, I just want to make sure that it’s congruent of where you are currently at and what you want to achieve in the industry.

So I am also going to look at how to generate an abundance of leads into your location. Now who really wants to know about that? How to generate leads coming to your e-mail inbox, this is what I’m meaning. I’m talking about reconverted leads that have gone through a process and then you receive their e-mail, you receive their phone number, you give them a call and then get them into your particular location. Now it is also important to note that I am not just talking about group personal training here or group fitness or boot camp business. You can take all of these methods that I’m about to show you, and you can implement them into your one on one training process as well, so that is very exciting.

Thirdly, what we are going to do is, we are going to look at how you can generate continually passive income streams. Now, passive income streams, to me is basically passive income that you can generate without having to turn up and deliver a service. So an example may be an information product or a work out system etc. Now, just a show of hands, who here is really interested or who feels they’ve got a good idea on a particular work out product that they can release?

Yup, so there is, there’s a few people there. ‘Not sure, but I want one’. Excellent you’re at the right place. You’ll be able to get a lot of ideas out of this one. Anyone else who feels that they’ve got an idea that could if put out there in the industry could make a massive difference to people? ‘Getting there’. Good, so we’ve got a wide range of answers there which is very exciting because when I first got on to my first passive income stream, I didn’t really know what I was doing either. I was basically having a step in the dark, and I will tell you a little more about that in a moment. But the key thing is ‘You’re here to learn, excellent’. Just another heads up, if, please understand that if I cut off and I pause for a second or two, it’s not because I’m making a mistake or I’ve walked out the room. It’s basically I’m just, I love reading the comments that people put through and, again, the reason being that is, the reason, you’re live and the great thing about being here live, and you know, hundreds of trainers actually e-mail in and ask are we going to record this? Well we are recording it but we aren’t recording it for purposes to give out. It is mainly just for training purposes. The luxury being on here live is to interact.

We are going to look at generating passive income streams. And I say continue income passive streams because you don’t want it to be a once off sale and that’s it. I’m also going to give you my number one free strategy that will literally help you pick up five new clients in the next day. Who wants to know that one? Yup, a fair few, excellent. Of course you do, who wouldn’t want to know that I am also going to show you the number one thing that I believe every single fitness business owner must have if you want your business to be around in the next twelve months. The way that the industry is changing and the way that technology is changing, you really need to keep up with the times. It’s like your grandparents who don’t have a mobile phone, they’re basically living in a whole other world almost. Which is I guess for them they’ve been brought up a certain way, but you can certainly see some of the elder generation who have adapted to the whole social media thing, and your mobile phones and so forth. It definitely gives them another spark in life.

Also we are going to, well I’m going to take you through and just give you a bit of an overhead on how I was able to generate 12,564 leads in only 24 hours. Has anyone heard that story before, okay, so that’s exciting, cool. Just to show. What I’d like to do is just put in the comment box, out of those six things that we are going to cover, what one generates or resonates the most with you right now? What one do you feel is the most important to you? Let’s see those answers come through. So yup, one and two, abundance of leads, passive income, passive income, number three, generate passive income, five new clients, what a success group training business should look like. Yup you’d hope that one as well, because that’s the main tag line for today. So that’s great. So again, we’ve got a wide variety of people with different answers so that’s fantastic. What I’d say is just keep your ears open for whatever resonates with you the most today. Basically what I’m also going to do, at the end of this presentation I’m going to reveal to you exactly how you can receive two months free premium coaching. So that’s coaching with me, how you can get into my mind and my strategies and my networks etc, on how you can really accelerate the growth in your fitness business. So that is really exciting and I look forward to giving that out to you all.

We just get stuck straight into it, and before I reveal to you those strategies I think it’s really important just so I can give you a bit of a background of me and where I’ve come from. Would that be okay? Yes? Type a yes if you’re cool with that. If not, unfortunately it’s too bad because I’m going to do it anyway. I really feel if you can understand where I’ve come from and how I’ve been able to do want I’ve been able to do in this short amount of time I think it might be able to hit home with you. Now the key, I’m not going to tell you a story here of how I was dead broke and I went to be a millionaire over night because that is definitely not my story. I guess you’d say my story started when I was sixteen and I left school. I got kicked out of high school because I talked too much. Instead of harnessing my talking abilities back when I was at school, they use to try and stop me from talking, which is quite interesting because for me a lot of my job involves speaking, so I’m sitting here speaking to you right now. Imagine if they had harnessed that back at school and I was able to become a better speaker than what I am today. I think I’m over that. School curriculum is not my favourite thing.

I left school and became an apprentice. I became an apprentice joiner, cabinet maker. I was building kitchens and so forth. Basically because I was really good at woodwork at school so I was like, yup, it seemed like the logical thing and of course my parents, back in the day course my parents back in the day basically said to me look, go get a trade because if anything happens in the economy you can always fall back on it. I can tell you this right now, to the day I will never go back and build another kitchen, but I appreciate my parents for thinking about my future. Now what I did was I basically got sick of being a cabinet maker and I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer. So I became a personal trainer. I actually went to University to do a degree. Now, if you’re sitting there are you’re ever thinking about becoming a personal trainer, my opinion on that, don’t go do a degree. It’s such a waste of time. University for me, my experience of course was going and working from 50, 60 hours a week as a cabinet maker to then doing 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours a week, University, it was  I could of crammed a lot more in that time. I left University after a year.

I’m originally from New Zealand, and then I hopped on the plane and I basically moved to the Gold Coast. So I moved to the Gold Coast and I didn’t know any one, I just moved in with a guy and it just quite happened, it was quite funny, because this particular guy knew my network of friends back in New Zealand, and I knew his, but we never knew each other. So it was an interesting path. So I became a personal trainer and then I had a passion for business coaching, for coaching people. I always, and this is something that I would get you to write this down, is I would always learn to teach. Whenever you are wanting to learn anything always think of it in the mind set of ‘I’m learning this so that I can teach someone’. So every single thing that I’ve done from when I was a cabinet makers and I was learning to screw a kitchen together a cut it out and use a router, and that type of stuff. I was learning it so that I could teach someone and you know, I had an apprentice and I had a couple of apprentices who I took through cabinet making etc, because I learnt to teach. Same thing with personal training. I am sitting here on this webinar now, because it is my passion, so I’ve got a simple passion to be able to teach. And it just so happens that business is the number one thing that I like to teach. So I no longer personally get out there and train clients and trade my time for money, what I do, is I have a team of people who do that and in the same token my passion is business coaching and I could sit here all day, and I could sit here literally, you know, all day and present to you guys because it really excites me. And there more and more I talk about I t the more and more energy I get from it. So that is something that really excites me if you can’t tell.

So I became a business coach and help other personal trainers grow their fitness business. But basically, this is where the big shift happened, and where I went from being a personal trainer to a business coach. Now I realise I am actually a marketer. Can I just, anyone know who that guy is there in the picture? Not the handsome fellow on your right, the guy on your left? Does anyone know who that person is?

If you can just put their name in there, or just ‘no’. So no, okay, so this guy’s name, he is Frank Kern, and if you’re in the marketing realm, I guess he would be like the Billy Slater of rugby league, the Greg Inglis of rugby league, or the Garry Ablett of AFL. He is the guy when you want to look at marketing. So, he is responsible for the first ever, he made the first ever one million dollars online in a particular launch period and he is also responsible of making 4.3 million dollars of sales in only 63 minutes.

So this guy is a genius when it comes to marketing. Now the reason why I show this, is so, not so we get all upset about and jealous that he made 4.3 million dollars. It’s to show the fact that I did not superimpose that photo. I am not that good at photoshop. The purpose behind that is because I flew to America, I’ve flown to America several times to learn from the best people in the world. So, you know, the big thing for me, and the thing that I say to everyone that any one that I coach or mentor is, you know, surround yourself with the people who you feel, or not who you want to be, more like surround yourself with people who you would like to have achievements similar to them or better than them of course. So, Adam, its Frank Kin, K-I-N. So I became a marketer and that was the biggest cataclysmic shift that I could of had because my thought process had now turned from trainer to business owner. And look, if you guys need a reality check right now, I’m here to tell you you’re not personally trainers, you are marketers. Every single business owner or someone who calls themselves a business owner is a marketer because without getting your product out into the industry you’re not going to have sales. And if you don’t have sales you’re going to have no money. And if you don’t have money you’re going to be upset and you’re going to change industries again.

Now with the lifespan of the personal trainer only being 13 months, it’s a very scary thing, so just remember we are all marketers. So, that slide is not supposed to show like that but, look I’m also the Director of Fit International, which is the one of the, of the fastest fitness license program for personal trainers where we have over 32 current FiiT Chick licenses and locations and we have over 16 different products and services that cater to the fitness industry. You’ll see there we’ve got transformation supplements, we treat professionals, foundation equipment online, products, clothing etc. So we’ve got a whole heap of products. The reason why I show you this is because, I don’t want to be one of those people who are doing webinars and they’ve just got a great strategy on how to present information to you. Using the examples back at University, one of the tutors he literally, no one ever turned up to the classes because he would simply read from the Power Points. He had no experience, he had no results that he could prove or show anyone that basically you know and again, I guess he was doing the best he could, because he needed a job, but, I want to prove to everyone that you need to have real life results before you can share this type of stuff. It is just my opinion.

Now that there is the map of the location, like I said, that black image there has really done me a good one. But can you see here right now that this is not perfect, I’m not perfect. I use stuff that just slides up but you know what, it doesn’t really matter in the overall scheme of things. I am having a go at it, and this is something that I really want to instil and this is to really have a go, you know, see how you go with it. So, a couple of fan pages just quickly that we have which is you’ll see that we’ve got ‘Fit Chicks’ which is our largest growing brand, and the ‘I Love Being a Personal Trainer’ page. Now that’s a passion page for me to help out person trainers and you can see it’s growing slowly, well actually fast in comparison to many fan pages but in regards to our growth we’ve had with ‘Fit Chicks’ that’s only a 16 month old page and we have got 160 000 real likes, so we don’t buy likes. It is really important that we’re building our fan base and it’s really exciting. Because we are able to help a lot more people, that’s the key thing. What I would like you to type in quickly, what is your biggest frustration in the industry? What’s the biggest frustrations as a personal trainer? Who is the fastest typer?

‘Accountability’. So that was fast. Unreliable income yup, money, unreliable income, retention, misconceptions of nutrition. Great. So again, it’s the whole thing of unreliable income. What if I could teach you a strategy today that you’re not going to have to worry about the unreliable income because there’s things that you can implement into your fitness business that can really have a positive effect. And, you know, cancellations there and money so it really I guess the biggest frustration obviously fall around money. I’m not going to be someone to say, I’ve never had one of those frustrations because I certainly have a little bit of background. When I first started personal training, I got up to my clients, I had gone 40 PT hours a week and then I wanted to slowly cave, drop off cause I wanted to get into marketing and I had ended up with, I sat around 20 hours per week. I was earning pretty good money there and then all of a sudden one week I literally lost 50% of my business. That’s as you can imagine, if you lost 50% of it, it’s a real click up. So that’s where I really had to take some drastic measures and we are going to share these today. And if we have time at the end of this I really want to be able to answer your question and help you out further. So this right here, now you may not be able to see this clearly, don’t worry about it. Don’t stress out about it. It’s basically a basic mind map. NowI’ve got a far more in depth one, but this is the basic mind map of what a successful group training business should look like.

You’ll see basically in the centre it’s got the business here and it’s got heaps of other I guess you’d say the veins of what the business should look like. And this is regarding, even if you’re a one-on-one personal trainer and you’re working for yourself, or you’ve got a business or a company, you need to have a structure like this.  It’s like having a body without veins, it’s like having a car without wheels, glasses without lenses. You need to have a mind map like this. Now, let’s look at the 12 key areas that were on that map there. These are 12 key areas that I believe you must have in your fitness business and this is basically accumulated over personally coaching 100 trainers myself and hearing all the feedback hundreds and hundreds of other trainers as well. You must have goals, right, we all know that. You need to have a goal and if what I see in the questions box there is a lot of people who talk about money. Now, for me, it’s like you need to have a financial goal. What’s your first goal? Do you want 1000 dollars a week, 2000 dollars a week or do you just want 500 dollars a week? You need to have a goal on that because that all really determines how hard you really work in all the other areas.

You need to have systems. Systems are key, and we will talk about those in a moment. Every single thing is a system, if you look at Mc Donald’s, Mc Donald’s is the number one business for systems. You drive to one window, or the box, whatever it is now, and you put your order in. You drive to the next one, you pay and then you got the next window and you’re out of there. And you’re done. It’s a system. It smooth, it works the same way every time. So you need a system when you clients submit their interest for you. You need to give them a call you need to follow the same script, you need to say the same things, because you need to find out what really works. If you’re on this webinar and you’ve had a phone call from our location manager and our Head of Sales, here, Ken. He would have rang you and offered and to see if you would like our free podcasts. That’s a free podcast that I deliver every week or two, I’ll do an episode and I’ll put it out there. There is over eleven hours’ worth of content that I provide for free, and one of them I talked to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head fitness advisor, the other week I talked to a mate who has over 320 franchises so I give this for free right, so you would have got a call from Ken. Now the purpose why I’m telling you all this is because we have been able to change the conversion from  42% of people that we call to now 81%  of people who will take it up. What I’m saying if we ring 100 people, if we get hold of 100 people, 81 of them will take it up versus 42. Can you see that as an astronomical change, the reason why that changed is because we changed their system slightly, we refined and we got it better. But now we use the same thing time and time again.

Administration. You need to have administration. You need to have client payments etc all set up the same way. It needs to be a smooth transition. If you’re an administration nightmare, hire someone to do it. Hire someone for two, three, four, five, however many hours a week it’ll take you to get those jobs done. You can find people of there who will do it. I would even say, ask your clients if any of them want to have some extra hours. Thank you very much for that Sarah. Sarah just said that she has got a heap of ideas already. What I will encourage everyone actually if you do get some ‘ah huh’ moments or anything that is great, just feed my ego a bit, just so I know that this stuffs good and that you’re really interested in it. Just pop in there and say ‘Yeah, great stuff’ or whatever it is you want to say.

So, back to sales. You need to have a sales system like I talked about. You need to have price points, different type of price points. Don’t just have one option where you buy 10 pack of sessions for 60 dollars and you can use them whenever you want. That’s not how you run a business. That’s not how Mc Donald’s works so that’s not how you should work. You need to have up sales, down sales and cross sales, okay, now up sales, down sales and cross sales can really I guess not too many people know what they are. But an up sale is, an example is, let’s say that they’ve just joined with you and they’ve taken up one session per week, then you can up sale them into ‘Hey look, how would you now like to get this special, we can do three sessions per week and this discounted rate etc. A down sale is where they say that they can’t do one hour worth of personal training, but I can do thirty minutes. So it’s a take away type of selling. Cross sales is promoting other products that we’ll talk about in another moment.

Now you can actually see how each one of these key areas could be its own day spent on, and that is exactly what it generally is. I’ve spent four days working on one of these particular topics, because once you can implement it, it’s amazing what it can have in returns of effects and so forth for your business.

Marketing. You need to look at online and offline and we will look at a few of those strategies in a moment.  But marketing, like I said earlier, if you’re not in the head space that you are a marketer, you need to get into it. Because, again marketing, if you have a great marketing plan and you have a great marketing strategy, followed by great systems. The sales are going to be easy because your product and service will create themselves. It will generate sales for you. Now I don’t know about you, but that just gets me really excited because I never used to like selling. Whilst I was fairly good at it, I just never really liked asking for money and, cheers Adam. So it really is important to make sure that you’re really switched on with your marketing because again, the better it is, the less sales you do. I know for a lot of people, sales suck. People don’t like asking for money. So it’s a win-win. And customer care, look at the end of the day, if you don’t have a customer care system set in place where you’re looking after your current clients, where you’re treating them like gold, then you need to really reassess that because I can’t remember the term, but I’m going to through it out there. I think it’s seven times more, seven times harder to sell to  a brand new client than to keep your  existing one. So you really need to look at that. With regards to customer care, the number one strategy that I suggest you send out right now and you do it, is send out a thank you card. Go and get a dollar card, right. Dollar card from the post office and hand write a letter saying thank you so much for being a part of our business and we look forward to helping you further in the future. Something simple like that. Sign it off, chuck in a dollar scratchy if you want to and personally mail it to their house. Do no give it to the (meonicsession?) that’s just suicide for this particular process because, the whole process behind it is for them to receive it in their mail box. And you may be sitting there going you know I see them four times a week anyway, so why don’t I give it to them then? No. Stop. Stop. Stop. You need to start thinking like a marketer and not a personal trainer. That’s what a personal trainer would do, they’d give it to the people at the session/ But we are not doing that. We want to make sure that they get the experience because that’s what’s it’s about. It’s all about an experience. In a future webinar what I’m going to do, because this is something that really excites me is the fact that you need to look at the customers journey, you need to take them from point A to Z, and if you can create a map of that, man, the potential of your business is going to be massive.

Building a strong reliable team. At the end of the day, I can’t remember, and I’m probably committing webinar suicide trying to recall something I don’t fully understand. I can’t remember who said it, you might be able to help me out, it’s ‘Give me a leaver long enough and I’ll be able to shift the world’ now that particular saying is amazing because you can only grow so much as an individual and that’s where you need to get key people on your team to help you grow your vision. Now our goals here at Fit International is firstly, help one million females change their life by 20-20, and we do that by an application and education in health and fitness.  In order for one person to be able to achieve that is just not going to happen so fast, so we need to create a team of people who believe in our passion, believe in our passion. So we’ve just put a job application out there for another senior administration person and what I’ve seen, a common thread that comes back through is that they’re really excited about our mission. So, get people to buy into your business. That’s the exciting part. Alright, so we’ve also got personal development and growth. You’ll see here that I didn’t put the gradually buttons coming out there, it’s all there at once, so you’re probably reading ahead of me. Don’t do that, it’s naughty.

So personal development and growth. You need to, this is honestly key. Now we spent a day here at the headquarters the other week, with some of our VIP coaching members. This was one of the biggest ones that I found popped up. Because at the end of the day, you can have the best strategies, the best sales process, but if you are not there every day, and when I mean there, I mean head space. And if you can’t be there every day, if you have up and downs. You really need to look at your personal development and growth. What I mean by that is that you need to be able to, I was just about to say, to remain focused, just like I didn’t. Someone asked a question and I got distracted. Again, personal development and growth, you need to continually grow. What I mean by that, when you reach the next monetary bracket. For example say your goal is a thousand dollars. Once you’ve reached that, it’s another total mind set shift to go to the next level of two thousand or two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, until you, if you do not believe that you can earn a million dollars, I am afraid you’re not going to do it. That’s it hands down. So let’s leave personal development and growth on that one at the moment.

Passive income, you need to create passive income streams. Like I said, we’ve got multiple passive income streams which we’ve created over time. Its taken time. But you know the exciting thing is that you can generate money when you’re not actually working. You know the old saying ‘ You can make money while you sleep’. Whilst I’m not a big fan of that one now, you can literally do that, you can literally make money while you are sleeping. Passive income could mean, you’ve got supplements, let’s say you’re offering supplements you can then pass on to your clients. What we offer all our fit licenses is an opportunity to generate 25% commission on all supplements. So, they no longer have to drive around with supplements in the boots of their car like I did. They can simply use an affiliated link run by an e-commerce website that will literally be able to generate passive income. Now that is just one avenue. Now if you had clothing there as well and you had equipment and a heap of other products and service, heart rate monitors, etc, the sky is the limit. The only limitation like I said is your own self.

So, let’s have a look at creating a product sweep. You need to create product sweeps to service different areas for example we’ve got ‘Fit Chicks’, so ‘Fit Chicks’ is one of our programs that we bring in our ‘Fit Mums’, ‘Fit Kids’ etcetera. We are creating a product sweep. Now think about it for a moment, how could you do that in your business? There all it is literally, at the end of the day, the delivery method is the same right? So it’s based around, you’re going to be doing fitness training. Now, you can be sitting there saying well I do one-on-one training, well that’s fine. Just create different levels, different products, all of the different things. So we’ve got ones, the total transformation. We’ve got one that is the bikini body shape up, the bikini body kick-starter etc, so create cool names for these because it is a product sweep. You also need to look at your facility, your facility you need to make sure that you have got a good area I guess you could say, whether you’re indoor or outdoor, you need to make sure that whatever it is, if you’ve got a mat, you’ve got a facility, then you really want to pimp it out. Seriously, pimp that thing out, so when people walk in there, they seriously want to be there.

Even if they’re not training, they just go, ‘I want to go to training today because I really like the place’. You look at all these big gyms that have all these cool things and equipment. A lot of people just go in there because they like, they like the music, and they stand next to a machine and don’t bloody do anything for the session. Create a facility that is going to pimp it. If you’re in just the park, which a lot of outdoor boot camps are, create the environment that just makes the facility great. Like, I guess you’re not going to train on a busy highway next to the traffic. You’re not going to train where there are 50 other boot camps next to each other. Just create that segregated environment. If you’ve got your outdoor facility, have things like I-frames, and flags out so that everyone knows it’s you training.

Feedback. Now this is massive, so to give you a bit of a case study on something that today we’ve implemented. Basically we’ve sent out a survey today, we’ve sent out a survey to over 160 000 people. In the first half now, I just want to look at the stats there. In the first half now we had 980 people fill out the survey. Not only number one, did that thing give us an amazing feedback that we were not actually even aware of. But more importantly, we actually had a product there that we’re offering. Now this product is an awesome product. It’s helped thousand ladies all over Australia, even around the world, now we were able to generate sales from that. It was a win win. So we had passive income coming in whilst we were creating feedback. Now if you can combine any of these together it just turns it and puts it on steroids. That what I can say.

I just want to stop for a second, people are asking questions but I can’t seem to see the whole question thing, so if you give me two seconds. I need the screen made flash or something, just give me a second here. Okay, so that’s interesting. Someone wrote a really long question and it doesn’t seem to wrap under. So someone said ‘If you’re in a community hall’. Well great, if you’re in a community hall. Look we actually started working in an old fishing hall. The fishing hall had trophies up, it had dust everywhere. We just brought our own iPod’s and sounds and we used inside outside. Ask the facilities; ‘Can I put up some cool things here?’ Even ask the community if you’re that prepared take certain things with you prior to the training. If you’ve got big testimonials printed out take them with you. Stick them on the wall whilst everyone is training and simply take them off when you leave. It’s just thinking outside that box in those type areas that will really help you out there.

If we looked at time management… now time management is a massive one, because I guess it, when I stay time management I am talking about when you are spending time on your business. Planning your day, making sure you can get the most amount of things out of the day etc. An example of time management for myself, I’ve got this webinar and we finish up and just over 25 minutes or so. I’ve still got some really cool stuff still to share with you so I’m going to speed through it a little bit but after this, then I know I’ve allowed myself half-an-hour window to do what I need to do etcetera after and then I’ve got another call. I’ve given myself a deadline. I’m creating time management if I left myself an hour or an hour and a half after this particular presentation. I would find a way to milk out an hour, hour and a half. So be very diligent with your time and I’m going share with you, even in the following podcasts how to maximise your time and I actually think probably three episodes ago I did one on time management so I really recommend you get  on a listen to that.

Let’s move forward. Here is when I was talking about marketing, now again I can talk about this all day and that’s what we did, we went through a whole process of this with our VIP client’s etc. You can see here, let’s just go through some online marketing. You’ve got Facebook and there’s a heap of different offers there that you can use. There’s Google, add website optimization, there’s Pinterest, SCO which is the cheapest most readily available; process, but it is also one of the hardest. You’ve got paid ads, Youtube, Gumtree, you need to look with your marketing. You need to have a budget. It’s all about return on investment so for every one dollar you spend you need to make sure you know what you’re getting back in return.

Referrals, so you need to make sure you’re utilizing referrals in an offline strategy. Use of flyers. People who say flyers don’t work, it’s a load of crap because we use flyers and our locations use flyers and they’re getting in clients. The results work. We just put to print today 10 000 fliers, actually 20 000, so two runs on 10 000. Why? Because we know that it works. We get a return on investment on it. You know your postcards, lead boxes, news paper editorials if you’re not contacting the newspaper you are missing out/ Local schools, magazines, letterbox drops. Sign up with a friend. You can see that this is just the start of all the different avenues you can utilise. My key feedback on this thing is that you need to make sure that you’re utilising at least one of them to start off with to its strongest ability. What I mean by that, don’t do Facebook ads, and Google ads and everything else together, if you’re not using one of them proper to start off with…it’s the whole thing of jack-of-all-trades, master of none. You don’t want to fall into that trap. Let’s look at passive income streams and continuity etc here. I’ve got someone who’s typed ‘mothers groups’ I’m not too sure what you mean by that. If you could just elaborate on that.

Let’s look at passive income streams that I believe every fitness business needs to be utilising. I use the word there, continuity because continuity is key. It is recurring monthly or weekly or daily. Nutrition plans. If you’re not currently doing nutrition plans look that’s a great way, you can do it.  You can literally get people on a monthly program, they can pay you whatever the money you want to generate from it. If you’re doing a designed nutrition plan for someone on a monthly basis, you could easily charge $99 a month for it. Every four weeks you asses their nutrition, you assess their results and you sign them up for a six month program. Say, look this is a six month program, it’s not going to change overnight. It’s $99 dollars a month, it’s less than $25 a week, and can you afford $25 a week for your health and fitness? You’ll find many people can. I used to do nutrition plans, but now I don’t have the time for it. Even though like I said I was charging $199 a month for a nutrition plan and evaluation because it involved my time. If you get 10 clients on that a month, there’s $200 a month. So it is just an area that shows that you can maximise you’re earning potential.

Work out programs.  Same things as nutrition. You can create work our programs that can change on a reoccurring basis. This could be fortnightly, monthly, depending were the client is at of course. You want to make sure it meets their goals. Supplementation, is something that uses, it’s an interesting topic in the industry. Personally I don’t believe in overuse of supplementations. We have basic supplements that we recommend. That we would recommend that our clients or trains should take. No fat pills. Note of that stuff. We do protein and a couple of other key areas. You’re looking at it, for example if you’re generating 25% commission and you’re dealing with $500, $1000 worth of sales each month. When you look at it, if you’ve got 20 clients in your program and let’s say they’re all taking a basic supplement. Let’s say you’re earning $50 a month from them. There is $2000, 25% of 2000 is, that’s about, I’ve gone blank, 500 bucks. SO you can generate 500 bucks passive income reoccurring because you can get them on a ‘hey look every month I’m going to bring this in for you’. Get a set-up, direct debit and I’ll make surer that you’re taking it. There are heaps of different areas you can follow there.

Next, there are seminars you can run, seminars. That is a great way, seminars, or webinars. You can get people on a webinar. For example if I had a product today that was all about creating passive income and all that, I could offer it at the end of this presentation. Which I don’t’ have products created. But you can do that, get people on edge, educate them on a particular topic. For example right now, and I will get everyone to see it they’re all away there. Who’s seeing value so far for this presentation? Who’s thinking that they’ve got heap of good ideas that they can implement right now. Yip, cool, thank you, thank you, HELL YEAH, in caps even, that’s a good one. Better direction. Perfect and that’s what it is basically all about, being able to give great advice for nothing. In one day if we ever do business together, whether it is or it isn’t, then that’s the case, but this is another great way to get out into the community because I personally don’t know all of you. Now there are a few people on the other end that I do know personally, but what a great avenue to be able to talk and share your message with other people. Imagine being able to run a webinar and having a thousand people on it and you’re actually talking about, let’s say you’re talking about nutrition, and at the end of it you could sell a nutrition plan. That’s the real exciting thing about this, Imagine 50 people in the room. What you’re going to do is build credibility, build relationships with people because that’s exactly what it is about.

We’ve also got building your team. Sorry, I’ve just got a question here. I don’t’ feel after four years I’d be qualified to give any more information to clients. I can’t see the rest of that question unfortunately. So I can’t really make an answer. Basically it comes down to sometimes it’s the most basic information that people need, or are looking for. So if you’re sitting there thinking I could not provide a nutrition program or plan, if you’re not feeling qualified for that, then don’t do it. But you’re feeling that you’ve got enough knowledge or more knowledge than the person, clients outside of our workouts, okay, yeah. And again, talking to that question, just to reiterate ‘I don’t think that after four years that I’d be qualified enough to give others information to clients outside of workouts’. Look, you’re not the first person who has said that or has been presented that roadblock. But what I’d challenge you to say is ‘Do you know more than the person you’re trying to help”‘. If you do know more, in my opinion you could be doing them a disservice by not being about to deliver them the message. Thank you very much Adam, you’re a legend. So I’d really challenge why you’re actually coming to this answer. And this is where we go back to the personal development side right. Would it be fair to say that you know more about nutrition and supplementation than the average person out there? If you do, than that’s fantastic. Alright cool. Fantastic. I think I’ve got the right thing there. Yip, so Norman, how you doing Norman? Alright so I’m going to save that question to the end there. So we’ve got building a team. I’ve got so much here to share. I can tell you what if we had two hours for the webinar I’d roll out with it. But I know all of you are busy and you have stuff to do so we’re going to switch through it. So building a team, like I said, this couple be a team of trainers that run clients for you. You could be getting people running your groups, you could be building a team of online coaches who are taking over the online program, so if you don’t’ know much about nutrition, is there someone that you could utilise out there who you could use. Because I am sure there are people out there who are nutritional masters who are looking for work. So again, it’s about thinking outside the box.

Now this one right here is my number one strategy on how you can go get clients now and I’ll give you the real short version of the story. This is a picture here of gentlemen digging for gold. Again, don’t quote me on the exact precise story being told, but the story is about a guy back many years ago, in the gold rush days. Basically what happened he heard about the gold rush and so many people where making money. There was money everywhere, so he packed up. He had a little farm on the North side, West side of America and he moved over to the other side. Which would be the East side. It wasn’t with Snoop Dog around t that time. He moved up to the other side of the country, he sold up his farm, he bought machinery and he tried to dig for gold. He dug for years and years and years and he found hardly any gold. He didn’t strike it rich. What happened was, about 20 years later. This guy who bought this guy’s farm he walked down to the creek and he saw this sparkling thing in the lake there. He walked up to it and he picked it up and it was this little piece of gold. Now what had happened was that farm ended up being the next biggest gold mine in the United States. Now the moral of that story is that the guy sold up his own farm to move somewhere else before he dug up in his own backyard. Now on that, which I think is a pretty bloody darn good story, but on that note. You need to start with your own people. You need to start off with people you know. Start off with your friends, start off with your family members, start with your friends’ friends, your family friends. Everyone you know, you should put it out there. This is the service you provide and would they be interested in it? If they’re not, you need to say, do you know anyone else who would be interested in this. I don’t know about you but that to me is such profound thing that I know personally through the hundred clients that I’ve trained or coached do not do this. Why? Because they’re too emotionally connected that they don’t want to feel like they are begging or asking their friends or family members.

I can tell you right now. If you got back to the personal development and growth slide, you can really understand that, you’re going to be so surprised, I would be surprised if you couldn’t pick up clients tomorrow. If after this webinar you got on a phone call and rang every person you know and said this is what we’re doing and would you be interested, I guarantee it. I use to have coaching clients who I’d get on the call with and they’d go ‘Ahhh I just need some leads’, and I would go, have you dug in your own backyard yet? ‘Aah yeah, I called a few people or I Facebook a few people’. I said, no, have you actually dug up your whole backyard? Dig up your whole backyard first because you’d be surprised.

Now this is the number one thing I believe that you need to have as a personal trainer, if you want to be around the next twelve months. Why? Because like I said, technology is changing and I’m going to show you right now some really key things you’re going to need to have on a lead converting website. Now that is the key word there team, ‘lead converting’. Not a website that is a brochure that does not generate leads, that does not generate any interest at all. So very important, a lead converting website. Here is an example of one of ours. So for your ‘Fit Chick’ locations we’ve got a lead converted website. This is a proven website. This isn’t an, aah, this looks pretty I’ll put it here. At video, there is a 5 minute video. It’s an animated video that sells people on the great benefits that sells people on coming to the location. It’s got a great header up there that’s got awesome testimonials of some people. It’s got a great headline to the left there. The indoor, outdoor female only group training system, not only burns fat, makes you fitter, increases your confidence but more importantly but changing the lives of thousands of Australians, just like you. Obviously you can read that, but, just by looking at that headline. If we had to break this down and I were to do an analysis on it. I could literally spend half-an-hour on the psychology of this particular headline. But of course we don’t have half-an-hour to spend on it. But the key important take away for this guys, is that you need to have a big attention grabber headline that’s going to get them to take the next step. That’s what it is all about.

When I’m trying to sell someone on our programs here we are literally getting them to take the next step and come through and try out our program. This is an option, so we have options. You’ve got a free optional, you’ve got a $20 option. We get about a 10% conversion of people who take up the paid one. Every dollar we earn from that we just put back into our marketing, you’re going to want to create a system that’s going to funnel it. They click on the button, they then go to a web forum. Now this is something we use which is just an e-mail marketing system. There are so many out there. What I will do, is I will send everyone a link of some things that I use. You can check it out. You have the information there, the information clicks, and boom! They’re in your e-mail. Now imagine having a system working on autopilot and everything is done for you. It is just such a powerful thing. And this isn’t all done by chance. These questions are all being tested and that is the key for you. You need to test what works, and you do that by testing it against another version of it. So I’m testing, split testing one of our squeeze pages which is one of our lead generating pages and I’ve found drastic changes actually. So we, over, six different spilt tests we then went from 19% conversion rate to 42%. Now that is massive when you are talking for every hundred leads, for every hundred people hit your site, instead of having 19, you have 42. It is a pretty big conversion. So you need to test that.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients of a successful web platform okay. I apologise if the screen keeps popping out there because I am trying to move this question box. Whilst I love the questions they are sort of in my way there. The ingredients, so look, you need to have a layout, you need to have a clear distinct layout. You see there we have a header, we’ve got a video and we’ve got a big headline. Copywriting, now this is massive! Words, imagine, and this is where I say, if you have great marketing, your sales system is fairly straight forward. So if you’ve got cop words that can sell people on whatever it is that you are trying to produce or offer to them, it just makes the process so much easier. It will just increase your sales, increase your clients and you’ll be away. An easy flow through the journey needs to be easy. It can’t be too hard where they click on this and go to another page and its just all of a sudden, it’s just a nightmare. We want to make sure that the flow is really easy and they follow through on the journey. In our marketing set up, you need to have some e-mail set up so when some people come to your program and they don’t for some reason turn up or show up or they don’t take up your product at that time, that’s cool. Have some pre-constructed e-mails that will hopefully get them to take action along the line, along the way. Again, this is a whole other day on this, but this is not the purpose of this particular presentation. This particular presentation is to open your eyes to some really key things that you need.

You’ll probably look at it then, man we are running on time here, I know that a few of you probably have to go on the hour mark, and we’ve got about four minutes or so on that. You’re probably sitting going, well where to from here?  There’s so much information that you’ve shared today Brett. Thanks to everyone for their comments there, it makes my job a lot more easier when I know that people are really liking it and that they’re getting some great stuff. So where to from here for you? Well. You can do two things really. You can stay stuck doing the same thing or you can make a change for the better. Well again, like I said, if you start implementing what we’ve discussed today even sitting down and working at your own mind map, your own plan of where your particular business is and where you’d like it to go. You’re going to be a hundred times further ahead of every other personal trainer out there. With 10 000 new graduates each year, it’s only going to get busier and busier in the market and you need to know how to stand out from every other trainer. You need to create a structure, you need to create a structure, build your web platform. I’ve got another business called: myfitnesswebsite.com.au you can check out, but we are actually on the time that we’re not taking on anymore website clients at this particular time, but, that’s an option down the track if sometime in the next couple of months or so, you’re thinking about creating a web platform. Go visit that.

You also want to create passive income products, every time you get a lead through, you’ve got a low cost entry point. So let’s say you’ve got a product that was $19, when someone first found out about you it was only a $19 product. An example could be for me, if I had a $19 e-book on this particular webinar, if it was broken down into an e-book I’m sure everyone would pay $19 for it. They would pay that because it would be marketed very well and it would deliver amazing results. That is exactly what it needs to be. You need to market your business well and then you need outstanding service for people. Or basically you can check out our Fiit Chickopportunity we have for you, you may or may not already know that we are one of Australia’s fastest growing fitness license program for personal trainers. So we are the most affordable licensed fitness training program out there. I say that because I know all the other guys in the industry, and I won’t say their names, but I know the other programs out there, the franchises and the licenses etc, and there is no one who is as cost effective as us. You can join our ready established internationally recognised brand, we’ve over 160 000 Fit Chicks out there that we have in our fan base, and of course e-mails etc, we’ve got more than that. Basically you can take advantage now, take advantage of the summer rush. With the time now and the two, three weeks, next couple of months, it’s going to be definitely an opportunity for you to take advantage of it. You can have access to our numerous passive income opportunities. You can literarily sell some of the information products that we’ve have for 75% commission. You can make a lot of passive income with you having to create it yourself. You can let us build your web platform. With My Fitness Website Business, we have websites, but it is going to cost you about $4000 to get done, but imagine having that all set up for you and ready to go. It’s an exciting opportunity for people there who don’t want to sit and do all that stuff, and simply to find out more just visit the URL there. fiitprofessional.com.au we’ve got an introductory video on there which literally is 10 minutes. Check it out. If you like it, we like to take things slowly. If you like it submit your interest to find out more. All you need to do is click on the button and what will happen is you’ll fill out a bit of a form and then we will get in contact with you and answer any questions that we need to.

At the end of the day it’s a step-by-step process, but, you know what, this is what I said at the start of this presentation. I want to give you the opportunity to receive two months’ worth of free coaching. That’s how you will get into my head, into our private VIP Facebook group that you can ask me any question that you want. We want to give that to you absolutely free! Now, obviously, you’re probably saying now, ‘what’s the catch?’ The only catch is, if you submit your interest, which is obviously totally free and no obligations, and you like what you see and you go through the process and possibly take up a location, and run your very own Fiit Chick location. We will give you, and we will check it off, make sure we know where you come from. We will give you two months of free coaching to give you a kick-start, to get your location going. This is the most low cost, most effective program out there, you won’t get, and you won’t see anything like it in the industry at the moment, until someone comes in and tries to duplicate what we have done. The only catch is that, this is, this two months free coaching, plus there is a heaps of things, loads of things that we are going to give, but I just didn’t have space on this slide to honest to right about it. But that’s where you’ll get to spend time with not only myself, but with a whole group of entrepreneurs who want the same thing, to grow a great fitness business. To earn an income that they really want. And more importantly, to live the lifestyle, that’s what it is all about. You’ve got to 7pm tonight, basically just to fill out your interest form. That’s the first step, check it out, fill out your form and just say you’re from this webinar, because it is an exclusive invitation to this webinar only. If you want to take the heartache out of building your own fitness business, just head over to the website. Head over to thefiitprofessional.com.au, and take the opportunity that is there for you to just find out more.

I want to leave you, for first of all. I think I am going to stick around for a few questions here, but I want to leave you with this. It is a little quote that I just made up and I think that it is really true, and you’ve probably read it but: ‘Success comes to those who don’t wait’. You heard the saying ‘success comes to those who wait’ or ‘good things come to those who wait’. That’s a load of shit. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Success comes to people who don’t wait. You need to go now, don’t wait, take action! Take as much action as you need, hey, this may not be for you but when I say ‘take action’ you need to take action on some level. Whether it is going to implement your own strategy, maybe you want to go can build your own website. Whatever it is take action and do it, take action and take action. Team, that’s all I’ve got today in regards to this presentation. I know it is great to see you all sticking around to the end, that’s fantastic and thanks so much for the questions. What I will do now. I am happy to take questions. I will stick around for 10 minutes or so. If anyone has got any questions, before you shoot off to your busy schedule. Fire them out at me and I will do my very best to answer them for you. For you who don’t and have to go back to work, go visit fiitprofessional.com.au now and fill out your interest form. I guarantee you won’t find anything like this. There is obviously now obligations, an interest form is simple an interest form where you can find out more information. From there we actually send you another video that tells you more about the program and how it can really benefit it. So take up that opportunity! Anyone got any questions for me there? I’m eager to take them.

‘What’s your best strategy to keep income flying over Christmas?’ fantastic Norm. And Norm, seeing that you’re one of our fantastic location owners and various success at that actually. For those who are actually listening, Norm and his first two weeks, I believe it was, he had 32 girls in his location, he is now up to about 50 girls there in Pan Drift. He is killing it, loving it. Man, I’m going to share with you a far deeper strategy, bit for a quick question, in regards to keeping flow over Christmas. It’s about the set up into Christmas, its’ the lead into Christmas. So, we just put an advertisement out, just today that is in print that is for Christmas. So if you’re sitting there and you haven’t even thought about Christmas yet, you need to get your A into G and you need to get something in the next week or two. You want to get a new flow of people prior to Christmas which will basically continue to over Christmas. So that is the short answer Norm. Then again, we will be able to provide you with the whole strategy and exact thought to do there in the member’s area.

Thank you, Lou, so ‘How many people run…’ I’m having trouble here with these questions. Sorry, ‘How many people are in one location and how…’ Saying technical errors, technical errors everywhere. I will get there. Sorry. Get back into that one.  ‘How many people are in one location?’ well basically you can run as many locations as you want Luo, for example, we’ve got someone just up the North, North Queensland just talking up another location. We’ve got  many of our licensees look at this as an opportunity to run multitude locations and I guess you can have as many as you feel necessary. If this was me and I looked at this form a business opportunity, I would be looking at it as finding people running it for me, but you’d need to get one going first. Get it up and running, use the strategies that we have and teach, and show you. You can have as many as you like. You can have 10 of them, 20 of them. It all comes down to looking after the first one. Making sure it is up and going and making sure it’s running from there.

‘What would you say would be your equivalent to this question if you are just a sole trader?’ So, again, a lot of our licensees are sole traders. Now I’m going to presume here that you are talking about the Fiit Chick locations. If you are a sole trader you need to start somewhere. When I was a sole trader I used to have my clients and then I had a group training business on the side as well. The next progression from there would be to find a trainer to run your location whilst you can open another. Or find a trainer who can run certain sessions for you whilst you run the sessions that you want to do.

‘Do pay as you go for group training work?’ – Maureen. No it doesn’t, in my opinion I think it’s the Achilles heel for so many personal trainers because they feel that they need to give a pay as you go option. We don’t utilise that option, we use a far better option with our Fiit Chick locations that is guaranteed to have you income for a minimum of twelve weeks. Now that is what you want. You don’t want cancellations, you don’t want none of that crap. Because at the end of the day you’re running a business right. You are not running a coffee shop on the corner and you’re getting paid for as many coffees you’re selling a day. If I had a coffee shop, or if I had a coffee cart from the corner, what I would do, and I know I’m on a tangent, but there is a purpose behind it. What I’d do, I’d literally do, is I’d have a, maybe they’d purchase in a month in advance and they’d purchase a certain amount of coffees for that month and let’s say you worked it out one or two a day and they pay a certain amount. And you could give them unlimited coffee for a month. How great would that be? I know for example. Myself and a friend of mine, we go for walks early in the morning and it is a good time for us to talk business to talk anything, and we get a coffee, so we spend like $8 a day on coffee. Imagine if they gave us the opportunity if there was one coffee day each at the end of the month, let’s say we missed out a couple they’d still be up. What they are doing, they are guaranteeing income. And that is what you need to do. Pay as you go is a no for me. I don’t like that at all.

Any other questions there team? I’ve still got a fair few of you on the line which is fantastic, which means you’re obviously getting value. Just again provide some feedback if you’re still three and you’re listening in on this and its value. Because I am happy to keep on answering some questions for you.

Not seeing questions here so, oh. ‘How many sessions for group training should you run?’ That is again, another fantastic question. Well how many you should run basically comes down to you, I guess you could look at how the locations for example, there would be anywhere from three up to probably fifteen. It depends on what you want to do with your business and how many clients you want to get to. It really comes down to, again, if you go back to the first slide that we had on goals. You need to have your goal. If you want a hundred people in your program paying $50 a week. Which would give you $5000 a week. Then you really need to look at, well if I ran three sessions, would a hundred people be able to fit in there, and the answer would probably be no. So again, it is based on your goals there. That is the easier answer.

Question with group training. I’m not sure if that is a question or maybe it didn’t type through properly. Any other questions there team? I know there is a heap of you still on there. Even if it’s in the background of your computer there or you haven’t switched off yet, or maybe you are on Facebook searching some stuff. Alright here we go. ‘I live in the country, New South Wales, would the Fiit Chick still get the support from you out…’ I really need to sort this question thing out because it is only delivering me half the question which is quite frustrating for me really. I’m going to leave it up to my intuition and try and guess it. Would you get support if you were in New South Wales?Look, we are one big family, and that is how we’ve created Fiit Chick. We don’t want to leave anyone on their own. We all work together and try help each other all achieve on result. Ultimately that one result is to help one million females firstly. and even if in the country New South Wales you had 10, 20, 30 people out there that you’re still helping, you’re return of course, is still going to be massive in regards to your business. Could you dominate your whole particular area and I’d say most definitely. You just need to look at how many people actually living in your area and are they for the demographic that you are trying for. For example, jump in Google, say how many people age this to this live in, actually just do, Google, how many people live in and put your town and it will bring it up and it will give you a census of there is 50 something percent of females. It then gives you a graphic breakdown of income, and that type of stuff. Obviously those types are results are a few years old but it gives you a good overview. We’ve got a great little location down in Foster, which is a town, a country town, and there is going to be one up in North Queensland, which is a country town. So definitely it can certainly work. I think that the best thing is to have a chat and we base everything around if it’s a good fit or not. Pardon the pun.

Next one, ‘I give protein and various supplements after workouts for free’. It’s a great idea Dale. Unfortunately cut out after that. So again I have to make up the rest of the question. I provide protein and various supplements rafter workouts or free. I’d like to give you some. Is that what you said? Basically again, it could be a built in thing for your packages as well. Instead of paying $69 a week make it $79 a week and they’ll get a protein shake after the session. Again, that’s agreat idea. Good to see that you’re on the ball there. Always good to hear new ideas, thanks.

‘Can we get links to new businesses?’ what I will do, I will highly suggest that you head over to the fiit professional page and actually go /podcasts and you’ll be able to go and see some other links but I will create a document with some of the things I’ve talked about today that you are going to get access to.

Anna so 45 000 people listen to MPT so you could definitely dominate. I dare say, in a city of 45 000, there would be half of those if not a little bit more females and only 10 PT’s. That’s the power of being part of a brand being pretty well known. The reason why I believe that Fiit Chicks is extremely successful. Because it is a community and we’ve followed all the methods that you need to, to generate a successful brand so to speak. So you look at Apple, Apple people buy stuff and they don’t even know what it is. So the next iPhone sold out in pre-order before people even know it changes, because you are creating a good brand. I think that is imperative. I’m not saying that you should use our brand at all; it’s just a great leg up and assistant in that area. I definitely encourage you if you want to create your own, get out there and do it. Because once you’ve created a great brand you’ll be able to help so many more people. But the only thing that I would say on that, if you’re not prepared to put in hours and hours of work, have many failures, many successes then don’t go and do it. I only say that from my own experience and if you are not willing to invest your time and energy and course money into it. It is going to be hard to build your brand.

Excuse me. So okay, good on you Dale, you’ve written it in two questions so can read the whole thing. This is smart. ‘With the $10 class rate, would it work better the other way around. Free sessions with $10 supplement afterwards?’ I wouldn’t do that because you need to position something as the bonus. You need to make them feel like they’re getting a supplement for free. Personally in  my perspective, because if you’re giving away free sessions then they’ll probably be like I’m not going to turn up to this session or I’m not going to worry about getting it. So definitely position things as a bonus. The more bonuses you can give away to people the more value there you are going to perceive in the product. For example the webinar, if anyone who takes up the opportunity and submits interest in regards to a location and takes the next step. I’ve put out there that you’ll get two months of free coaching. Now if you had to pay for that you’d be paying $ 1680 I think it was. That is almost the initial investment you would need to become a part of it and you’re getting it for free. The reason why you do that is because you want to position something with value. So, example you could, when they sign up you could also give them a singlet or something, and maybe a pair of boxing gloves etcetera. You could just provide value that way. I hope that answered your question.

Alright team. I’m going to take three more question, as like I said I can sit here and talk all day and I know that you’ve probably got a swirling question, and I’m hoping that many of you have already gone over and submitted your interest in look at what we can provide and really assist you with, and basically take the heartache out of the back-end of building a structure for your group training program. So three more questions if anyone wants to jump in. Don’t all jump in at once. See how I always go for the big thing, normally you say I’ve got one more question, I’ll take one more. But I like three because I actually like answering questions but it looks like all the questions are out. Doesn’t look like anyone has any… Oh we’ve got one more. There we go, this is the last one. ‘Would you attach workout programs to a Facebook page or website?’ I’m not too sure how to take that question, but, excuse me, would you attach workout programs? I would definitely recommend by providing value if that makes sense. We have workout programs on our website, on our flagship website. We have articles etc. Use Facebook as a generation tool to send people to your website. That is the whole point of having a website. You need to use Facebook as the engine, and then your website would be the vehicle to help them get from A to Z. So really hope that answered the question there.

So team, like I said now I’m down to 13 minutes to do what I set in my 30 minute window. I’ve got an appointment coming up very shortly. Got a lot. Thank you very much for taking the time out and sticking around for the questions. To those people who do thank you very much, you’re great too. For those people who do want to look at the opportunity that we have I really suggest you do jump over there. Hit over to the Fiit Professional website anyhow and you will be able to see how you can get more hours of free business content absolutely free. Go and do that, I’d take it up, chuck it in your ears, listen to it and what I want to know, is send me through any achievements you have. I like sharing information, but I really like hearing about it even more when people have wins. Now that is something that is really exciting to me. So this is Brett Campbell signing off. Have a fantastic day and I will talk to you very shortly, thank you and goodbye.



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