How FiiT Started

FiiT is the latest & fasted growing Brand in the Health & Fitness space, right here in Australia.

FiiT itself was created in early 2012, where Brett Campbell & Emily Sparkes, embarked on a journey to educate & motivate 180,000 females (aka, Fiit Chicks) via the education and application of Health & Fitness.

In only a few months, this goal was achieved! Our FREE meal plan had reached over 180,000 people by the end of 2012.

The Mission has now changed, and it is now 1 Million Females by 2020.

And in order to achieve this.

We need your help.

FiiT is fast becoming a house hold name, with members from all parts of Australia, NZ and around the world.

Become a FiiT Professional today by running one of our many Fiit Program Solutions.