Please see below a list of resources that I highly recommend.

I have either used these before or still currently use them in my businesses.


1- If you are looking for a great payment company who will take care of your Direct Debit needs

Simply copy and past the email below and send to

My referral will also give you the best rates and fees available.


Brett Campbell has referred me to your amazing services. I would like to know more on how I can get my own account set up.



2- Wanting to build your email list? Then use these tools

Lead Pages <= used to create unique squeeze pages, fast and easily.

Email Marketing <= this is used for your email marketing scheduling. This is where your contacts will be kept.


This is by far the most cost effective, yet professional setup that we use. This platform allows you to create and build your very own custom websites, lead pages, membership sites and more.

4- Motivational you tube channel

5- Books I recommend.

The E-myth 

7 Habits of highly effective people

Home Coming: how to reclaim your inner child

6- Fiit Professional Podcast

Download to your smart phone here

7- Facebook Auto Poster

8- Finding virtual assistants or