Ep 033: High End Online Coaching with AJ Mihrzad

In this episode Brett talks to AJ Mihrzad.

AJ is the author of the best selling book; “The Mind Body Solution”, Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss where he proves that the key to a better body that’s in shape, energized and youthful is a healthy brain.
AJ is also a Fitness professional and has a Masters in Psychology. He has also been featured in Men’s fitness and on Bodybuilding.com and is a keynote speaker at various events.
Along with changing the lives of the general public. He’s dedicated to helping Fit Pros create an ethical and profitable Online Income with his 10X Online Fitness Coaching Program.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The #1 client getting strategy that AJ uses
  • How AJ structure high end 5k online coaching programs
  • AJ’s #1 resource to learn direct response marketing
  • and so much more…

Find out more about AJ here and what he offers here.



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Episode 27: From Being a Gym Trainer To Owning Your Own Facility

In this episode Brett talks to Fitness Expert Shannan Maciejewski.

We discuss:

  • How Shannon went from a standard gym trainer to now owning his very own successful facility
  • Shannon’s #1 way he is currently getting new members
  • How he made the move from 1 on 1 PT to semi private and group training models

and much more…




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Episode 17: Paul Mort (listener discretion advised)

paul mort

I told you he was CRAZY 🙂

In this episode of the Fiit Professional Podcast Brett Interviews fitness entrepreneur and email marketing expert Paul Mort (aka the boot camp king) or I like to say, “CRAZY Englishman”Email marketing when done right, will have a massive impact on the success of your business.

Listen in as Paul uncovers the secrets to making money every time he sends an email. (which he emails every day)

WARNING: the strategies you are about to learn, WILL change YOUR Business and YOUR life.




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Paul Mort (listener discretion advised)

Transcript of EPISODE 17:


Hello and welcome to the official Podcast the number one Podcast for fitness professionals looking to build their fitness business. If you’re after more clients and more income, and more free time then you have come to the right place visit Podcast.fitprofessionals.com.au today.

Hello and welcome to another fit professional Podcast I’m your host Brett Campbell and today residing form far North East England the other side of the world from myself so he is getting up to start the day and I’m ending my day. I’m very pleased to welcome to the fit professional Podcast Paul Morty Mortimus Maximus. How are you doing buddy?

Paul Mort: I’m doing very well I’m really excited also yeah, you told me I’m the interviewee as you all know, so yeah I’m looking forward to this man.

Brett Campbell: Yeah, excellent, so just a little bit of a background with Paul is I guess you would say is we are probably on to what you would call a third date, second date.

Paul Mort: That means I can go to second date with you right?

Brett Campbell: If you’re lucky you might have been able to get there on the first date mate if you’re good enough.

Paul Mort: I know mate that wasn’t easy.

Brett Campbell: I guess Paul and myself we’ve found each other over Facebook I reached out to Paul long story short. I’ve been on his Podcast which we will mention that I will definitely recommend you check it out as well and now, we have Paul here reining on the professional airwaves, so Paul I would like to hand over to yourself, because you are going to be able to give us a bit of background on how is Paul Mort and what does he do?

Paul Mort: Okay, again, I’m not going to bore your listeners to tears Richard I notice like, on a Podcast if you get a boring guy on its very hard work for not only the interviewer, but also for the listeners. Let’s do this, so I used to be a fat engineer working night shifts, and I lost some weight and everybody asked me how I did it. Looking back now I did it the completely wrong way, because then I stumbled into personal training and got qualified and started personal training people in the gym. I was then almost thrown out because I had to crush all the other personal trainers, because I started to develop a passion for marketing. In, the fact that all the other personal trainers in this gym who were paying rent left because they had no clients at all. It kind of wasn’t my fault and because I almost got thrown out of this gym I ended up been the only mobile personal trainer which I quickly grew to despise and then one day I was driving to a client …I’d bought this brand new sports car a bit of a hairdresser’s car to be quite honest, and I crashed it in a head-on collision. I got injured quite badly and then kind of had to re-access what I wanted to do. So, I stumbled across the old Boot Camp phenomenon, and this is a long time ago now which were the old, “Not pay as you pay Boot Camp” but a pay monthly Boot Camp. I started to see the kind of potential and the kind of almost guaranteed income or almost guaranteed income and not getting paid per the hour which is obviously swapping time for money. That kind of grew this monster and I had my own Boot Camp and I quickly got up to a hundred clients. Everybody asked me how I did it, so I started doing a little bit of mentoring with other trainers and they saw the same success. Then I was like, you know what I’m helping these guys grow their business, but mind has kind of stuck after three or four years. So then I kind of started doing a licensing program which is like, franchising and it ended up in nineteen locations within four different countries and then again, I get bored very easily – I had a trial and moved to Marbella in Spain it was a very nice area, and then I kind of ended up having my Boot Camp business, so I sold it and setup a supplement company, and still did a little bit of mentoring, and won some awards, and got my name on some lists, went to Amazon. Did a tour of the U.K., which basically I went around the U.K., hired by a company called Frapil which is like, the biggest company in England for fitness professionals, basically a tour of the U.K. teaching other trainers how I was getting results in a group training format that were bad the most people got on a one-to-one format.

Now, I run a supplement company which is kind of exploding it’s about to go into two of the biggest gym chains in the U.K., which is huge for me, it’s in a lot of health food stores, in a shop called South Produce which is a very high-end store in the U.K. here. Then I also have an inner circle which is kind of an old school where newsletters are delivered to your home, so rather than everything been online I kind of saw a little opportunity for people to step-away from the laptop learning, and kind of get with these newsletter where they can sit down and read it and action it which is proved to be a bit of a revelation. You know what it’s like Brett I probably got around a hundred grand worth of online program on my laptop, three-quarters of which I haven’t even opened. You know what it’s like when you get distractions, right? So, yeah that’s me I also have bi-polar which is kind of a bit of a pain in the ass, but also a little bit of a blessing in disguise because although I spend probably a week a month in bed and try no to kill myself…no it’s not that bad I don’t get it that badly, yeah I get week where I’m what I call the “Black Dog” where I’m literally just crying and nothing I can really do about that, but the three weeks before that I’m very creative and I earn a lot of money in that time because of the creativity, so yeah, that’s me mate, yeah.

Brett Campbell: Excellent.

Paul Mort: I have more problem telling people about this stuff because I’ m very open and honest, and I’m all of, “Why are you seeing a fit professional podcast” I’m kind of anti-perfectionist.


Yeah, I might go into that later the whole anti-professional thing. You’ve seen my emails you’ve heard my Podcast…yeah.

Brett Campbell: I guess just talking to that particular point there it is probably something that you know I guess initially caught my eye. I was like, my first reaction was, and “Who the [expletive] is this guy Like, who does he think he is type of thing, but of course understanding marketing and understand relationship building and that type of stuff I guess it was you know my second thought to that was, “He must have his own raving crowd’ so we will talk about that in a minute. Something that I want to guess just get out of you that’s always quite valuable I guess is you have done a lot of things, in your very short bio there. Obviously throughout the time you have made mistakes and you know I guess changed directions, so I’m always big on asking, and finding out what is your biggest lesson that you’re made in business? What would the biggest lesson…?

Paul Mort: That’s a great question. The biggest lesson is actually going to cover the…almost the anti-professional point in that. I was always attracting a lot of people that I didn’t particularly get on with that well, and I was always complaining about – I’d say to my wife, “This person is draining my energy. This person is a little bit sensitive and needs there hand held all the time” I felt like, I was kind of having to blow smoke up people’s butts to make them feel better and then I realized that was my own fault because I wasn’t been myself. Does that make sense?

Brett Campbell: Yeah, one hundred percent.

Paul Mort: I was kind of been the guy that I was expected to be. I was been in this old singing old dancing cheerleader in the fitness industry, and I quickly grew well that I realize you know what it’s my fault I’m putting then energy out there I’m putting myself out there and I’m attracting these people. So, then I kind of switched my – I just got exhausted and it happened when I had my very first melt down when I couldn’t get out of bed for maybe six weeks, and then it became a point of okay you have depression, and then it kept on happening, and I was like, “How can I be depressed I have this magnificent life, and kind of do what I want” at this point I had trial at London, and Spain which is kind of the dream. I sold my business, so I didn’t have to work at all for a very long time, so I couldn’t really get the depression thing. But, then like I said, I was speaking at big events in the U.K., and I was been told what I could say, “Cover your…tie your shoes up, take your ear-rings out. You have to be clean shaven” and I was like you know what, “Screw this” so yeah, it was kind of a melt-down that happened. Then I realized it was my fault and then changed tack, and you know what I’m going to have the courage…I’m going to perk up some courage and have the courage to be myself one-hundred percent of the time and I also realized that not everybody is going to like you, so you have to get over yourself. Not everybody is going to like you can’t help everybody and you shouldn’t try. Yeah, so that is kind of in short, yeah.

Brett Campbell: Makes sense, let’s use that then because I guess the big takeout message from that is to be self evident, and you are going to see that the best results that can happen when you are yourself. I mean you just need to look at yourself and the company now, and where it’s heading and that type of stuff. So, let’s use that as a great segway into, “Explain this, narcotics, vacant, and massive breast-iticals.”


Paul Mort: Okay, so that was an email I wrote yesterday, that was actually one of the least offensive emails I wrote, and people are always intrigued as to why I write that type of email, and why I put out that type of content. Like I said its’ just, “Me, Me, Me” I talk about – a lot of trainers and everyone in general has a fear of polarizing people. What happened to me is I would attract people now who would gladly spend time with in a pub for free you’d have the privilege of those guys giving me money now. Does that make sense?

Brett Campbell: Yeah, for sure.

Paul Mort: Again, and I have fun with this, I think a lot of fit-pros are kind of scared to break the mold, and for want of a better word they become personal-trainer they cause motivational core’s they think everybody loves training as much as they do whereas; if they did love training as much as they do they wouldn’t be this obesity epidemic. Let’s face it most people hate training – I’m not sure where I am going with that, but yeah again, me been myself having fun attracts a lot of better quality person in my life and not people that are dreamy and need their hands held. Because again, I think the fitness industry has a lot of insecurities or the people in it have a lot of insecurities, and I think this I why there is this much in-fighting. I’ve seen trainers in my home town actually destroying each other, I’m like why it’s not as though there isn’t enough fat people to go around right?


And I’m been straight up there and again, I get grief in the fitness industry for using the word fat, but you know what sometimes people don’t need to be told the truth. I say this all the time you can’t create change by telling people what they want to hear, and I think fit-pro’s a lot of the time can also be guilt of telling people what they want to hear. That is me that is kind of it in a nut-shell mate…does that make sense?

Brett Campbell: Yeah, one-hundred percent I’m following you.

Paul Mort: I talk about what I’m interested in and the reason the emails have been so successful for me is, because one reason I write like I talk and if you read my emails after you listened this interview you’d be like, yeah that’s Paul Mort and again, if somebody is offended by bad language from my email they are going to be a terrible fit for me. As I’ve grown older and grumpier, and yeah crankier and again, I think it’s to do with having children I became very, very weary of whom I spend my time with now because, I quickly realized that if you spend all of your time with people that complain a lot and always need an armor on their shoulder then you end up just carrying other people’s baggage. I think that happens with trainers as well you almost become like, a counselor, right?

Brett Campbell: Yeah, for sure. Let’s take that and I guess just to recap the narcotics [inaudible 0:12:35.9] Bristol was a subject line of a particular article that Paul wrote there. So, you write articles every day? You send email every day, so it would be fair to say your pretty well up on I guess the best strategies and best practices when it comes to email. Let’s talk about email a bit and give us your overview on what your thoughts on actual email are in the industry, and actually how it can help personal trainers?

Paul Mort: Beautiful, I’m excited about this because I’m so passionate about email and this sounds far-fetched, but email changed my life. I think a lot of the time I was hustling when I didn’t need to hustle. Hustle is all good, but I also think there is a problem when you have to hustle forever. I’m like dude something is clearly wrong here you don’t know your numbers in your marketing. I know we talked about this in other Podcasts right Brad? If people don’t know your numbers and you have to hustle forever and that gets exhausting, because if you take a break somebody will out hustle you, and that is the kind of issue with us then. You are kind of in a race like you can never win, so yeah not myself and I do think that does have to be a period where you hustle. For instance I have to hustle this week because next week I’m doing another tour of James in the U.K., and teaching all the trainers how to kind of sell my product which is very beneficial to me. Yeah, email changed my life maybe because I know now I have to do three things in a day, drive traffic to my website, have a high convert squeeze page or a decent convert squeeze page or site, and I have to send an email and then I have to deliver what I’m selling. Depending on what it is I have to make sure I deliver that to the customer high value, so that’s three things in a day. I know three things are going on I can take the rest of the day off, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve been able to cope with this bi-polar thing and still grow businesses that are multiple six figures because I have kind of figured out the things that have the biggest return on the investment and stopped the other things with the lowest return on investment. Again, it’s classic eight/twenty, eight percent of your results come from twenty percent of your efforts and for me twenty percent of the efforts are the three things I just spoke about. Let me tell you how I discovered email marketing I used to write and I think most people do this I used to write a blog board every week. I’d spend a day and a half up on this blog board and it was like, war and peace and I think you know what this is a bad ass blog post, and then I would get a lot of comments on it. If someone went to my old website which is Bootcampking.com then they would see some of those giant blog boards with hundreds of comments on them. Well, guess what mate comments are made for your ego, but they do jack **** for your bank account and I think in the fitness industry again, we do things that fill our ego’s rather than filling our bank accounts, right? Which is again, the like’s thing been useful about the like’s thing, likes, are great, but they are not leads which again, you can turn them into leads which is beautiful Brett. I hope that the people listening will jump on the program which teaches that, which is pretty bad ass.

So, yeah I used to do that and then I was – my business partner actually my business partner in the supplement company went to an event in Texas I think it was, and there was a guy on stage, and it was Perry Belcher, and Ryan Deiss who were two of the biggest internet marketers in the world two of the most successful right. They were raving about a guy called Andre Chaperon who was an email marketer and he’s been described as the best email, copywriter, in the world. He has a program called “Overrespondtomaddness” his whole business is based on order responder sequences. It turned out that he lived two streets away from me in Malbia, so I hooked up with this guy and he gave me his product for free, and he was just like, “Just run with it” and I ran with it and the results were ridiculous. Then I discovered a guy called Ben Settle – I had both of these guys on my Podcast by the way if you’d like to listen. Ben Settle was a little bit, and again, he writes daily email, but he’s very edgy like, he’s probably a little bit edgier than me, and I kind of feel in love with this guys writing style because I like other people that are edgy. You know what it’s like when you like people who are like you, and this guy was edgy and ran daily emails about all of his products. Again, I kind of blended those two styles together and again, I saw phenomenal and these are the results – I’ve actually got nothing to sell at the moment which is weird to fit-pro’s, so I have that fit pro list. I went for, my record is four months and how many emails is that? It’s a lot of email four months.

Brett Campbell: Yeah.

Paul Mort: I went four months where every time I sent an email I made a sale at least one sale which is beautiful. It also do it with my supplement company as well which sounds weird. This thing can be applied to any business and we will go over the benefits of email marketing hopefully in a second, but it increased sales in my supplement by 40% which is huge. That was to retail buyers, and I also email a list of trainers and it’s only one level it’s not multi-level marketing by any stand, because I’m not a fan of that. I think the business model is okay, but I’m not a fan of the products that become multi-level marketed. We also have a list of personal trainers that also are either are an online affiliate or they would buy in bulk, and I also email those guys probably three times a week as well, so yeah the results for me have been phenomenal.

I think this happens a lot and again, I think you have start of like this…I don’t throw **** at the wall and see what sticks or not I’m not doing different loads of marketing things and thinking, “Okay what’s next what’s next” I’m not structuring around looking for things to do.

Brett Campbell: A, hum.

Paul Mort: What I have now is a lot of focus that brings a high end investment which I’m big on because I have two kids. They are not in school yet and I want to spend as much time as possible with them because time is the one thing we don’t get back. Once those kids are in school I will probably do a little bit more work or take up golf or something.


Brett Campbell: I could just imagine you on a golf course.


Paul Mort: Sure, we almost got kicked off from there ever because my intentions were to buy span as a rip; that’s why they all go off on tangents.

Brett Campbell: Maybe you might last around a mini-putt.

Paul Mort: I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go to school I literally have no idea. I’m a thirty-three old guy who wants to play play-station all day, although I have discovered Netflix which takes up a lot of time.

Brett Campbell: Let’s keep on the track of email then and let’s break down what you believe are the key components’ that actually make a good email. Everyone I guess I want to make sure here in preface to the fact like, you said, “You don’t want to throw **** to the wall” and hope it sticks, so someone could be writing an email everyday and not getting any results, no replays, and there is obviously reasons for that. What are the key fundamentals that make a good email?

Paul Mort: Can I spend two minutes convincing people why they should email again?

Brett Campbell: Let’s go the sale starts now.

Paul Mort: Just simply because I’ve been delivering every minute and a half doing this because I think we have to convince people to do email first which is fine let’s do it. So, why email? It’s because I think it’s intimate and personal as in having somebody’s attention, Facebook is great, but everything thirty seconds something new will pop up. When email was a little bit more personal I think it builds-up no light and trust very quickly and it positions you as a leader very quickly especially when you do it daily. Most people email when they have something to say, but if you’re a real expert and have something to say on the subject every single day. You have permission to market these people, and familiar to weed out people that I don’t want to work with, and this is something I want to be clear on. If you don’t want to work with a certain type of person be very clear about it, because what will happen is the people that you want to work with will be drawn even closer near, so that is kind of why I like email. It’s all different things, it’s visible, people check it, and for me I don’t worry about competition at all, but I look for things they are doing and I will do it. Most people are too lazy to send out daily email because put in a state of something I’m saying, “Buy my ****” is so much easier, okay good email Brett. Most people have a problem getting their emails open, so a couple of ticks for that. Your subject line should be curiosity based as in most people’s emails are like, poor weight loss tapes and the problem with that is it makes me make a decision of whether I’m going to read it or not, so I’m going to say, “Yes I want to read that” or “No I don’t want to read that” whereas; what you want me saying again, I’m not going to sway it because I don’t know how peaceful you are, and what the hell that is what I should think when I see the subject line, “What the hell” and Obama does this very well his email marketing whoever he has hired is very good. I saw a subject line for him that was, “They are wrong” and as soon as you see that you’re thinking, “Who is wrong?” I am going to open out and then find out. Then other thing to get your email opened is the from line, so when you see from should never be a company, because as soon as I see that I’m thinking these guys are trying to sell something to me. There is no useful content in there whatsoever, so it should be from you personally. The last thing on that is frequency the more you emails you send the more audience you will get. Now, that sounds crazy, because people are like, everyday that’s a bit of spamy, now it’s not spam if it is info entertainment. This is the big take-away that I’d like to get we are drowning in a sea of information let’s face it the stuff that personal trainers are selling I can get for free on the internet, and all of that content is been done over and over again. Whereas people really want is entertainment this is why Apps and games on a phone are so big now this is why Facebook is too big, and you know what Brett you’ll see it in a restaurant – this makes me really sad people can’t hold conversations anymore. If you see a family in a restaurant, both the parent’s will be on their phones, and sometimes the kids are on an iPad and I’m like that is bad. What I’m saying is people want entertainment, so the email you write should be entertaining, so things that are great for this are stories, something that has happened in your life. Yes, that email from me was based on a movie that I went to see which is Wolf of Wall Street which has a million lessons in it and it also has some funny things in there. You might write about something that happened on the weekend or you might write about something you did when you were a kid or a story about a client some client almost like, a testimonial, but it’s story-based. And this is why again; people want entertainment and people like reading stories because this sounds like me. Yes, I’ve seen that movie, yeah I’ve seen that celebrity, so yeah all good.

Brett Campbell: Awesome.

Paul Mort: That is kind of my tip for that and here is another one. Don’t be scared to sell in every email, people don’t mind been sold to it’s just the way you sell, so this is the way I do it. Honestly if you don’t give people the opportunity to see what you have for sale then you’re doing them a disservice. That is all you do you give them the opportunity to see what else you have, so this is the way that I do it, I will teach somebody in an email in a story-based format I’ll teach them why they should or should not do something and I’ll also teach them what to do, but if they want to know how to do it then they buy. Does that make sense?

Brett Campbell: One hundred percent.

Paul Mort: I will teach them want and the why, but if they want to know how they will have to buy that is a nice little rhyme there. I’m kind of giving them advice that is useful so they can use it, but if they want to know the workings of it to make it really work for them then they have to invest probably in a circle. Does that make sense?

Brett Campbell: Yep, I am with you.

Paul Mort: For me that is email. Another one is keep it to five hundred words an email can never be too long or too boring, but if you keep it to five hundred words what happens is people can consume it in a couple of minutes. Again, with the blog boards what I do and you have probably done this Brett is I change is I take; I bookmark a big blog board because this is going to take maybe ten or twenty minute sot read. And guess what? I’ve got bookmarks on my Internet Explorer on my…actually Chrome that I use, I’ve got bookmarks that have been there for three years.

Brett Campbell: Yeah.

Paul Mort: I’ve never got around to reading that, people’s attention spans are horrific that is why they always hit refresh on their screen the hit and send receive on their email all of the time. That is why they are on Facebook checking the news feed because their attentions spans are horrific.

Brett Campbell: Let’s talk about something that you have brought up now. For the person of who is not familiar with email marketing and writing blog posts etc, what is your opinion of sending a raw email versus sending an email with a link to a blog post?

Paul Mort: That is a wonderful question and you notice that I do that right? Here are the things about raw email in plain text. Your email should look like it’s from a friend simply because if I see graphics, if I see pretty pictures, if I see logos I’m thinking straight away this guy is going to try and sell me something I don’t want to buy anything. I’m kind of making a yes or no decision as soon as I see the email, so plain text looks like it’s from a friend. Let’s look at what your trying to do here your trying to become this persons trusted advisor, so that the more emails you send them that are useful they will then trust you which means – not everybody is ready to train with you right now, so who do you think when they’re ready to train with you right now, and take some action into getting into shape who do you think they are going to contact. The person who is sending them useful entertaining content everyday…that’s only five-hundred words, so they will read it which is the whole point of an email you need to get it read, or do you think they are going to be sending the person that is constantly patient, or shouting their loudest on social-media, because that’s what social media is….it’s shouting normally you try to shout louder than the competition. That’s kind of it on plain text it gets read.

Brett Campbell: What is your opinion based around with actually just sending email without any links to a blog post or writing a quick snap shot and directing them to the blog post to read the rest. What are your thoughts on that?

Paul Mort: That’s a wonderful question and again, something that I used to do was send them the blog post I don’t know people like, Ryan Lee who do that as well. Ryan is one of my favorite marketers and a friend of mine get upon the Podcast and he sends people back to the blog. My idea is this; I have your attention in your inbox why do I then send you somewhere else? Yeah, because as soon as I send you back to my blog, and if you look on peoples blogs there is a lot of stuff, blogs are kind of….there is loads of stuff on there. There are articles I can read, I’ve got links to your aboutness, I’ve got links to your bio, I’ve got links to your product. It’s almost like I’m standing at the check-out and I’m ready to pay, and then you send me somewhere else. I don’t want that I want you full attention, so you are reading my email, but there should be a link in there or a link to your sales page to fill in a questionnaire, so you contact me and get me on the phone whatever, but that’s my opinion anyway. Yeah, you have my attention, so why would you then send me somewhere else where there is kind of, “Oh that thing’s well driven” and here is the way I look at email Brett. Imagine you’re in a busy nightclub when you see a girl or a guy you like, and you think they are hot I wouldn’t mind…I’m not even going to go into that, but you know what I mean. The nightclub is loud and you can’t hear yourself think you’re trying to have a conversation and you have to shout in this person’s ear, and there is also the fact that there is also a lot of competition in that night club. Other guys have seen this girl, or other girls have seen this guy and having them in that… I guess that’s quite rude, but been in their inbox is like, seeing or like, taking them to somewhere a little bit more quiet. Do you want to go somewhere quiet your place or mine?

Taking them back somewhere else in my opinion or part of a sales page at the end of the email where you show them what else you have. It sounds so bad, but so right, and taking them back to somewhere where there is some noise and distraction is like, taking them back to a busy nightclub, yeah?

Brett Campbell: Yeah.

Paul Mort: And again, my opinion is based on the results I’ve had with it and again, I would also say it’s changed my life.

Brett Campbell: I guess right there the take home message is, because I guess if I was playing the devil’s advocate, and this is the great thing about the industry and the market is that there is many different ways to skin the cat, so to speak. I don’t actually take the approach as much in regards to specific emails, so we will send people to our blogs etc. I guess from our perspective with the amount of traffic we get the amount of readers who read our email we’d pick up several sales every time we send out an email.

Paul Mort: The last two emails that I’ve sent out I’ve sent them the videos actually a hilarious video. The reason I can make people laugh – John Kennedy said this, “People buy more when they are in good humor. People will buy more when they are in good humor” so I can make people laugh, so I will send them the funny videos.

Brett Campbell: I actually watched that video.

Paul Mort: That is a great point Brett actually, every email should have a link and this is the simple reason you’re conditioning people to click links. If they are clicking a link that has a high return maximum, and regardless of whether it’s a blog post, video or whatever or a sales page it means that when you do send them something even just a PayPal link then they are, so used to clicking on a link that has a high return investment then they have no problem clicking that link. Again, that is kind of the point of an email or even email get it open, get it read, get a link clicked and get a sale that is the whole point of email marketing otherwise you just kind of….again there is no point in doing it if you’re not making sales from it.

Brett Campbell: Hundred percent agree with you. Let’s change tactic for a second I have just got a quick pattern to interrupt this session here, and it’s a segment that I call, “Shoot Shag Mary” now I’m going to say a females name and you’re either going to say, “Shoot, Shag, or Mary” okay, you understand?

Paul Mort: Yeah.

Brett Campbell: Oprah Winfrey?

Paul Mort: Shoot.

Brett Campbell: That took a few seconds I need you to be quick on the buzzer, okay?

Paul Mort: Okay.

Brett Campbell: I won’t as why; Miley Cyrus.

Paul Mort: Shag.

Brett Campbell: Queen Elizabeth?


Paul Mort: Mary, maybe, because I won’t have to work another day in my life screw email Margaret when you married to Queen Elizabeth.

Brett Campbell: You probably wouldn’t have to work either if you didn’t shoot Oprah. She’s actually…


Paul Mort: She’s annoying, the Queen hardly ever talks.

Brett Campbell: Or you could actually swing on a wrecking ball it’s up to you, but that looks like it’s up to you. So, go back to the question I like to ask every professional that we get on the Podcast here is where do you see the industry heading in the next five year? What do you think is something that personal trainers must do to stay along?

Paul Mort: Next five years is going to get very competitive every year we are seeing more and more personal trainers coming to the industry. Here is what you have to think about it’s not a problem. Competition is not a problem unless you’re trying to train everybody with a wallet, a post, and a few pounds to lose. The more you polarize all the types of your niches’ the more money you will make and the less, the more irrelevant competition comes that’s it. That’s it and I think as in kind of trends and the way you do this I think smaller group training will be the thing that, I think there is always a market for high-end personal trainers. I wouldn’t go budget because budget is based on volume and I think kind of semi-private six to ten people in a group is the way to go, because people love that social side the community, the kind of support for me that is where I would go.

Brett Campbell: Excellent.

Paul Mort: I think there are a couple of things that people want, faster results and this is a big thing it’s called, “convenience” people are impatient, and they want convenience this is why people do Speedy Boarding, people also want to experience. If people didn’t want to experience there wouldn’t be any first class everybody would go economy class, right? People want to experience and they want convenience. What I mean by that is you should be bundling supplements into your personal training programs, because sending people to go and buy stuff and go to health food stores and all that stuff online it’s a big inconvenience for them, so make it easy for people to pay, but also bundle things in. I know personal trainers that bundle food in, so I’m talking mules here. I’m good friends with a guy that owns a huge company here in the U.K. which you go to his website put in your weight and your height again, it’s not the best calculation, and plotting your goals and from there his team will cook your food and they will deliver it to your door for the week.

Brett Campbell: Yeah.

Paul Mort: And I’m bundling things like that is huge and again, the more money you charge for these sorts of things and the higher end you go the better clients you get, because those guys are the least maintenance, and they are also the highest adherence, because if they are investable in something the adherence is higher.

Brett Campbell: And, I think a good point for there for listeners listening in is that it just does not come down to the specific of training there are multiple steams of incomes there to be earned, and I guess with all our fit-check locations as an example Paul, all our location owners get the opportunity to sell our fit supplement brand that we have got. I did the hard yards in the years of carrying around supplements in the boot of my car, trading cash.


Paul Mort: Do you remember this right, can you remember the tall gym at LAX? Can you remember that?

Brett Campbell: Yes.

Paul Mort: It looked like an ironing board or it was like a police system. I used to carry that in my car it was super heavy and super old, but I used to go to motels, and I would have to pull it out and set it up, I was like, “Dude this is” yeah that is one of the things that made the decision this is not for me anymore.

Brett Campbell: Yeah, it’s crazy.

Paul Mort: Get the dumbbells out of your car while…I’m getting a sweat-on just thinking about those days.

Brett Campbell: I guess the take on there is the industry is always evolving and there are so many opportunities out there. The bigger it gets the more opportunities there are going to be there for you because there are going to be more room to adapt.

Paul Mort: Dude, absolutely yeah.

Brett Campbell: I guess Paul we are getting to the end of the episode here and like, last time we could speak all day I believe.

Paul Mort: Absolutely you’re right, you’re talking about it right yeah.

Brett Campbell: I didn’t even realize we have gone past thirty minutes already. What I always like to do is I like to leave the episode first on some parting words from yourself, any extra advice, anything that you feel would be valuable for someone to take away?

Paul Mort: I always get asked, “What should I read to get better writing? What should read to get better at emails? What are some products that you recommend to get better at emails?” I’m like dude, just start of as a bad writer and write yourself better, so just start writing and write yourself better. You don’t lose weight by reading books about it; it’s the same with writing you don’t get better by reading books about it and doing product shooting. You can get some pointers like this, but you should start writing that’s it, and in my opinion is this on writing…how can you be considered an expert if you don’t put out content you can’t be considered an expert if you’re not putting out content. If you look at any expert in our industry they put out and they are rent-less with content that’s my opinion, so there is where I’m going with my point start writing now.


Campbell: I must say you’ve actually inspired me to throw another email or two each week.

Paul Mort: Oh, beautiful, yeah and it’s like this is you get paid every time you write an email why wouldn’t you write more.

Brett Campbell: That’s dead right I guess it comes back to that thing once again of organizing and realizing the importance as well, and again, even if you’re sitting there listening and you only have fifty people on your email list the same rule applies even if you have fifty for a hundred thousand and half a million people. The same rule applies you have to start somewhere, and you know if you don’t start you are never going to start, right?

Paul Mort: There is a guy called Darren Hardy who wrote a great book…do you know Darren Hardy form Success Magazine?

Brett Campbell: I haven’t heard of him, no I haven’t.

Paul Mort: He wrote a book and it’s called the …Something Effect I can’t remember what it’s called, but he describes this like, I don’t know if it’s a merry-go-round you know the thing that you have to push.

Brett Campbell: Yep.

Paul Mort: Once you get “Big Maude” going, so once you start the momentum build up, and suddenly you’re cracking out content, content, content, so you just have to start writing yeah, that’s it.

Brett Campbell: So, Paul where can all our listeners find out more about yourself and…?

Paul Mort: I’m going to lay down a word of warning you know already how it is Brett if you are easily offended, and what I call a sensitive snowflake don’t come over here, because I will offend you at some point. My website is IamPaulMoult.com you can find me in the iTunes store by typing in my name.

Brett Campbell: Excellent, so there you go head over to IamPaulMoult.com, so Paul brother thanks so much for taking your morning out of busy day no doubt.

Paul Mort: I’ve got an inseam, but it’s my fault.

Brett Campbell: It’s definitely not my fault so don’t take…

Paul Mort: This is why I have to have somebody organize maybe, because I just say yes to everybody and I end up quadrupled booked.

Brett Campbell: Excellent.

Paul Mort: Thank you for that I appreciate it.

Brett Campbell: Till the next time mate have a great day.

Paul Mort: Cheers, bye.