Episode 3 – The One With The Brookanator

In this episode Brett interviews Aaron Brooks. Ex CEO of Harcourts Real-estate.
He is responsible for taking the company from 3 offices to over 280 franchised offices.
In this episode the Brookanator shares some great wisdom on how to be successful in Business.
Enjoy 🙂




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The One With The Brookanator

Transcript of EPISODE 3:

Brett Campbell: Hello and welcome to the FiiT Professional podcast. I am Brett Campbell and we are back today with episode number 3. I’ve got a little treat installed for you all. Today I have a special guest joining me for the episode. His name is Aaron Brooks and I’ll get him to introduce himself in a moment, but if you know him well enough by now, you know… I’m always someone who sees an opportunity and they like to take it and they take action. So the reason why we got Aaron is, he is actually called by the headquarters today I am just to pop in and say hello and then I will put him on a Sleeper choker hold and next thing he has just walking up next to his podcast microphone and I’m going to steal his brain for the next half an hour or so or until he needs to leave. So we are just going to have a conversation today and it’s going to be about business and some key strategies and lessons etc. that I know Aaron will be able to impart on us all and so I’m personally very excited about it. So without further do I welcome the Brookanator as we just decided his name prior to this starting. So Aaron I’ll hand it over to you and you can just give us a bit of a back ground on who you are and why these guys should even really listen to you.

Aaron: Thanks Brett, I appreciate that mate! The Brookanator here guys for the first time. I guess what we need probably think for over the next 30 minutes is what inappropriate nickname for Brett would be I’d call him “brettles” (Say it again if you like girls sort of like that sort of stuff I don’t know about it Sort of attaches to his feminine side I think its Good)

Anyways I got the pleasure in working with Brett quite a bit I’m Brett’s sort of business coach/business partner/friend/all around good guy and as you can see Brett has asked me to come all along today you know throw him 2 bottles worth in so I would be happy to do that

I guess a little bit of information about me… just I was the CEO for Harcourt Real estate I don’t know if any of you out there are aware of Harcourt’s… I’m sure if you are in or had anything to do with real estate over the past I guess 10 years in Australia. Harcourt’s itself is originally a New Zealand company and what brought out here in 1997 and from 1997 I guess my responsibility when I first started with the group we had 3 offices in Australia. So it was a little baby at that stage. I joined the actual business the group auctioneer and worked my way through the business until 7 years ago I bought my share in the organization and I guess over that period of time we took it from obviously being a New Zealand real estate business to I guess having 3 offices in Australia to now being operating all through Australia. I mean we still got 180 offices in New Zealand and we got 280 in Australia. We opened up in America, South Africa and all the way through China.

Got a couple in Fiji which is outstanding so it was always a good opportunity to go to Fiji on a bit of a holiday/business. But it has been an exciting road about 12 months ago I decided it was time for me to do something different. So I sold the business back to my other partner and now I have my little coaching business. I got the great privilege or pleasure of dealing with Brett on a weekly basis. So that’s how I ended up being here today. I’m guessing but you know in terms of my duties of a real estate person I guess whether or not its real estate or law or accounting or whatever it might be still or PT. I mean business principle still apply and you got to make sure you are investing in people, investing in new process and ensuring that you are doing all the things that needed to be done to make sure that you are running an effective business unit.

Brett: Cool! So I guess Aaron you know you touched on in there a little bit in regards to whether you are in real estate at all personal training or your setting up lemonades on the side of the street you know. What sort of advice would you give someone in the fitness industry who you know really wants to take their business to the next level. But they are really unsure how like it, what would be the key things I guess that enable yourself to take Harcourt’s from 3 offices to 280

Aaron: I think initially you know, getting involved in the business as it Greenfields business to kick it off and get it up and going. I think probably the most important thing out of that is just your rural enthusiasm/passion about it at the product that you have to offer. So whether or not in the business or real estate or personal training if you are 100% completely focused and passionate about your brand and what your unique differences as an individual; why would somebody come and train with you, why would they join your boot camp why would they join you one on one whatever it might be. You know what difference can you  make in somebody’s life and how can you deepen that connection between you and that individual I guess to make sure that you have a wider influence over that person not only for the hour that you are with him but for the rest of the day or till they see you next. I think probably you know you look at the industry of certain PT and I would sort of suggest moving forward not only your sort of training somebody’s body but I think you also got a but if an obligation on background to start training their mind as well do the stuff that you need to do with them and ensure not only that they physically getting into shape but certainly mentally as well because I think that’s probably one of the blockages. You look at somebody once said to me three reasons why somebody won’t succeed in something and what to do.

Number 2 is they don’t know how to do it. Number 3 is someone or something stands in the road of them of doing it and quite often part of the reason that some of you know out of people’s clients won’t meet their goals whether that they physically or mentally is because they haven’t put themselves on the position to be running really honest about whether they starting from. You know, what’s in my mind that’s going to allow me to be successful or to allow me to I guess not be successful. So upon tapping that I guess going right back to the raw basics to saying “Who am I as a person” “What I want to achieve”, “What’s stopping me from achieving it those things”, pretty clear in your mind and the physical aspect it be able to kick in to the mental side of things that needs to be tapped in to before anything else has done.

Brett: So touching up on that, what would you say some of the key elements outside of passion and enthusiasm that you know that enabled you to have the success that you had today?

Aaron: I certainly think that the plan was a key thing. Getting some clarity around what it is that or what I want to achieve in a business. So in order to probably number 1 was a plan and then just get crystal clear about what it is that you want set your goals, make sure that your main accountable to write them down review them all the time. So it’s always good to have the big picture and you need to know what the target is. I guess ultimately what is important is that you need to be able to chop off those down to daily tasks to ensure that right, where I want to stand; where I want to be 5 years where I want to be in 1 year. I think the ultimate key is at the end of the day you to look back on your day and say have I ticked off some of those KPI’s for me to progress where I need to be. So quite often people set a big long term goal and they never set mini goals in between those things to make sure where they are heading on the right track. I think part of being able to you know… have your plan set your goals set this is right, ‘oh that’s a 12 month goal, How do I then break that down into you know, 52 small steps to be sure I get to the target.’

I think when you are doing that, you know every single day, every single week you can look back at your week and say “Right-o what I’ve done today and what I’ve done this week, what I’ve done this moment has helped me get closer the what that end picture is for the 12 month greater goal. So I would say number 1 certainly having a plan, having your goals, having set structures. I guess number 2 is probably just, how your business will become a direct reflection of the quality of people that you have around you.

So when I say quality of people and that probably start of by saying really focus on ensuring if you are building a team of people around your trainers or whatever you’ve got make sure that you get into this business with the very best people possible. Because the quality of people that you surround yourself will end up being the quality of the business that you have down the track.

So whether you’re by yourself or whether you got 2 or 3 or 5 or how many trainees you got. I think making sure that they are really good quality people that will help your business in the long term. So I guess I’ve always been successful in any business or venture that I’ve done cause I understand what the end outcome I want, what I want to achieve is pretty solid plan and I guess the next thing is I always surround myself with good quality people and when you are doing that it enriches your life and to say… that’s the time I spend with you, that’s the time I spend with other good clients that I have you know part of my responsibility as you know being your coach or being someone that has involved in business with you to value added to you as well, But I also got to seek the value add to you as well. So I think when you get that given and I guess when you are giving it and receiving them the same both makes your better as an individual and try harder to try and help those people. I guess gain the outcome they want to achieve.

Brett: Yeah I mean I can definitely see you guy as a person, since I met you.

Aaron: Yeah, thanks for that cause I was going to say you know you are hanging around with the people and just on that a couple of, couple of parts that I talked about that is getting your goal set and you know the goal setting is sort of subject it can be a very… a very broad one because the end of the day we all know we need to set goals right? But how many people actually review their goals, that’s the key point and what happen to me and what I would do is I actually have a book so I suggest you go out and go and buy a goal book. Don’t just buy a budget one for exercise book go and buy nice leather… book that you can write your goals and not only that reassess and look at those goals on a daily basis so I would highly recommend that you’d write down your question at the end of each day and go to what did I do today that got me 1 step close to my goals. Just upon that you imagine reflecting in a months’ time you’re actually go back through every day and see what you actually did implement. You’d be actually taking back by but what you’ve actually achieved.. So and again I guess probably 80% of people let see them throw out probably 90% of the people probably won’t go out and get a goal book. You have listened to this pod cast and you think, ‘Oh, that’s a great idea or I should get around to that and I guess that’s just another key point you know… you can have your goals and you concerned yourself with the right people if you are not taking action on anything then you just going to be sitting and saying rephrase every single day….

In terms of having a goals book I think one of the big challenges for us is we got to open our mind on bigger things that are out there that make any sense. I think sometimes it’s a bit of a society where a bit tall poppy syndrome you know somebody goes you know going to go all about wally wally you know I think that needs to be broken down as a society to the extent where it’s going to allow people that are listening to this podcast today that I generally wanting better things in their life to be more open minded about being able to have things like that in your life. You know I remember when I first put my goals put together `which is probably it would take probably 10 years ago. You know I remember the time you know buying this book and it’s not a flash looking book, it’s not a leather bound book but it is a book where written letters to myself in it. I’ve gone through a process of identifying goals financially and family I cut pictures out and I’d put things in and I review it and visit it all the time and I just remember the times sort of being a bit overwhelmed by starting and but I guess now when I look back 10 years it has been a work in progress. I think the thing that makes me proud of that, that part is of any stage my kids ever pick that up they would really know who their dad was. You know if I wasn’t here tomorrow and they got left there and my kids went through that and they would go, “Wow”. You know Wow that’s a bit of an inside into my dad’s heart and I know that sounds a bit soft but the fact is if you look at that it would basically tell you who I am. It’s got my goals dreams aspirations, I wrote letters to myself in it, I’d write letters to my kids in it on what I’ve felt that day that given moment. You know don’t underestimate the power of that stuff cause It’s all about when I go back through that book and I seek things in there that I bought 5 years ago that arrange their in particular watch that I wanted finally after the house that I just recently build; it’s almost identical to something that I’d put in there 5 years ago, just a little bit modernized and you know things like that don’t underestimate the power of having that stuff in your life guys I mean. You know I think I’d probably simply by having some goals you’re in the top 10% of the country, by having them written down you’re in the top 1% and by reviewing you are in the top 0.01% . You know be someone a bit special when I guess you know put yourself out there.

Brett: You know currently I just took 1 more point on that and in regards to you know having the pictures and the big boat that you wanted and actually putting it in your goal book now, now I don’t know if you have seen it or not the movie “The Secret” now that is a fantastic movie in regards to getting your mind thinking forward but again if you just got a book with pictures in it and you are not reviewing it every day, then don’t expect to put some pictures on your wall and in 10 years you click your fingers and there you go your mansion your motorbike sitting there for you. So it just comes down to what you surround yourself with you know. So you surround yourself with dickheads and you end up being a dickhead unfortunately and you put pictures that you want and you surround yourself by that and you look at it repetitively day after day after day. You are going to create that habit subconsciously and you just going to go for it.

Aaron: I mean ‘dreams without actions’ are still dreams. I mean ultimately you got to have your dreams but the next step is taking action on it fine enough up you should say to be honest with you. I mean I probably have reviewed my goals for maybe a week but the other night I’m lying in bed and I just have my goal book sitting on top of my bed head and this things come flying and hit me right on the spot of the head and I thought, ‘Gee!’, that’s a bit of a moment and I thought maybe the goals but wants me looking at it.

It’s just going to get nah nah rather gee.. I was going to say gee… We can talk about that after… Pregnant Mrs so it’s already been through so yeah…

Brett: Well, Congratulations on that!

Aaron: Thanks mate, appreciate that. Thanks for your help with the issue to.

Brett: Happy to help.

Aaron: How far are we going to take this.. Yeah
Let’s move on… Let’s move on

Brett: So I guess in Brookzy, looking at you know for the listeners here let’s take it back from them for a moment and what sort of advice business wise that you think you could throw down the microphone here that they would be able to help that… “Ah! Am I actually doing that currently in my business?” and something that they may think, ‘Geez, I need to get on to that’, just something really chunky that they could take on.

Aaron: Yeah I probably think number 1 is to probably is to get yourself in the mental position that you can add value. You know I mean look… we can run a 5 hour session on, ‘how to do little bits and pieces and how to improve your business’, but thing I’d say is get yourself right first.

If you turn up to see a client and you’re not 100% in that moment they feel it. I mean honestly if we take things back to the basics; if you give all of your client’s experience every day that they won’t be able to replace. Then either stickability of your client’s going to be hard or I guess there would be the referral network around that will become sufficient and I mean if I’m seeing somebody at 6:30`in the morning and something’s happened to me earlier that morning that I’m not happy with. I needed to be able to show up that stuff and being in the moment for my 6:00 o’clock client to go “Right-O”. This is… whatever happened to me isn’t your fault, isn’t your responsibility and you shouldn’t be left feeling that way.

So part of my responsibility is somebody in business is whether a PT or a coach or whatever I have been if I get in that moment. I get in the moment 100%. So my best advice to you is to be in the moment 100% and give everything to that particular appointment. Make them feel there is nothing else on the planet except for them for that 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or an hour that you’re with them. I believe the connection with that individual will become stronger and also what would that will mean, I get ultimately is, that person then is getting their needs met from you and then all that… all of sudden that referral network tends to grow from that. I call that deposits and withdrawals.

I think in life if you make more deposits in somebody than withdrawals and ultimately you become a better person. I think quite often in life lets faces there are givers and takers. Wherever you will find giver the taker will be close by vice versa. The fact is that by are known as the giver. What I say, is if there’s someone prepared to make deposits into their relationship and when you do that the person that you’re dealing with ultimately feels and when they feel that then they want to share that with other people and all of a sudden organically your business is growing because, the experience you are giving to these people is real legitimate. It makes them feel great. You know that’s key to ensure that you’re constantly growing your business because you have a constant turnover of clients it means that ultimately A) they are not ‘achieving their fitness goals or B) you are not mentally giving them what they need to A) get the result and B) continue the services. The amount of time that we have put into try to find new clients if we just put a little bit more time in the making sure that the one’s done are really satisfied, and if you are doing that that your business is going to grow; net gain every month because you are not getting or loosing people at the back door. You’re maintaining your client base because you’re actually emotionally invested in the process with them. Be a good cat, just be a good cat.

Brett: Yup. Cause in the 1st step we have touched that you know and the 5 key components to having a successful business. So if you haven’t listened to that episode jump back to number 1 and you know the big thing for me which I always take out of everything and any success I guess that I’ve had whether it be business or relationships, even friendship as that whole give first to receive. And give first to receive and don’t expect to receive back, that’s the key. There so many people like you say are ” givers and takers” and they may hear this podcast or they may hear someone talk about it and go I want to give but only giving with the intention of wanting to receive on the back end now that’s a very big key thing. I guess you’d look at what we been able to achieve today with FiiT Internationally and FiiT Chicks, you know, we’ve build a community of over 12000 private members in our members area and that’s a free service we give first to receive and we don’t expect anything on the back end. That’s the key; because what you have touched upon earlier is people will pick up your energy with that, so I just wanted to talk to that.

Aaron: I think sometimes we are having a conversation or whatever it might be, I think we sometimes become too focused on the words that we choose and I mean at the end of the day guys, what after people forget what you said. Rather, they would remember how you said it and how you left them feeling and part of that is buying every process that you are in, and you made the comment before about eventually, about earning the right to make the withdrawals. The withdrawals also are positive that makes any sense as because when I say make enough deposits to make withdrawal. It might be that we are training somebody and we are putting lots of deposits and you don’t make them doing well, you’re doing, we’re proud of you, you are lifting the game, that’s great, and you are giving them lots and lots of deposits, you’re sending them a text of file afterwards. You’re giving them a pat on the back but eventually but they turn up late one day or they are not 100% focused the withdrawal from my perspective is then to say come on mate. You have come all this way don’t let it go by this and this and this, like come on mate Let’s get stuck in lets really make out for that. So but what I have done is if I’m ever going to pull somebody in the line. I need to pull somebody on the line of the base is that the relationship is really strong and I care about the end outcome. I guess lastly is they have put enough deposits in there that there’s a bank out of money that they need to withdrawal from, if I need be and I think that’s the part of the key, if being with anyone is putting lots of really good stuff into the tank that it sums tank and that you need to drew up from those its available to do it. So whether they be clients or whether they be friends or whether they be whatever relationship it is, make sure that you are putting in more than that you try to take out, cause I think that’s just not like a good human.

Brett: Sure definitely, I am aware of that. Another way to look at it is you know the emotional bank account and I do that with Emily quite frequently. I just stand in the concept you know as you go out of your way going to do something whether it be let’s talk about your partner at the moment because at the end of the day we can all be focused at work but if it’s something is not going on in the background right… you better bring if you have a little bit of an argument in the morning whether it be your kids or your partner or a mate, and you bring that to work is going to affect you. The key to this whole emotional bank account deposit withdrawal is sort of scenario… if you can actually understand the concept then let’s go back to your partner. So let’s say for an example and I use a personal example for me is Emily is someone who… she is the sole of the earth type of person. She will do anything for anyone.

Whether it be something like in it could be sitting on a couch and I feel like for a drink and I’ll go and get up and she will go up and go get it for me; now that’s not because I’m being lazy or I don’t want to do it it’s because she is happy to go and do that at that particular time and what that does is it builds up massive amount of deposits. So one day when she says to me, “Hey, can I have this but can we go and do that and even if I’m feeling like actually doing at the time, it will have a huge measure on actually going and do it.’ So I may be sitting and saying I can’t be bothered but because all this emotional bank account deposits have been build up. I feel compelled that it’s almost like the law of reciprocity. You know you do good to others and others will do good to you. So I don’t know if she’s got… she’s probably more intelligent on that side than me because she seems to. She’s talking out loud. She’s probably 1 step ahead of me in that area so, check with your partner on that one. So it goes back to the whole good… first to receive… I strongly believe on that.

Also just remembering guys and obviously on Emily’s side because obviously she’s a sweet heart, she’s a lovely lady but the fact is not all people are good. Like face to face it I mean my overall general everyone is saying ‘ Be kind to people cuz everyone is fight a great battle” So if we go to the party I guess be a good people ask them the right questions being there for an individual but don’t have any expect that whatever she give out your going to get in return because unfortunately not all people are good people and some people just want to take and not give back in return and I think the less you have to do with people like that in your life the better human you end up to. You know I guess it’s also in business be someone that does and what you say you are going to do and I think if you make a commitment to somebody in business that more on your private life that you see that you through the involvement as well. I see that is really important as well I know we talked about that story about the Dalai Lama and most of you guys would know the Dalai Lama. The lady goes take her 10 year old son to the Dalai Lama, young fellows he is out of shape, mum sends him in front of Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama says, ‘what are you doing?’ Kid says, ‘I’m not eating sugar. I got cravings for’ and Dalai Lama says, ‘Come back in 30 days. So that they get up and mum takes kid away, the kid comes back in 30 days and sits in front of Dalai Lama; Dalai Lama says, ‘Stop eating sugar.’ That was it. Kid gets up and mum says to Dalai lama, ‘What did you say that 30 days ago and he says 30 days ago I was eating sugar and I think if you live your life on the basis of that, it’s pretty strong, Your know if are going to hand out advice to somebody and sure make sure you are following that advise yourself that you have been a very best human being that you can be. I mean it would’ve been easy for the Dalai Lama to say, ‘30 days you are going to stop eating sugar’. But the fact is he disciplined himself not to do it so he look at the kid in the eye and tell him something that he was doing himself. I know it’s a story and it’s an out there story but it the fact is that it gives you a bit of a snap shot as to I think what makes really good humans.

What makes good relationships, what makes being enjoyable or being around or being with an individual that what they say they do, they are real. It’s measurable its tangible, I think that is important.

Brett: Yeah look 100% agree and you know relate that back to the fitness industry being a trainer, you are giving your client advice, you are out there. Yeah every Saturday, Sunday night running a mock out in town drinking a million calories. I guess in Brookzy I mean we already have I guess some really good points coming out that and I’m definitely going to go back and listen over it because it’s one of those things you could never hear enough or say enough as well. But I guess lets change tact a little bit here and again as this is a scripted type of event, I’m going to steal your time for a little bit longer. What would you think we can talk about that these guys will not stop?

Aaron: Yeah, look to be honest with you I think I try and keep these things as simple as I can so that we talk about sort of one topic a time. My enthusiasm let me get carried away and we can spend 40 minutes doing this and we can come up with 30 different concepts because I’m excited by it. In terms of just trying to keep it simple I think from my end I guess I’m available with what have been discussing so far today is. If any of you have read this, it’s a really good book and maybe you’ve read it or maybe you haven’t its called Good to Grey. If you haven’t read it go and get it look at it, it’s a great book. It should have changed the way I look upon People management, people leadership and the way on which I run my business and I guess a lot of that was around 2 things that sort of stood out on that book for me was, one is a you are in a doom loop or Uri in the fly wheels, and the doom loop is you know getting yourself in a call up of that progression in being busy and just staying a bit stagnant in your business and not really engaging on the things that may help you to take your business to the next level. I guess lots of people spend time in all day busy… being busy and working in their business rather than and I understand that in PT or in any business, most people have aspirations to grow a bigger business and become more successful and ultimately the only way to create true wealth is to multiply yourself through others and multiplying yourself through others. Therefore you are not spending time and exchanging time for money which I guess lots of PTs do and lots of people do it in business themselves particularly when they are sole operator. So in saying that if your doom loop is, that if you are working 12, 13, 14 hours a day doing the same thing over and over again, becoming a little bit monotonous in the way in which going back and doing the same thing and not generating any income, then do you break this cycle and start doing some different things my business what would they be. You know pull out on another train and go to a different market you know start boot camp, what else could I do to try and generate a different slant to my business to bring some new energy into it and to have another person to start up and mentor and take their own clients before you know it you got a couple of people working aside for you things like that just getting excited about your business and looking about what it is and I guess seeking the help on what to do but sometimes when you are seeking on your own in business is sort of you answer, your own question and if that makes any sense and I think if I can reach out and do a Podcast and have a chat with Brett or have a chat to somebody who’s opinion you value, that can be the stuff that I guess that is life changing for you and your family when you sit there and say I broke the doom loop. I got a free trainers I got passive income stream coming in, starting up a boot camp enjoying being a part of that its growing on another monthly basis its returning good revenue streams for me `I guess so my advice on that is to bust the doom loop that you are doing everyday that’s becoming monotonous. Look what you can do to bring additional challenges and income and I guess business enjoying in your life by embracing the fly wheel effect. I guess the way of doing this is you know draw a line at the center of the page and on one side make a list of all the things that you currently doing really well and I guess on the other side I guess is make a list of the things that you don’t currently have in your life that you like to get in your life and like to get in your business and make a list of all those things down the other side and look at what strengths you got that you already written down at the left side of the page. What can you do to maximize those using that strength to transfer them to the other side to engage in a great concept into a great idea?

So make list of all things that you are currently doing good at the moment and then make a list of all the things that you’d love to have and what terms of structure and love to have another trainer and few are really good on the other side of the page, people relationships and all those things then use that power to be able to recruit and develop a great person on side of you and then in turn they will be able to give value to other people and turn this cycle starts again that we put on another trainers and start to grow in business.

You know quite often in your life guys come down to an emotional intelligence rather than IQ. You know scholastically I’m pretty average person but I would say I have got high levels of emotional intelligence and that helps me connect better with people, get a better understanding if people ask better quality questions to people. I guess what I would do all of that if you genuinely a good human, other people want to spend time with you and when they want to spend time and see value on the time that you offer, then not only you see some growing in business and if you are doing that with people that you eventually recruit and grow in your business that empowers them and that has its own fly wheel effect on the growth of your business. So that would be how I answer that.

Brett: Perfect! So a really great strategy that I would highly recommend everyone do is get out that pen and paper and create the list that the thing that popped out for me there was you’re going through that as you know when I first ever done something similar to this I wrote down whole heap of things and what I discovered was a sort of head of a bit of road block and there’s a whole heap of things and just was not something that I wanted to do or didn’t have I guess you would say the skill set needed to implement it properly. So I guess that any start up business… it’s always that you start off as a one man band and it’s all about you and how do I expand and you have to be the admin person and you have to be the cleaner and you have to be the guy who trains the person; you got to be to everything to everyone. I think the key there is to look at just look at the start from the starting point and look at your list and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to work on one of these things and whether I have to outsource that, if you get to look at, if you hate paper work and you hate doing the follow ups and look at getting an admin person. You don’t need to put someone on for a 40 hours a week.’  There are people out there for who will be happy to work for you 5 hrs a week. Pay them 20 to 25 bucks an hour. Its money well spent. Go and do a couple of extra sessions or get a couple of extra people to book it. It’s not about… big businesses don’t all of a sudden overnight blossom and you just going on hiring 50 staff. It’s a growing process but it all comes back to that list of finding and I’ll quote the entrepreneur coach Dan Sullivan on this and he talks about your unique ability.

Have you heard about Dan Sullivan?

Aaron: Yes…

Brett: Great! He talks about one of his focuses is finding unique ability saying not all people are created equal so an example he is really big he is making a big shift in regards to trying to change the school curriculum and actually instead of you know I will use myself as an example… when I was in school, I was a pretty good student. I wasn’t dumb but I sounded dumb after saying that. I had unique abilities and I know what I’m good at. I am good at solving problems. I can see a problem and I will be able to come up with a solution. I’m really good at implementing and taking action and just getting stuff happening and I notice that when I was younger at school. We got a school project and I banged straight into it and the first night I had finished half of it and then I finished the rest of it till the night it needed to handed in. There’s a week period I did nothing. Little bit I know that you know that transfers over into everything that I did when I started business, I’d go, ‘Oh, cool! I’m going to implement this marketing technique and I’d get it at 80% complete and I wouldn’t implement it you know.’ But we go back to unique ability is you’re going to be good at certain things in your business and no one else is going to be good at and the key is to find individuals to be able to back up your weaknesses.

So if we go back to the whole how the school curriculum what Dan Sullivan got and I’m quite true believer on that is that if you spend all your time trying to improve your weaknesses, you are going to end up with the whole lot of good weaknesses versus look at something that your extremely powerful and good at and then go for that,

Aaron: I can’t agree more.

I mean you got to play the strength. I mean you got a particular strength in that area then you need to ensure that you really trying and utilizing that strength. If you got great people skills and in order to put the administrative side of it then why would you bother spending all the time on the administrative side of it when you know people interaction is your key. You got to play to your strength unless of course there’s a fatal for, When I said fatal for I meant if there’s something in the business that can send your business down or break it then you got to learn how to do that , you got to do it properly.

But I’m not saying you know focus on your time and energy. But ensure if you do that fatal for that it needs to get addressed and part of that is lots of people are in the position to go you know and get themselves a coach and things like that, but what I would say though anyone that cares about you I mean in your life that wants to see you be successful and quite often it could be an uncle or an auntie or a brother or a mother or father or friend or whoever that you go and seek some advice from. Don’t be lonely I guess that’s the hard thing I guess quite often people don’t want to ask the question because they think it might be silly, ask the question when I say be open minded somebody’s answer is. You don’t always have to take their answer is as possible.

Don’t be feeling by the fact that somebody asks you a question that you got to follow through on what their answer is. It’s just getting someone’s different set of eyes cast upon a potential problem that you have in your business. So ask lots of questions to people and I think anyone that generally cares about you want to see you successful in your business and in your life and they will do what they can to help you do that.

So I guess the other thing is in your business is always be solutions focused and someone said to me years ago. Never erected a monument till critique yet lots of people that have identified then what the problem is but then they never come to the table with the solution. If you are good enough in your own business, it’s okay then this is the problem in my business let’s address what the solution to fixing that problem is and I’m not saying to slap in a band aid on it. I’m saying fix it at a call.

If there’s a call problem in the business that you need to be able to sit down there and say, ‘Right. Look, what I need you to do is to fix this and fix it permanently and that might be around relationships; it might be around the way that you execute it. It might be around the fact that you just not prospecting with your new clients; it might be the fact that your paper works are in mess whatever it is sit down with a pen and say, ‘Right-o, how do I get this fixed? Who do I need to talk to help me get it fixed?’ and just be passionate about trying to make the change in your business that once made it will make your business a better one.

Brett: Yeah, sure. Something that you said that I think is extremely powerful that people don’t even really know is what you don’t realize until you face to it. So again I’m saying get a pen and paper, write down 5 people that you know in your life that you know something about them that you are inspired to. Like you said it could be an uncle, could be an auntie and I tell you it could be a client that your currently in training.

Now being a coach mentor to hundreds of other personal trainer as well. The biggest thing that I would say is I say “Who are your clientele? How can they help you? How can they reach out because you have been putting enough deposits into their bank account that when you actually ask someone for help and this is another thing that people don’t understand the human psychology? People like to provide an opinion, people like to help.

Aaron: Absolutely

Brett: So an example is and a big shout out to Reese who emailed and after the second Facebook episode that we done last week you know this guy is new to the industry reached out doesn’t know me from a bar or so and sent in an email and I’ll keep the contents private but it’s that thing that’s reaching out to people you know and not being afraid to ask the questions and on the flip side to that don’t be disheartened if someone can’t help you.

So there’s always going to be someone else out there who can assist you in that area whether it starts from reading a book or free podcast like this or you invest in a coach or mentor to actually work with your one on one and you know you just got to take some form of action and just start.

Aaron: Totally agree, Brett. I think one of the reasons why some of our business don’t grown we don’t allow ourselves to drop the ego and be vulnerable. I think vulnerability is probably the highest form of leadership where you don’t perceive that you know all the answers. You let your people know that you don’t have all the answers, you seek advice and you open up things for discussion again people buy into thought processes. Right in Dan’s book years ago said he was the first person that identified the problem and last person to offer the solution and that in my opinion is vulnerability based leadership where you’re not the person that rocks in every day and says yeah I know all the problems are and I know how to fix it all cause that is 80/90 leadership. I think today it’s about saying, ‘Okay. Let’s put it out there guys. What are the things that are going well in your business? What are the things that aren’t going well in the business? and to be able to get that advice from peers and people around you and people that work for you and people that work with you to get their advices and solutions on things so that everyone feels that they are part of the business. Rather than having this leader at the top and say you know I’m strong guru leader that determines everything that goes on and what direction we take. Be vulnerable, drop your guard and say hey this is the problem in the business and how do we get it fixed and I think generally doing that stuff makes a big difference. I mean you and I were planning that in your business, a week and a half ago and we got this big vision about what we really want to be and what we want to do and Brett offers solutions and suggestions and this is little like the Dalai Lama story. We are not talking about were not doing ourselves. You sat there and adverbially you know got feedback from your team on some strengths and some weaknesses and you make note to those and at the end of the day I left that meeting thanking well all the stuff that you’re doing in your business is reprimand cause you just take it on board and you want to do what you do and I mean that you are 1% up. But in saying that if lots of people out there are prepared to take the step that maybe you even take in your business but hey it starts for being 1st step of being vulnerable and now they are the expert.

Brett: Yeah like again mate all the quality stuff there and everyone can take a lesson from somewhere or another on that because we can all relate to those things and I guess just on that is you know from myself that whole vulnerability type of thing is initially I would be the first to put my hand up. I never really used to like feedback that I thought was and some way shows a negatively posted towards me.

However once you break through that limiting the leap… I love feedback if anything I probably get the feedback I’d get is stop asking for so much feedback. Because it’s a cluster once you actually grasp the power of what feedback can do to yourself or with your business and you know you’re willing to actually listen to that feedback and take it on board. Your emotional intelligence, your business growth everything just bar off. So it’s huge really valuable form.

Aaron: I think well said mate I think it comes in where we start talking about today which is just getting you, your own head and in the right space to be able to help others. If you sort of manage other people in your life and to help manage other people’s happiness and weight loss and health and all of those things I think you need to manage your own emotions really well to get yourself to being in the platform where you can add value to other people.

If you are not feeling good about you then it’s really difficult to inject some that really good stuff to other people around you. So I reckon number one key for me is to get yourself a 100% right, so you rather than this supreme v12 pumping engine once you have got that done right then you can inject some into other people.

Brett: That was a crack up, I’ll write that down I guess Brookzy I’ve probably have kept you for a little bit longer than that we intended then you I vision I intended to keep you longer from the start it’s because I thought of enough emotional deposits. We can probably go for the iPod marathon today and talk about 6-8 hours but before we wrap it up, is there anything else you like to share or anything else that you think will be valuable to this topic or anything.

Aaron: I guess, not really there’s lots of thing we talk about. I guess if anyone else got any feedback out there about… maybe if you sort of like what you heard maybe we can do this frequently. Maybe you can send a particular topic maybe you want to discuss that I would be happy to do that to help out so no problems to that. So I think talking about this stuff helps me focus on what is good for me and what is good for you on our business. So you know anything and anyone would like us to have a discussion about just pop Brettles an email and maybe we can choose of that. But in anything that I can do to add value to help I’m certainly happy to do it, No dramas.

Brett: Fantastic, so there we go we’ll wrap it up there and no doubt we’ll definitely be having more discussions in upcoming podcast so stay tune for those. We’ll leave you with that we really hope you really had light bolt moments of this session I can tell you what I can certainly have again and that’s just the power of being able to have discussion you know with light minded people so I’ll certainly taking actually a couple of those tasks that we’ve discussed and just revisit it yeah. You know cause that’s the key is revisiting the things worked so yeah Thanks a lot brother and we will see you on the next episode






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