Hiring A Trainer

Like many of our licensee’s they see this as a great business model to be able to duplicate themselves through others.

And to do this, you many want to look at hiring trainers to:

1-    help your with sessions

2-    run the sessions themselves

We understand when it comes to hiring people the behind the scenes can become hard to understand.


PLEASE note this is only an example and you must seek your own legal opinion about this.

Here is an example CONTRACTORS AGREEMENT DOCUMENT we have used in the past. (please read it before you simply print and use)


You are free to adjust this to suit your situation. The payment structure is a recommendation only, you may pay your instructors what you wish, however we do recommend that you take good care of them.

A good trainer deserves good money. Take care of those whom are an asset to your business.

We also get asked what we believe a trainer should get paid.

Here is our recommendations on what we have done in the past.

Head Trainer – $70 per session – depending on there responsibilities.

If another trainer is required we would look at these variations. $50 for both trainers, or $70 for the head trainer & $20-30 for the trainee trainer.

We believe in paying more than the industry standard as we want our trainers to be happy and committed to the program.