What do I actually get?

As a FiiT Licensee you will become an approved provider of our FiiT programs.  You will also gain access to bonus material, that can be used to help grow your FiiT Classes.

What is my initial investment?

Firstly Imagine having access to over 160 000 people, many of which who are located within your locations venue. Could you put a price on that? It would be well in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now Unlike most fitness licence or Franchise models that charge you  $30,000 + in set up fees, there is no Way we are going to be charging that.

Heck your not even going to have to pay $10k in startup costs, not even $5k

That’s right, For only $1999 ex gst initial start up fee, and a weekly fee of only $99 ex gst (that’s only 2 clients) you could be on your way to running a FiiT Chick transformation location & finally running the business you hoped for.

How long is the license for?

The license agreement is for 18 months. Not 3-5 years like a lot of franchise businesses. You also get an 18 month option after your first 18 months.

Why are your fees so much lower than every other Fitness Licenses?

To answer this correctly, its very important to understand how most licensed systems or even franchises work for that matter.

I personally know franchises that charge a minimum $40k to get started, and then have the cheek to take a % of any dollar you earn.

Personally I don’t believe in that, its like they are penalizing you for your success, the more you have, the more they take.

Here at FiiT  you pay a very small fee for the rights to; 1- Be seen as a FiiT Location, but 2- we are actually in the trenches generating leads for your FiiT Classes.

NO other Licence program offers what we have, to be honest, many franchises do not offer or provide what we are, its amazing, they simply take your money and leave you to it.

Like I mentioned earlier, 2 clients will pay for your entire weekly investment.

Lets just say, worst case scenario, you only ever got 2 clients every 12 weeks through your designated website, that would still pay your fees.

And this is simply due to the fact, that in order for FiiT Chicks to help over 1 million females, we need help, so let us help you, help us, help 1 million people, now who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?

I don’t have many workout ideas for groups?

Thats ok, as a bonus we even provide some workouts that you can utilize. These will help get your mind working.

And we will continue to add to these as time goes on.

What about equipment, wont people get bored of running & squatting?

This is a great question, I don’t know about you, but group training sessions where all you do is run up hills, do lunges and squats and pushups, really suck, you will lose the clients interest in weeks, even days.

Of course body weight training is a fantastic method, and we certainly do utilize this in our groups, however EVERY DAY, come on trainers.

If requested FiiT ™ can assist you, with the lowest cost fitness equipment you can get your hands on. We buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you. And the best part is, you get to keep the equipment its yours.

Do I get any formal training?

You will gain access to our Fiit Professional members hub and private forum, where you can discuss methods, concerns eg.

We do offer mentoring days, where you would Fly to the FiiT ™ HQ her in the GC and be taken through everything in person. We run these on a monthly basis.

This is a no brainer, how do I get started?

Now I must say this, Not everyone who applies will be accepted, Sorry, we need to ensure the fitness professionals chosen are of course professional, and that they will bring no dispute to the already popular FiiT Chick brand.

submit your interest

I am not 100% sure if this is right for me?

Personally we are not into making someone do something they do not want to do.

To be honest, if after reading this site you are not jumping through your computer to take this amazing opportunity up, then this is probably not for you, and we do wish you the best in the futre.

My advice would be to take the first step, fill out the registration form so we can send you more information, then we will line up a meeting and then proceed from there.

You see, we take this thing in steps,  1 step at a time, we need to ensure you are a good fiit for us, and we are a good fiit for you. If it is not a win/ win situation, then NO Deal.

What happens if someone from the same area wants a location?

Don’t worry, we have already thought of that. That’s why we have a system in place that will ensure there are not territories cutting over each other.

How much money can I make from this?

Here are some basic numbers you could work off. Of course it comes down to how much effort you put in. Will be the results you receive.

Well lets do some math, lets say you have a minimum 30 FiiT Chicks in your classes each paying $50 per week thats = $1500 per week, lets say your location does the minimum 3 hours per week, we would recommend more, that is $500 per hour. WHAT, that’s what Doctors & Lawyers charge, and you never had to go to Uni for 8 years.

But lets say you were someone who was really motivated and ran more classes and had more people.

60 people = Yes you have probably already worked that out already, thats $3000 possible income. Not bad for helping change peoples lives huh?

What qualifications do i need?

To run a group you only need your cert 3 in fitness, we would definitely recommend getting your vert 4 as well.

However if you were looking at this as a business opportunity you don’t need any qualifications, simply hire trainers to run the sessions for you.

What if i want to hire trainers to help me, what do i do?

We have many trainers simply looking for job placement, and if its in your area then we are happy to recommend you. We can also assist with certain steps you can take to achieve this on your own.