Episode 16: Planning

In this Fiit Professional Episode Brett Talks about Planning.

You will learn:

  • Where to actually start in the planning process.
  • Why this skill is imperative to learn if you want to be successful.
  • The #1 Tip you need when it comes to planning.

and loads more…

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Transcript of EPISODE 16:

Hello and welcome to Fiit Professional Pod cast the number 1 Pod cast for Fitness professional looking to build in fitness business. If you are after more clients, more income and more free time then you’ve come to the right place. Visit podcast.fiitprofessional.com.au today.

Welcome to another FiiT Professional Podcast I’m your host Brett Campbell. Today I’m bringing you a different addition to the FiiT podcast here. I’m actually in the car and I’m driving to pick up my other car. So my car is actually getting a seamster at the moment. So I’m on the road and I thought what to get away to kill some time by talking about some different stuff… So I really don’t have a topic where I’m really heading on this call. But what I can tell you is it is going to be beneficial on some way or another. So first of all I’d like to discuss the topic of Planning because it is quite ironic. I got on to this call with no plan at all and now I’m here trying to treat you and talk to you about planning. Look we would totally get there. So we are gonna talk about planning and the reason why is because again I selected time and date these podcast and it is January and we just had Christmas and you know most businesses there should be back to the old seem of things, generating new leads, creating new programs etc.

Now the issue that I see with many many personal trainers when it comes to planning is that they do not have a plan and an example of this will be if I was to ask you, ‘did you have a pre-Christmas program or did you have a program that was ready to launch directly after the Christmas and the New year holiday?’ etc.

For majority of people the answer would be “No” and the reason being was they didn’t plan. It would’ve occurred to saying before failed to plan, Into planning to fail and that is so true in many ways and what we wanna do is just I guess strike a few concepts out there to you while I’m stuck in traffic that you would be able to hope there is a reason and be able to implement and make sure that you don’t fall into the same track with fellow business owners and what I did myself when I first started out.

So, I just want to go through and raddled up a few key time straight view when you need to have thinking plan and place in regards to your fitness. So Easter is a good one, Australia day is also a good one as well. So what you wanna do is you want to set up a calendar, get 12 months calendar and circle off particular date that again that will have some resemblance. Again, hey you don’t have to run a program or run a sale, or do a promotion for every specific holiday or event, annual event that pops up. But always be open to possibilities of it. So for example Easter, Easter falls in the end of March fairly April generally and what you want to do is you want to plan backwards from that right. So let’s say you want to run Easter promotion or Easter egg promotion where you’re going to utilize to get people into it, or even let’s just say a free Easter egg hunt for a boot camp Easter Egg Hunt. Something along that line right. Let’s just say you gonna run some form of promotion.

Now you need to actually start marketing that at least you know 4 or 5 weeks prior. I guess you need to start and prepare at least 4 or 5 weeks prior. You want to give yourself at least 3 weeks’ worth of marketing, putting it out there I suppose. You know Pinterest; or your website and all those marketing avenues. Hey you may even want to do a local flyers drop them on a local businesses, on board etc.

So you want to have that time. But the issue is you don’t want to become a shot gun personal trainer. But what I mean by shot gun personal trainer is someone that just continuously pulling the triggers all over the place. I used to be a shot gun personal trainer as business owner. So I got a new idea every 10 minutes I think and what I’ll used to do is used to pull triggers on those ideas and then all of a sudden my team won’t be even known that I’m running a special or doing a promotion because I would’ve just pulled the trigger on it and made it happen.

Now why can it be beneficial, it can also be very very tough sort of business. Especially if you are looking into grow larger than yourself. Now you need to have things in place. You need to have plan, you need to have systems back in able you to track the progress of the particular event that you are running.

So for example we are starting off this year. We are going to be running an event, so we are running what we call Fitness Business Program which is a 1 day workshop training intended where we get personal trainers from all over Australia to come along and I teach them the method of how to build a super successful 6 figured fitness business. Now our first event is in Brisbane on the 28th of February and today is the 29th of January. So we have launched that yesterday.

So we’ve actually got now 4 weeks of preparation phase to get people into the event , just fill it up to you know do your buns and on tea . Now in order for that actually started when we first came back from a holiday break which I believe January the 13th. So there’s 2 weeks there of preparation phase and what we needed to do is we needed to get a website built and we needed to get the copy on the website. Even more or so we intended to come up with a plan of what we are planning of doing.

Now most people what they would do is they would go, ‘Oh Cool! I’m going to be running a seminar in February 28th. I better write seminar.’ Now that’s the furthest thing you need to be doing because I can tell you right now. I haven’t look into the exact content that we will be talking about that I got a good idea about it becauseI’ve submerged myself in this topic and you know for the last few years. I can get up and talk about anything but I haven’t set a complete structure for that yet, because it’s not the task that need to be done in order of planning.

We obviously have a set procedure that we need to follow when whether it’s creating an information product planning an event, planning a seminar etc. So let me just talk about a few little fundamentals that we needed to have prior to the launch since yesterday.

So we need to make sure we had a payment gateway through that because if the event is going to be a $97 event they’ll leave at $497 ticket but obviously the first official event that we are going to be running so you know we are really excited and wanted to make sure that we get as many people as we can. So we are offering a ridiculously low cost. Now in order for that what we’ll also need is we need a system that comes into play after that. So what will happen is if you actually register for this event, what will happen is you will get an email sent to you afterwards with all the information etc. So that needed to be created. So we needed an email template for it to be created. We also what will happen is you will get a call from our BDM and he will give you a call and he will invite you and welcome you to I guess what we call out FiiT Family . Welcome you to our family and looking forward to having along to the event.

So again another procedure what we need from that of course is you know we need to know what to say. We are just not gonna get on the phone and just have a random call and hopefully it takes us somewhere we need to have plan behind that. So then again just a few little things that you know we didn’t plan it out we will just be pulling triggers all over the shop.

Now I have gone on a fair bit of in tangent. But I really hope that makes better sense there I do and this is rather unorthodox you know way of presenting a podcast. But I really want to get this information out to you I mean I do have few minutes just to turn at the end of the roads that is getting hectic. But I do want to promote safe driving.

I don’t want to promote dangerous driving; people keep looking at me talking in the car, ‘God, that guy is crazy!’ So what I would leave you is with a few little tips. Number 1 is when it comes to planning; you need to have a set system behind the plan itself, okay?  It makes planning so much easier. So for an example whenever we create a new information product we know that the exact things that needs to happen we know that we need to contact our designer we know who we need to contact out IT specialist to  get our website up and running .

I know that we need to film and create the actual product. Yeah I know that we need to and I don’t want to get on a bit of… but I have a set system that we follow each time almost just like a simple check book. Then you need to tick off and then what it does is it also gives you the satisfaction of completion. So you are not standing around with your finger at your back, Have I done everything that I need to do. If you got a running sheet, you got a check list whatever you want to call it. What you need to do when you create something new you will be far better off than you could and you would be if you didn’t have that obviously, right? Of course, Brett I’m just saying… But I guess the point I’m really trying my home here is that.

In order to have the plan you need to have a set plan or system in order to make that happen. I’ve been rambling enough now but I will leave you with this final thing. Like I said we are running our event over Australia. We are currently doing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne; there is Adelaide and everywhere else around Australia. We will be visiting your shores very soon as well. Just leave us a message actually and comments, If you have a particular area that you think you like to have us run more Fiitnes Business Blooper, I like travelling…  I’m happy to be on the phone come over and present to you all but Ill leave you with that go and register take advantage of this I’m gonna be revealing everything that has enabled me to be able to go on Australia’s parts Fitness businesses and able to generate 300,000 leads in relatively short time for 18 months and also how we’ve been able to large community and etc. Yeah, so really close to be able to share this information so I know a lot of people listening are overseas got a few emails and look if you have a topic or anything you would like me to cover, whether it’s in a short format or longer format, let me hear about it. I’d love to know but other than that Brett Campbell is out and he is about to turn off the highway and you have a fantastic day and remember ‘Drive Safe.’

If you like more information on the events that I’ve talked about visit- fiit.academy.com.au/events; that’s fiit.academy.com.au/events and take advantage for our 2 for 1 special.