If you like you can follow a sales method that not only PRE Qualifies prospects but it will also leave you with a 80%+ close rate. (tested on our HQ locations.

Click here to download the Phone Script For Web Inquiries you can use, when it comes to calling your new leads for your Fiit classes.. this is just an example to help guide you if needed.

Click here to download a client Liability & Contract form.

If you choose to use the Liability form, Watch this instructional video where we run you through what you need to know, when it comes to the Liability & Contract form.

(NOTE: If you are not currently registered for gst, then you can take the gst of the prices. i.e.: the program price would then be, $39 – $49 – $59) If you are unsure, talk to your accountant regarding this.

See below for more useful bonus templates

Click here for a detailed step by step process from prospect to customer, be sure to revert to the READ ME document.

Click here for a Measurement & Skin-fold Template

We like to track and measure the progress of our members. To do this we measure and weight on day 1- week 4- 8 and 12. It is a great way to gauge how your members are progressing.

Click here for a Client Roll Register template.

This will be used to help you keep track of your members sessions. It will also help you keep track of the people who attend every session. If someone attends all there allocated sessions over the 12 week period, we award them with some sort of gift. ie: gift cards, movie tickets, supplements.