Episode 20: Kris Cochrane and how he built a team of over 30 PT’s

In this episode Brett talks to Industry expert Kris Cochrane.

Kris is the CEO and Founder of Rapid Personal Training where he has a team of over 30 Personal Trainers in over 10 locations.

You will discover:kriscochrane

  • The key stone habits (and a challenge)
  • The best way to hire new personal trainers for you team (this will save you thousands of $$$)
  • How Kris started from a single PT to now running a team of 30 PT’s

and loads more.



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Episode 20: Kris Cochrane on Building a Team of 30 Trainers

Transcript of EPISODE 20:

Introduction: Podcast background music plays

Host Brett Campbell: Hello and welcome to Fit Professionals Podcast; the number one podcast for fitness professionals looking to build a fitness business. If you are at the local end, want the knowledge, or have more free time then you come to the right place; visit podcast.fitprofessional.com better you today. Break in between start of interview

Host Brett Campbell: Hello fit professional I am your host Brett Campbell and back today with a very good friend of mine and an extreme genius in his field. Kris Cochrane welcome to the show brother. Break while awaiting interviewee response

Kris Cochrane: Thanks for having me, nice.

Brett Campbell: Excellent, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule this morning. I know you got a lot of things going on which we are going to talk about today. Opening another location; which is exciting. So what I’ll do is I will give or run a little bit of a brief background on how we met. Feel free to fill in the blanks because a you know my memory can rag me sometimes. But a Kris and I met a little bit over three years ago. We ah we met Kris came to us a business seminar that we were running and we noticed that overtime when you see people and you just get a feeling about the particular person you know that they are going to do something great. You don’t know what it is but you get that feeling that people are going to do something great. And Kris was one of these people so yeah Kris at the time was a one on one personal trainer.

Brett Campbell (Cont): yeah doing well, had, you know had his clients booked up and he was in a bit of a position where he wanted to take the next step and ah someone like myself who definitely has that entrepreneurial feeling as well and saw him, I knew exactly where Kris was at his stage. So I personally worked with Kris for about 12 months here helping him get on track and give him a little bit of extra guidance in the industry and I guess if we fast forward to now Kris is he is a leader in the industry hands down he is the top guy.

Like I said back three years ago when you see someone you know that they are destined for something. This guy would turn up the business days with a bowl of cereal in his front seat of his car and he would have his lunch packed and you could just see the dedication and I would said if he had as much dedication to how good he looks he and he put that into his business and he go go places. So Kris is now up to ten locations nationally around Australia with teams of personal trainers running out of these locations and I’ll get Kris to tell you more about that. But a mate it’s an honor to a to a one be a part of your journey and to see where you are hitting today and also to see above the horizon where you are going to be hitting. So that’s a brief background on how we met, I’d like to a for you to listeners to learn about who is Kris Cochrane and where did this guy come from.

Kris Kochrane: Many thanks to the ah very humbling introduction and I am really glad to be a part of this and a you are obviously killing it at the moment so and a its funny how you are so instrumental into the whole rapid journey. Yet, you were obviously my first business coach working with business coaching and properly tracking me well and there is a time where yea I was just I was just a young lad who was on the gym floor working 50 hours a week personal training and I was almost completely burnt out you know. I got a really bobbly head personality and I love helping people and I really love being a personal trainer and I love sharing with results with as many people as I could and I did work my ass off and I guess I had a fanatic work ethic and not only discipline but I found my focus was really spread and I didn’t know where to put all these work practice into so I guess ultimately it just end up being gain more and more and more wants you know and it got me up to doing stupid amounts of hours in the gym and then my back end stuff, programming, doing your business stuff you sought as your marketing (hear sounds of Cochrane clearing his throat in between interview) uh with uh you know I am not sure if you remember mate but there was a time where I had an idea there is a local 24 hour gym down the road and I was looking at some sort of sign from God as to how to get me off this gym floor. I may have lost a couple months of sessions I had on the gym floor I was in this tug of war in my head it was like I was in that session with that person but I wasn’t there because I was thinking about how the hell did I get so sucked into working for long term and I kind of had this little thought as I was in this 24 hour gym that was happening down the road it was new town fitness and I would say that it was out of business for a couple of months and I hadn’t really taken action on it at the time. I was being coached by you at the time and we were having a chat and I really got into this situation¼.and I didn’t know where I was going and you were just telling me well why don’t you just send them an email and so alright I well alright and so I said wait a minute can I have a talk. So at the end of this talk I send the email to the email address that’s on the website to Anytime Fitness that I was looking into and tried and chat to and boom that was a start to a beautiful and healthy business because you got your personal training out the way now. Because what ended up happening was I got a meeting with the owner who had just been a couple of months left from opening her first gym she was an accountant and if I notice the push now for her was that gyms are not all about making people it’s all about investing. Its fitness people who are all about making money not all about managing personal finance. Know what makes a gym and what works so she was sort of scratching her head and she had problems, she just advertised for a lot for personal trainers. What we care about is people who do not understand anything about management and personal trainers and she didn’t know what to look for, what to charge, and what I want and the name was like a blessing in disguise so a low and behold I found that huge gap in the market and so that’s my wrap and mate thank you for that. Cause I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that little that pep talk up.

Brett Campbell: Yea excellent manager, you know I just got goose bumps because I remember that conversation because there was something that I identified with myself that I actually identified within you might as well was that you are also a great trainer and you know your shit when it comes to training and getting people in shape and like like myself if I could get anyone put them on the gym floor talk them through a killer routine and make sure they are getting their results. But what one thing I identified and rang true to myself and I seen it in you was that you weren’t a personal trainer you were destined to be a business owner, an entrepreneur, a visionary who leads other people and people out there could actually be listening and saying yeah I actually sort of feel the same way. .because if we look at,  I am not sure if you heard of Dan Sullivan but Kris Dan Sullivan world renown entrepreneurial coach who you know coached the most millionaire entrepreneurs in the world. Basically he talks about consequent unique ability and your unique ability that I found was with yourself is that you are a leader and you were destined to be able to lead people to a particular place and that’s what I found within myself well also I love training and I still love training people we would be doing the industry and you would be doing your trainers now which your October 30 trainers you would be doing them a disservice if you weren’t doing what you are doing now so my colleague remember that the good listener I think any one listening is that all it took was for you to take some action and send out an email. What literally and that was the opening of the door that has now started the rapid empire as we call it so, yea my Excellency so a couple of things that I picked up Kris was yeah and because I know you really well was you struggled to gain focus. Your not going to like to that very well myself but someone like yourself who always something going to be there, there is always going to be a new opportunity. What would you say to just tame the base and remain focused on the particular task?

Kris Kochrane: Wow yeah, look really right question. We are in a war somewhat sometimes like myself yeah I am not sure if I am A.D.D. I am just really. You got the always in school I was always distracted easily distracted I was always off playing ping pong and in school I was always trying to actually see yeah always I really found it hard to concentrate and the average time it takes the average person to get into focus  24 minutes, 24 minutes to actually get focused on the task and if you get interrupted you get another 24 minutes to actually get back in that zone and yeah if that’s the average person it will actually take me about 67 minutes to get into my focus zone. So I really found that working with a couple of the my mentors Jason Edge he coached me into a bit of meditation and and on and off I find that when I meditate I practice a bit of mindfulness in which I try to be in the moment without trying to think about the future also with a task I find I can you know get myself focused and throw myself together. I also find case on habits if I’m in around my place on habits such as a 4:30 am wake up and it will happen for a lot and when I am in a bad space I find if I am wake at 4:30 am in the morning and I get sad around work I get bit of my goal setting and my vision and focus on what it is that I want out of life what fortunes I need to have to get that. I at least about as half as much on talk and all of these announcements plus its much as I need to speak and just things that I need to focus on like I am gonna go read a book and go get a goal book and and I look at that every day and yeah trying to get up at the same time 4:30 am in the morning I just know that I am not stopping me from doing that yeah and trying to get all the distorts out of for the day. I am not getting emails I am not getting phone calls, yeah so really it’s a mixture of things but I think it’s just a big thing to capital K your habits, capital K tackle a couple of things tackle a couple of habits that you know you want to do for yourself but yea also focus on your goals and what it is you want and do what you need to do to get fit.

Brett Campbell: Yeah excellent, and you mentioned Jason Edge, Jason is a good friend of the show, great mate of ours he has been on a few episodes here as well where we just about talked about everything so but yeah great great guy. You talked about Keystone habits elaborate a little bit on that for the person who is not really sure what keystone habits is.

Kris Kochrane: yea, well keystone habits is yeah if you are, well let’s just talk about (audio interruption occurs for two seconds and not able to hear the speaker). Ways to motivate yourself about fixing your life but keystone habits is a habit like as if your life is a domino effect. For example someone who is disciplined with a lot of fruitful things kind of like the same as mine but I know my sales manager he makes his bed every morning which he never uses to do. He makes his bed and makes sure he has a clean room. If you are talking about around the clock you know something is a mess. For example if I know that I don’t get up on time and if you don’t have breakfast some days  and  you  have  breakfast  some  days  don’t.  It’s  about  building the habit to ensure they get up at the same time without pressing the snooze button and build the same habit that helps them feel that they are in control. Other things that I will feel more impaired to eat breakfast I may probably feel more motivation to train and eat because the rest of it they set themselves up properly if you just focus on one thing these capital K different of things like for me it’s getting up at 4: 30 am. If I am getting up out of bed at 4: 30 I feel  like I am in more control I feel like I am accomplishing one thing. If I don’t, If I press the snooze button or have a sleep in I feel as though I am starting from behind and everything will seem to fall. Now does that make sense? This whole capital K of habit is really it’s a yeah extremely interesting and it talks a lot about a lot of keystone habits. So I am a huge believer in capital K a few keystone habits can change a shit load in someone else’s life. You don’t have to focus on 20 different things like if you are going drink more protein, if you are going to go train 5 days a week, if you are going to get out of bed same time, if you know what you have to do, and then you just do a couple of those things consistently, you tend to be in a bit of space. Is that make sense?

Brett Campbell: Yeah that makes sense, I guess what I want to do is I want to put out a challenge to anyone listening you probably got something in your life right now that is either holding you back or confusing you a little bit. But what I want to do is I want you to think of a habit that you either want to break or a habit that you want to create and I want you to that and I want you to sit with this task for 14 days, 14 days and maybe it’s make your bid if that’s something that you never done before. Go through the moment and make your bid every morning and see what it actually does to you mentally and how it makes you think what the carry over effect of that is what is the carry over effect for everything that you do. Then once you get proof, you can then keep creating other habits that just becomes easier and easier. This is like generating leads on line, we are generating leads into your business once you get that first client from online you already know that this thing is possible and you can just generate more and more. So set the challenge 14 days I want to hear from you if you’ve a broken a habit or you created a new one. So Kris let’s get into some juicy information here for any personal trainer fitness professional out there who is wanting to be more than just the one on one trainer training where their training own clients and that’s it, I want us to to give a listeners a bit of a background on what were the key things that first of all enabled you to start having trainers working for you and your rapid PT business?

Kris Kochrane: Ok, I guess you gotta be a leader. You know it is a funny thing you don’t want to fully detract from one thing but being a manager I never managed anything and here as I was in my first job interview you know the rapid position which was the first one it was coming up within months when I was getting ready to recruit and when I sat there in front of this person, this new trainer she was just fresh out she was just booking it with me and I didn’t feel like a business owner because I didn’t know what it was like. So obviously I wasn’t quick to be huge leader I found myself asking her and I said its going to be good us she said it’s the money and I said and this is this but a leader is someone who to first lead you must lead yourself I talked about those keystone habits before. You really need to get your shit sorted first and be at ease and confident in yourself and before you can have any influence you must believe in yourself. But as fitness professionals you should be someone who is leading people every day anyway because you are leading many other people to change a life so exceptionally we need leaders in society. So I always say number one always lead yourself to be someone to follow and number two you must also have a vision. Have a dream, have a vision and have someone you know get excited about it. When you tell someone your vision, yeah my visions is am happy with that. If a if we just had a world of fat people with no winning smiles we will all get pissed off about that. I know a lot of people that are overweight and the way that they treat their body they got to be miserable. 80% of people they are going to be wearing frowns and you know just as much as I do that energy is so contagious. So if 80% of the people are going to be miserable than you are going to affect 19% so now 90% of everyone in the world is going to be miserable. So I call it the world of zombie apocalypse. Yea every person we save from being that overweight or obese another person we don’t have to fight against in the zombie world. I guess you better call it you got to have a vision, you got to have a dream you got to have something that inspires others to be more. Because the day they go on to getting up out of bed to try and then training. Trying to just get up out of bed at 430 everyday, just trying that one person. But if you are getting out of bed at 430 every morning because that training that one person is a stick and stone to your way is going to leave a dent and stone in your legacy and that makes you want to get out of bed. So as I said you know November last year I had to google one of the CEO, I actually did. He was kind enough to tell me that. I try to give a common example that you are on the saddle you are giving a speech and you are riding the flag then you are the first in on that horse riding into the sunset and now you got all these people following you because you just helped them bond to that vision. Because most people need something to believe and they need to know that what they are doing to make a difference. If you can show them that path then you got the saddle you are way ahead of the game. Does that make sense? Franchise, I remember speaking about the downfall of franchise because you are working rapid and I said what’s going to help, what is the demographic, are we going to be successful or whatever? A Franchise is really hard it’s hard to have your vision it’s. Franchise it’s hard to have your own vision its kind of like a dent in the universe you have to have that vision and that strain and you have to have a to have 10 million impaired but exhausted smiles by 2030 which is impairing an exhausted as far as money is concerned. and the reasons is that you know, today’s society is on a one way track to adding that the world of people will be overweight or obese by 2025 which is fine I why a strong why, why why? I don’t want a zombie apocalypse and A zombie apocalypse is going to be screwy for everyone.

Brett Campbell: Yea, I love the way you put that and even gained bring some perspective back to me that factor and this why and I, and I really hope you are listening to us to really grasp the power of that because it like you said Kris energy is contagious and if you got someone who is walking around unhappy I mean and you can see it. I was walking into the gym myself I was walking out pumped, happy, and also tried some brand new workout that we have been testing that we are going to bring out real soon. So I was pumped happy walking out of the gym and someone was walking in and she just looked miserable and she looked unhappy and I was like good morning, and instantly by me just going good morning she started to look really happy state she probably thought I was on drugs but I was really happy to see her it changed her state instantly and it put a smile on her face and she carried on. But can you imagine you know one unhappy person walking unhappy and another person is contagious of that and I really love what you just said and I can agree more on having your mission. Mission for Fiit chicks is to kind of motivate one million females by 2020 on how to live a healthy active fulfilled life. The funny thing is most people think is just mission is hoorah hoorah type of thing. The amount of people that actually by into the mission that we create and trying it out there as well we got a franchise business as well. Trainers out there as well now that we got to Franchise and trainers are actually thinking that the vision is stronger so if you don’t have one right now get one. So, Kris I guess because you have a lot of information because you have some experience with hiring and finding trainers to join your team and I like mentioned over 30 trainers where is the best place to start or where would you recommendations be for someone that is just looking for their first trainer.

Kris Kochrane:  Good question. What’s your business overall who are you targeting? So, I would work out who your customer is actually going to be, who you have on sales. And who do we have to try to complete the task. You made the right person do the job and you want to first ensure you get the staff members someone who is a trainer first and go with all the qualifications. Until then I looked qualifications for four and a half years, but I want to say exactly my values embodies in this person so culture is the first one and its someone who I really want to spend time around, is this person going to be reliable and someone who is worthy of me spending enough time to educate them in helping with the longevity of the company first. We go with culture, longevity, and reputation. Be different but always be disciplined, but so we recruit people on those values. And then we go well let’s also have a look at their qualifications and then if they are actually a trainer then you don’t have to spend a lot of time to go to teach that one person. Yeah there is just certain rules we have to make before we you know like basic so we can’t train them from the ground up. Yeah you can train on certain number of things last I am not going to stick around to be someone who is going to help you build your business and let me tell you now. The difference between someone who has been in there one year or one month is going to make a difference so hire people that you know are going to stick around.

Brett Campbell: You mentioned a couple of really good points cause I just want to talk to that for one moment where all of our level trainers where and it’s not hard whether or not you are looking for trainer, an admin, or a manager or a sales team etc. You really need to identify like you mentioned there Kris the culture of what you actually want in your business and what your business values are about and do they fit with that so don’t just go straight to seek put on a 270.00 ad which may I say is another business model that’s another story. $270.00 ad to hire someone and get 100 applications and you are just now finding a needle in a hay stack. so I love that and I get some actionable points on that would be (Kris Kochrane begins to speak).

Kris Kochrane: Just on that line I saw really handy recently in an online job application in a job app I had a candidate where I would go on their application site check out their values and brought it back which one’s been the most and then find out which one would come up and it says these are the reasons because you kind of have to have some specifics or instructions on the job application. When do you plan for them to follow instructions when you expect them to tell them to follow instructions when you expect them or when you tell them and I thought that was pretty cool.

Brett Campbell: Yeah I couldn’t agree more with that and we have admin staff and we always have a three step process where they need to fill out a personality profile, and they need to fill out a cover letter and they need to send in a particular subject headline and if the subject headline is not what we told them to do we just totally just don’t even look at their application. So, there is a heap of things that you can do to like you said to look really good at the person you are looking for….so that’s really cool that , Kris let’s move into a couple of quick questions here and one of them being what.. in your journey what was the biggest moment that you had that you know you finally realized I finally cracked it or made to hit down towards.

Kris Kochrane: Yeah this comes more in the market so we, are our only business. I was a self-trainer and when I was a self-trainer I basically had a trainer and I just do my taxes whenever I can. I never actually thought that I was in business now but the day that I realized I was in business it was a rocky road. Then once I realized I was in a business I thought that maybe I should get some skills and then thought about doing a business course or something like that so when you have the experience in your business you get more and more knowledgeable and I think mine most recently was probably a year or year and half ago was realizing that I am not going to be in T company anymore I realized to achieve my goal and to spread rapid on where I needed to be I seriously bought for the g-minus that we were working for the market. We went from being a big big company to a not so telemetry company for 24 regions we got back into the service that we promote to the community around and then we got so to where we were creating a business triangle so. Probably just the three elements of smart business and how you are made to really segment off on to segment ours. One I had to tie all of my solutions to the gym owner but some emphasis around that and then a value proposition for the business owner to the gym owner and then a personal trainer. Right now you got to market as vigorous as you do today to balance. So what’s the benefits and values of being a rapid trainer and then yeah for the crowd. Well I try to be a rapid trainer what’s the difference now if you want me to work for Walt Disney industry which means trying extraordinarily a good customer experience every time but it’s probably a bit more pay job as profound as it sounds but yeah it’s probably a bit more pay job for you so.

Brett Campbell:  Mate it’s what’s profound for you and that’s all that matters so you know again you touched on three valuable points and you actually got three different markets and I can totally relate to that as well because if it is national we have the market to the personal trainer on the hunt looking for highly motivated personal trainers to become franchises we also got the consumer side to our business like we say our mission is to educate and motivate a million females. So we need to produce product services for that industry so the key to those is that each of those modalities are marketed differently. In essence you actually got three businesses inside if you want to look at it like that so a lot of a lot of things going on. So when there is a lot of things going on, generally there is a lot of a I guess and don’t like using the word values but people can relate to the words failure I like to use the word listen. So there is generally a lot of words learned in business and I know someone like yourself who takes action so fast and so frequently there is generally a lot of lessons we learned so share with us one of your biggest business lessons or that you had along on your journey so far mate.

Kris Kochrane: All I can say is hire the right people because you never settle, never hire across, that can be the biggest business lesson I have learned the hard way every time. I guess you have a spot and you need to fill it and it probably will stringer up your career. You not cannot send or doctor a list also, you can’t send the wrong person, you can’t change a person you need to hire a super human guy who is an eagle and pick people as our product and one right person is equivalent to three people. See I am a really a systems oriented type of guy and I like to hire a 12 year school boy to do the same job as a 40 year old and the physicist who can put the people down and lay down the law you know? Since it does work that way, you have to have the right system for people to be able to run. Never ever ever ever hire anything less than what your mission or position it could be in a district where you got enough back work and you cannot get the work done because you got somebody that doesn’t fit the right spot.

Brett Campbell: And not only that they can end up tarnishing your business credibility and as well you have all the motives to be the best in industry and that type of stuff and when you start expanding you got other people you know utilizing your brand and coming underneath your brand you got to make sure that my ah advocates are good at doing everything they can from their side because it’s fair to say that you can’t manage and look over the shoulders of thirty trainers every day, so tell us a little bit about how you are able to have ten locations and how does that look at the basic running of that work? What’s your set up with that?

Kris Kochrane: It’s kind of a ah community catsmite (both parties exchange laughs) where we got all these 10 locations and got contractors working in them and it’s very easy for them to sort of get off track and then send out the¼. self-manage is really hard to do so we rely on their culture. We rely on hiring a lot of people that stick to our values and then we have a really astringent culture that we try to maintain through get togethers, through our education programs, through our face book programs forum, and also then we got management structures too, that’s management, so each location will have a team leader who is a cultural flag of me basically just an extension of me in that gym to kind of maintain the integrity of that culture which is progressive disciplined and fun; and be very proactive. So as I¼I definitely think, you know, and the best how to motivate someone who survives the expectations you got of them so and we’ve got our management team ready to extradite with a little bit more running and a bit more responsibility. ..and then we got to automate to when they get paid, the percentage of the trainers, and we got a regional manager that looks after all of the managers. I mean any service industry is based on core separation it’s not as easy as writing a book and then selling all your books. You gotta work on your service and do a favor to retain a key element. Any 24 service industry if you want to get into any service industry it’s a huge operation, it’s huge. So there it’s not a real simple way to do it but you just got to break culture, if you are a people person you just got to break culture once. The best advice we have them do we just rely on our people trust them, sit with them, coach them, and manage them¼.break and someone laughing in the background.

Brett Campbell: Excellent…so, Mate I know we are sort of at the end of the episode here you your already at the gym you are going to get to a cranking into some work very shortly but before we do wrap up, a zip. So what ¼ I guess parting advice would you give to the ah¼ fitness professionals out there who are kind of in a bit of a position right now where, you know, they want to make the next step to grow their business but they are not really sure whether or not they want to?

Kris Kochrane: Yea, I would say that business isn’t for everyone and really mate that make the decision if you are prepared to ¼if you are prepared for the ride don’t give up. I had a conversation with I guy at breakfast last week and he is approaching 40 now a school teacher he was just telling me that he is trying the program so that he can go ahead and get in shape and you know I just don’t know how it’s going to take he has got a lot of body fat and he is a little overweight and it doesn’t necessarily say that he made a messy decision but a so I would really sit down and map up your life and whether or not this is the ride you want to take or whether or not you are ready to sacrifice your life I can tell you that my life worked out balance it’s a myth its really myth.

Brett Campbell:  For a work week yes more hours.

Kris Kochrane: You just have to be prepared to grow your body and make a decision but that’s probably advise if you want it bad enough you will find the why. You will always find the why. You will find someone to encourage you, a mentor, someone to coach you, you will do everything you can to make it work, if you fail most businesses fail most fail the second time that’s as good as I can give you mate.

Brett Campbell: You are saying how it is because it is so true there are so many people out there who preach the its easy its easy well it can be made easier but you still need to put out the work you know with our fit chicks transformations franchise we have made it as easy as we possibly can now for a personal trainer to run it run a successful group but you still need to put in the time and effort to actually run in the systems and the procedures and so forth so 100% agree with this mate and if you are listening to this and you are not really sure what you really want to do in the industry sit down and even ask yourself the question. Is this industry for you? Then if it is then find out great, what avenue do you want to go down because we got Kris here who is an expert on building teams of trainers working in a gym fashion working in a one on one and the total flip side of that, the total opposite side of that spectrum also our business model is based on group training. So there is also lots of business opportunities out there you just need to pick the one that you want to master put in the hard work the rewards are far worth the way and the effort that you need to put into it if you just don’t give up. Well Kris before we shew off where can everyone find you stalk you and find out more about Kris Kochrane.

Kris Kochrane: You can look online, its funny every time I look online I have a fitness page and a facebook page but if you want to go to RapidPT.com.au you will find out more about us and go to faceboook.com/rapidpersonaltraining and if you want any advice or tips its Kris@rapidpt.com.au.

Brett Campbell: Thanks Kris for that, if you are interested in personal training and you listen to this podcast I don’t often recommend too many people in the industry but if you are a PT out there and you know you are little bit worried about starting your own business right now and not sure really what to do then you want to be led by a master in the industry go check out rapid PT and you know ask Kris a question, there might be a gym opening around Euro area and you can get in and work for the rapid team and Kris will put through the team I am sure but make sure you make contact with him. By the way mate always and I will catch up to chat with you anyway and all the best with the new gym that you opened up there and have a fantastic day out there.

Kris Kochrane: Thanks and have a good night.

Brett Campbell: Awesome, so we had another fantastic episode with Kris Kochrane from Rapid Personal Training. Now I just want to give you a quick update of what we have up and coming. The 16th of May in Brisbin, The 23rd of May in Sydney, and the 30th of May in Melbourne we have the fitness business blueprint event. Now this event is only for the personal trainer who is looking to set up run their successful six figure group fitness business. If this is of interest to you, hit over to fiitacademy.com.au/events.




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