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And welcome to the FiiT family, firstly I just want to congratulate you on taking this amazing opportunity to become a FiiT Licensee.

Here you will find bonus additional resources that can help you get the most from your FiiT classes. The  following bonus information provided is not mandatory, however you can certainly take advantage of this Bonus material if you choose.


Firstly we want to share with you the FiiT Mission:

“Our mission for FiiT Chicks is this, to change the lives of 1million females by 2020 via the education & application of Health & Fitness”

In the first 12 months of operations FiiT has already reached over 160k FiiT Chicks, and with your contribution, we are confident we are well on track to succeeding and reaching 1 million females.

Here area some easy steps to help get started.

Step 1-  Watch the quick video above on how to use the bonus members area

Step- 2-  Read this document <== it is a STEP by STEP process on your clients JOURNEY from Prospect to FiiT Client. It guides you on what steps you need to take.

Step 3-  Scroll through the following pages, and see all the BONUS info we have for you, this is all optional extras if you feel you need some assistance.

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“Operation Location Launch”


Your situation may fall under one of the following categories:

Here are some ideas on how you could open your location if you want some ideas.

1- You are already running an outdoor/ indoor fitness program, and will be merging this to now become a FiiT Chick Location

If this is the case, the transition will be very easy for you.

Follow these steps:

We will announce your location to our FiiT database.

You will also email your current contacts to let them know you are now running FiiT Chick Transformations classes within your Business, as an extra service.

Follow this Introduction email template HERE

2- You are starting fresh with a brand new location with no current members

This is where you will need to set a specific launch date.  We would recommend after you have gone through the Prospect to Client document, and feel very familiar with it.

We will adjust your website with a countdown timer, which will increase signups.

You can use the Amazing Opportunity Email HERE to email all your current contacts to inform them of your grand opening.

Here are the steps you could take.

  • Set the launch date
  • We will email our database to head to your location page to register
  • Compile a list of past clients/ prospects, you can do this by simply scrolling through your phone list
  • Here you could use the following  Location Launch Phone Script when calling the prospects who have come through the Opportunity email, and submitted a web special. This is different to the general phone script, as you are only starting out.


Client Reactivation Process

If you do not have a very big email list, or did not receive a very good response from your 1st email you sent out, then use the Client Reactivation Process

  • Compile a list of past clients/ prospects, you can do this by simply scrolling through your phone list
  • Call each person and let them know you are now running FiiT Chick Transformation classes, and how you are starting on (your starting date)
  • You could even run an information night, where you put on an informative seminar about the 12 Week Transformation.

You can use this Phone Script


DISCLAIMER: Please note that all the information supplied on the bonus members area is totally optional.